Spooky Creature Seen Lurking In Woodlands Near Quebec, Canada

Now for some crazy news! A family in Quebec, Canada, stopped to look at an animal on the side of the road, only to discover that a more sinister looking creature lurked behind it, walking on its hind legs. This creature seemed to stop its eventual attack on the roadside animal, once it realised that is was being watched by the vehicle.

The footage was taken in Quebec’s isolated Gaspé Peninsula by Audrey Frechette, which shows the apparition like humanoid creature, described by some to have a likeness to Gollum from ‘Lord of the Rings’, that’s hiding in the brush unbeknownst to the animal in the foreground.

Is this a fake video, or is this the real chupacabra? Or is it just some strange alien type humanoid creature hunting for something to eat? The creature was said to seem like it was 6ft tall, with even Audree and people on YouTube describing the creature as a “Gollum.”

Could it be a ghost, an alien, or some sort of escaped creature from a lab experiment gone wrong? Or is it just Justin Trudeau’s best friend and convicted pedophile, Christopher Charles Ingvaldson, who escaped confinement and is now living in the woods in order to avoid capture? Who knows?

Nobody knows, just who or what this creature really is, but we thought it would be entertaining to share it with you, nonetheless…


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: YouTube

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