Pamela Anderson Speaks About Romantic Connection To Julian Assange

Pamela Anderson appeared on Fox News Sunday night with Harvey Levin to describe her “romantic connection” with Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, after visiting him in the Ecuadorian Embassy numerous times since 2016. Originally introduced to Assange by Vivienne Westwood, the former Baywatch star said that Julian is one of her favourite people, and that they talk about everything from the Bible to animal rights.

Pamela Anderson, 51, said, “He’s definitely an interesting person and there’s definitely a romantic kind of connection ’cause it’s a romantic struggle. We have this closeness… he’s not close to people like he is to me.”

Pamela, who’s currently in a relationship with French footballer Adil Rami, said she first met Julian Assange in order to figure out how to be a better activist, and also bringing him Vegan food.

“Now it’s a tradition that I bring him vegan food every time I see him, and I see him a lot.”

Pamela Anderson discusses her relationship with the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Credit: Fox News

Pamela Anderson also claimed that she and Assange have planned to work together to create “career activists” by choosing ten activists from around the globe, and paying their salaries for ten years so that they could go on to support worthy causes.

Recently, news reports suggest that the Ecuadorian president has been in talks with the United Kingdom to determine Julian Assange’s fate. Since March 2018, Julian Assange has been without Internet access, or any visitors’ privileges, which has also had an adverse effect on his health.

Pamela Anderson told the New York Post in March, that Assange has been going through “a slow, painful death” at the hands of the US and UK, whilst they decide what to do with him. 

Julian Assange has been locked up in the Ecuadorian Embassy since 2012 after he was granted political asylum from government officials who seek to see him arrested for the contents of his Wikileaks website. Things became harder for him in recent times thanks to the additional false rape allegations emanating from Sweden. Thankfully, Sweden have dropped the alleged rape case against him, which is good seeing as it was an obvious set up to drag him from his safety zone.

Julian Assange. Credit: Shutterstock

Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno recently told Spanish Newspaper El Pais, “The issue of Mr. Assange is being treated with the British government, and I understand that we have already established contact with Mr. Assange’s lawyers so we can find a way out.”

“Mr. Assange has been in this situation for over five years and we have to find a way out for him.”

“A way out that defends his rights, mainly his right to life, and which at the same time can give Ecuador the possibility to not have what, without a doubt, represents a problem for our country.”

The UK government may still wish to arrest Assange if he leaves the Embassy over breach over bail conditions, and the US may wish to have him extradited over Wikileaks’ publication of secret US military documents and diplomatic cables in the year of 2010.

US intelligence agencies also lament the publication by Wikileaks of emails from the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 US Election campaign, which unearthed many of the DNC’s sickening scandals, which has surely been a huge benefit for world peace, both in America and beyond.

Seth Rich: Alive or dead? He is a true patriot and a saviour of the world. Credit: Washington City Paper

The DNC’s leaked emails had nothing to do with Russia, but many believe that the assassinated DNC staffer Seth Rich was Wikileaks’ inside source within the committee. Rest in Peace, Seth Rich.

Ecuadorian President Moreno has said that the “ideal” solution would be if Assange accepted a penalty for breach of British bail conditions, and that if he was then “extradited to a country where he does not face any danger.”

We feel however, that the ideal “solution” is if President Donald Trump pardons Julian Assange, and negotiates a way for him to be freed amidst this political tyranny, so that he can finally walk out of the Ecuadorian Embassy a free man.


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