Sir Patrick Stewart Returns To Star Trek

Set your phasers to fanboy, it looks as though Sir Patrick Stewart is boldly going where he’s already been before. The legendary actor is set to reprise his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in a new series commissioned by CBS.

Sir Paddy portrayed the beloved character in ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ throughout each of its seven seasons; spanning from 1987 to 1994, producing 178 episodes, as well as four feature-length films. The series is widely regarded to be the best show set in the Star Trek universe, second only perhaps to the original cult-classic.

The actor surprised Star Trek fans with the announcement at a convention in Las Vegas on Saturday. Credit:

Star Trek became a little bit of a cultural phenomenon when the maiden voyage aired way-back in 1966 (which was easily the second-best thing to happen that year), eventually sparking a worldwide fandom with astounding levels of dedication – resulting in thousands of grown-adults learning Klingon. The franchise has only grown since then; producing five more series, thirteen films and an animated spin-off.

The new outing will focus on Picard’s life following his adventures on the USS Enterprise-D, and will track his life as an old, former Star-Fleet commander. It is currently unknown whether any other fan-favourites will be returning – Trekkers are strongly craving a catch up with Data.

Sir Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Credit: Hollywood Reporter

Sir Patrick Stewart is one the most iconic actors ever to grace the trade, boasting a career which spans the best part of six-decades. The 78-year-old started-out as a Shakespearean stage actor, becoming recognised for his long relationship with the Royal Shakespeare Society; for whom he featured in productions including Anthony and Cleopatra.

He soon graduated into more mainstream television and movies in his later years, starring in the Fox X-Men films as the enormously popular Professor Charles Xavier – a role he has been universally praised for. His outrageously prestigious back-catalogue also includes appearances in American Dad, Dune and Excalibur.

Full details about the project are currently under-wraps, with no indication as to when it will hit screens or what it will be titled. But, what we do know, is we can’t wait to see Sir Patrick back on the final frontier.


Story by Nathan Warby

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