‘Billionaire Boys Club’ Makes Only $126 On Opening Day

Kevin Spacey’s latest film, ‘Billionaire Boys Club’, was obviously not a box office hit this year, earning a pitiful $126 (£99) on its opening day in cinemas across the world.

Billionaire Boys Club was the last project Kevin Spacey was apart of before he was accused of sexual assault by many young men in the UK and in the USA since the late 1980’s. So, unsurprisingly, just imagining seeing Spacey appear on the big screen again was off-putting enough for people not to buy a movie ticket, which is evidenced by the poor box office return. In retrospect, perhaps the very name of the film didn’t help its endeavours either.

According to The Hollywood Reporter (THR), the film was shown across 10 cinemas in the UK, and the average earnings per location was £9.90 (even less than the cost of two tickets), so its been a very pitiful release indeed. Also, it kind of says a lot about how Kevin Spacey’s career has been going south due to his unappetising actions that have come to light in the previous year.

Billionaires Boys Club couldn’t be a worse title when given the recent thoughts of Kevin Spacey, but before getting a cinematic release, the film was released last month on DVD, as well as Amazon Prime Video and other VOD platforms, but that didn’t help the film either. Obviously it was better off sticking to those platforms, since after getting released in cinemas, it only proved to be a massive waste of time and money. Ouch!

People didn’t want to hear the word ‘Boys’ and Spacey in the same breath. Duh, no wonder? Source: ABS-CBN

The film itself is based on the true story of a group of rich young men living in Los Angeles in the early 1980’s who started the “Billionaire Boys Club” to run a Ponzi scheme. Spacey himself plays Beverly Hills high roller ‘Ron Levin’, but does not have a major starring role in the film.

Despite the many accusations against Kevin Spacey, distributor Vertical Entertainment stated that they made the decision to release Billionaire Boys Club as the film’s whole cast and crew should not be at expense due to the “reprehensible allegations of one’s past.”

They also claimed that they were unaware of the actor’s behaviour at the time of filming, and that he has a “small, supporting role.”

However, it seems even a role as small as his, still seemed to put off people from coming to see it, assuming that’s the reason in a nutshell. We wonder how well the film would have done without Kevin Spacey, and whether it would have a difference at all.

Kevin Spacey as Ron Levin (above), may just have been prejudged by the audience, resulting in even further lacklustre ticket sales. Source: ABC

The film in general didn’t fare well with critics either, with Ed Power of The Telegraph giving the film a mere one star, describing it as a “toothless Wolf of Wall Street that has bigger problems than Kevin Spacey.

So, perhaps Kevin Spacey isn’t the main problem with the film after all, and just having him appear in the film merely added salt to the wound of an already crap movie. In retrospect, it’s a shame that an outstanding actor like Kevin Spacey has had his career ruined by his bad behaviour, and unmeasurable offensive allegations over and over again… But, what’s done is done!

Did any of you see Billionaire Boys Club? Are any of you planning to do so? If so, is it worth watching, or is it really just a wannabe rip-off of ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ as many critics claim? Please share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


Story by Emily Clark

Featured Photo Credit: TrendzHub

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