Pope Francis’ Apology For Catholic Church’s Child Rape Scandal In Pennsylvania Makes No Difference

Last week, the grand jury report detailing the Catholic Church’s rape of over 1,000 children in Pennsylvania was released, citing crimes of sexual abuse over a 70 year period, which became bottom line news in the mainstream media, since it was mostly not talked about in the headlines. Finally, as of today, Pope Francis has made his apology on behalf of the Church for the horrible sexual acts that the children endured. Pope Francis wrote, “We showed no care for the little ones; we abandoned them.”

Pope Francis also made a point that he condemned the “crime” of priestly sexual abuse and the subsequent cover up that followed for those seven decades. The Pope also issued a letter to Catholics around the world, and demanded accountability.

Pope Francis begged for forgiveness for the pain and suffering caused onto the children by these pedophile priests, and said that Catholics must be involved to root out abuse and any cover-ups within the Catholic Church.

The Vatican issued Pope Francis’ letter on Monday, ahead of his trip to Ireland this weekend, which is also expected to be dominated by the news of the sexual abuse crisis. However, to think that this only went on in Pennsylvania, as well as Chile in another detailed report a few months ago, would be very naive to think.

The Vatican has come under fire for its failure to respond to a shockingly graphic grand jury report of child sexual abuse, which included the story of a boy who was anally raped with a 7-inch crucifix, amongst other horror stories, conducted by the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Pope Francis (left) wants accountability in response to these revelations of misconduct. Credit: AP

These predator priests molested children undeterred for decades, with over 1,000 boys listed in the report, where by the priests used Catholic rituals and symbols of faith to conduct their perverted crimes onto the children. The threats from priests to the children were terrible, for example, some would say that that they would serve “all eternity in hell” unless they performed various sexual acts, which resulted in them grooming them, molesting them, and ultimately raping them in almost all cases.

Josh Shapiro headlined the grand jury report which spoke of the “weaponisation of faith” as the main tool utilised by these pedophile priests in order to gratify their sickening sexual urges. What’s equally as bad is the systemic culture of covering it all up by the various Catholic priests, who knew full well of the actions committed by the participants inside the Catholic Church…

Last week, Josh Shapiro called on the Pope to urge church leaders to “abandon their destructive efforts to silence the survivors” and “follow the path of truth.”

To think this was a one-off scandal happening only in Pennsylvania, remains only in the minds of those that remain in total denial of the true systemic and sickening child sexual abuse that’s been happening within the Catholic Church for countless years already.

How much longer must these crimes against children continue? Credit: HuffPost

The grand jury report also detailed a boy who was stripped naked and posed as Jesus on the cross for four priests, whilst they photographed him up on the cross. Another victim was told to fondle a priest because he was an “instrument of god” and that it was “okay.”

Another boy who confided to a priest that he was gang raped, aged only 7 years old, was told by that same priest that he had to provide sex in order to get to heaven.

Only two of the priests have been charged with their crimes as a result of the grand jury investigation, though only some were prosecuted in years past. Over 100 of the accused priests have already died, and many others had long since retired from the church.

The Pennsylvania grand jury said that in almost every case detailed in the report, the statute of limitations for bringing criminal charges has run out.

Pope Francis’ apology of “We showed no care for the little ones; we abandoned them” has done little to rectify the hurt and suffering that these priests have ultimately caused all the destroyed children.


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(Eleven years ago, comedian Louis CK made this parody video, which is becoming more and more of a reality, as these sick people become exposed for their crimes in systemic child sexual abuse via the Catholic Church. It’s hard to see the funny side, but maybe Louis CK was not joking and that he really had a point to make all those years ago…)


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