F1 2018 Released Today On PS4, Xbox One & PC

In recent years, Codemasters has established the F1 (Formula 1) franchise into one of the best sports racing games on the video game circuit, and today marks the release of ‘F1 2018’ which keeps that trend going. Yes, the slick and super realistic high speed racing game, with all the behind the scenes realism and cut scenes, makes this the equivalent to having the latest and best in its respective sport, like you’d get with FIFA, NBA 2K, or with Madden, but this is for the Formula One freaks.

With Liberty Media’s new F1 logo for 2018, you know you’re once again getting an official Formula 1 licensed product, and with Sebastian Vettel and F1 champion Lewis Hamilton on the cover, you can almost feel yourself entering onto the race track with the smell of burnt rubber awaiting you. You might be asking yourself, what does this edition of the game have that makes it better than last years F1 game?

Check out the details on these Formula 1 racing cars! Credit: MMORPG.com

Well, for the seasoned Formula 1 game racer, none of that truly matters, since with this F1 simulation, your still getting the best (as always). From all the official race tracks to the real drivers, to all the famous Grand Prix’s like the Singapore Grand Prix’s Marina Bay Street Circuit and beyond. The extra extensive career mode has all the intricate works of championing yourself to be top of leaderboard, including mastering changing tires in the pitstop, which is usually where the race is won, after all.

What better way to get a sense of just what ‘F1 2018’ is all about then by checking out the trailer for the new game that’s out today?

The graphics are enhanced from last years game, and they do look truly amazing. Plus, with the emergence of new vehicles such as the 2009 BRAWN BGP-001, the 2003 WILLIAMS FW25, and the addition of the classic F1 cars available in this instalment, that should hopefully keep you entertained, which is very welcome news for F1 fanatics. With that said, you better check out this impressive run down of all the vehicles at your disposal! If this isn’t cool, then we don’t know what is! 

What’s truly best about ‘F1 2018’ is the additions in the career mode, with an immense effort put into the cutscenes and in creating an incredible sense of extra realism in that particular game mode. You’ll be being asked questions from the press, which affects your team and how they respond, giving the game an even greater sense of crucial real life aspects as you climb up the F1 ladder with your created driver.

To get an idea of just how much detail has gone into the career mode, take a look at the official gameplay trailer below where you’ll see menus upon menus of options outside of the race which are divulged. 

So there you have it! ‘F1 2018’ is the must have game have for all Formula 1 fans, and for all those that have a thirst for high-speed racing. You can’t go wrong with this year’s improvements compared to the 2017 game, plus, you can also continue to enjoy all the fun of the Online gaming mode, where you’ll challenge yourself against the very best racers out in the virtual F1 world. So, make sure to order the game straight to your door, on the links below from our friends at Amazon!


Lights out and we are away!

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