British Prime Minster Theresa May Dancing Is The Most Awkward Thing You Will Ever See

If you haven’t already seen the toe cringing and ridiculously awkward video currently doing the rounds on social media of British Prime Minster Theresa May attempting to do something resembling what could be best described as a dance (and that’s being very generous), then consider yourself very lucky.

But, if like us you couldn’t manage to pull yourself away from the train wreck that is Theresa the appeaser striving to showcase some kind of personality in that empty and soulless vessel that she calls her body, then you would have witnessed a 61-year-old white woman trying to get ‘down with the black kids’ during a virtual signalling school visit in Cape Town on the first day of her trade trip to Africa, commencing in South Africa.

Credit: Belfast Telegraph

Resembling more of an embarrassing drunk aunt at a wedding reception than a dignified conservative leader, Mrs. May was decked in a bright red blazer as she painfully shuffled along, shifting her feet forward and swaying her hands near her hips as a choir of young schoolchildren sang. Totally unaware that they were merely being used as culturally appropriate theatrical props in an attempt to show that the British Prime Minster is actually a human and not a robotic android.

Swapping the hijab for her trademark leopard kitten heels, the Prime Minster beamed from ear to ear, clearly basking in the adulation of the clearly bemused spectators who had gathered round to watch the uncomfortable display of body parts awkwardly moving. And for a mere moment you could see the sparkle in her eyes, losing herself in the moment and fantasising that she was a contestant on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ rather than on the political stage.

However, Twitter was more critical then cha-cha-cha, with many users ridiculing Mrs May’s frightful footwork.

“Seeing Theresa May dancing is the f*cking creepiest thing I’ve ever seen” proclaimed one scarred for life Twitter user.

While some were a bit less harsh, with one user even declaring that they “preferred Theresa May’s terrible dancing to Justin Bloody Trudeau’s”.

The African school trip was used to announce more places on a scholarship, helping those with the desire to come to the UK for university.

This is of course not the first time that the British Prime Minster has been slated for her dodgy dancing, as well as her dodgy politics. Back when she was Shadow Leader of the Commons, Mrs. May showed off her moves in a gay disco in Blackpool, which now competes with her latest dance, as the most cringeworthy of them all.

Credit: Pinterest

At the time, she was still sporting her favourite pair of kitten heels and Mrs. May was clearly having a whale of a time as she danced the night away to the very best (or worst) of camp disco classics.

Whilst we admire the British Prime Minister’s attempt at shuffling from side to side in rhythm, we would much prefer Mrs. May to be focused on getting us a good deal for Brexit and also to get us out of the EU, rather than working on her “1, 2 step.”


Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: Betfair Betting

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