Donald Trump Accuses Google Of Rigging Search Results To Show Fake News

President Donald Trump tweeted about the disparity and bias within the left wing media, and this time, he accused Google of only listing negative stories and fake news articles about him in their search results. Now, this is no new news, since the notion of “rigging search results” against conservative voices and free thinkers has been common place for at least over two years since the US election in 2016.

Donald Trump stated in last week’s West Virginia rally that the “new thing” is going to be tackling the incredibly dangerous bias of the left wing online media over their censorship tactics, which only promotes one view – the liberal left wing news and views – splaying it out into the public arena whilst constantly censoring and shadow banning free thinkers and conservative voices that do not align with their agenda.

Donald Trump spoke of the rigged search results to show “almost all bad stories” about him, whilst not displaying the positive news stories about him. Trump pledged to “address the very serious situation and rightly so… The only question now is how will this be achieved? We’re all looking forward to a just online arena of respecting the differences of opinion, and the filtering out of as many mainstream media “fake news” propaganda stories as possible.

Google headquarters in Mountain View (pictured), have been accused of bias by Trump. Credit: AP

Google uses a complex algorithm to decide what users see, however, it is undeniable that they clearly favour left leaning views, and that’s apparently apart of their corporate secret when relaying news to all of the searching public on their great search engine.

Thus, Trump decided to make his feelings known over the shut out of Republican/Conservative media platforms from a fair and unbiased news media landscape of respecting both sides.

Credit: realDonaldTrump/Twitter

Once again, the burgeoning disparity of left wing employees in social media companies shadow banning and silencing free thinkers whom do not adhere or think like everyone else, such as the mainstream news media’s narrative wants them to think, are being treated unfairly in the online domain. Trump added:

Credit: realDonaldTrump/Twitter

Trump highlighted this fact with the “Trump News” search term only displaying the negative and fake news stories about him, which the dwindling brainwashed CNN viewers subscribe to. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Google would top list Trump’s biggest achievements (of which there are many) under that terminology as opposed to the Cabal News Network’s “Fake News” stories and only Trump smear campaigns? That would be nice…

Credit: realDonaldTrump/Twitter

Social media platforms such as Facebook have increasingly come under fire for their biased censorship of all conservative news (whilst taking payments from their “pay to promote” option to reach an audience), shadow banning clients, and blocking their business’ Facebook pages reach under the guise of community guidelines and their terms and conditions.

Credit: realDonaldTrump/Twitter

It’s clear that Donald Trump is starting efforts to deal with these dangerous issues of Silicon Valley bias on the online news scene and the subsequent algorithms in place to stifle, suppress and silence those that do not abide by the mainstream media’s narrative, which is often quite frankly “fake news.”

The social media giants’s war on “Fake News” is only an excuse to silence educated conservative minds that see through the lies of the one world order news agenda.

Facebook Co-Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. Credit: Mashable

It’s refreshing that Donald Trump has named this the “new thing” on his agenda, which is to restore a level playing field for all news, views, and opinions, by eliminating the incredible bias which is inherently dangerous and threatening for a free society and free speech.

So, let’s hope that the online news media landscape and these big tech companies will supply a fair online arena in the near future. And you could probably bet that there will be some consequences unless the problem is resolved fairly, once and for all.


We stand with Trump!

Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: Washington Times

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