NY Democrat State Senate Hopeful Julia Salazar Caught Lying About Her Heritage

Oh dear, what can we say about Democrats lying about their heritage for votes? Well seemingly, its becoming trendy after all those years of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren claiming to be Native American, garnering her the apt name of “Pocahontas!” With that said, let’s get into the latest news of a Democrat State Senate hopeful that’s been blatantly caught lying about their heritage in order to secure the Jewish and Latino vote in New York, which has even sparked some confusion among her own family. Ouch! Julia Salazar has been campaigning vigorously for the New York State Senate, however, a Jewish newspaper has done some background research, and found that there are many biographical inaccuracies in her claims of being of Jewish and Colombian descent, in both her campaign events and on her campaign website.

Julia Salazar, 27, who has been touted by Democrats as the next Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (aka “Communist” Cortez), is actually of Christian heritage, and was born in Miami, Florida. Such is the grand deception with Democratic Socialists. One only needs to think back to the 44th President Barack Obama and the controversy surrounding his birth certificate, as well as his numerous sealed documents involving his identity…

Julia Salazar stands in front of her campaign headquarters in Bushwick on July 11, 2018. Credit: The Forward

Anyway, back to the small fish, Julia Salazar, who has seemingly bitten off more than she can chew in claiming to be a Colombian immigrant, and that her dad was Jewish.

The progressive Democratic Socialist has now been caught out on multiple lies, as her own brother has said that no one in their family is Jewish, and especially not their father. So, what’s been Julia Salazar’s response thus far? Well, she responded to the questioning of her false claims of being part of the Jewish faith as “bigoted policing of the identity of Jewish people.”

The Democratic Socialist registered as a Democrat in 2017, and previously, she used to be president of an anti-abortion group called ‘Columbia Right to Life’ at Columbia University, which may be a history that goes against what most Democrats are about, which is very pro-abortion, with some even supporting it up to as late as eight months into a pregnancy (in some states), making many the people on the “right” question such ideals in the face of the unregulated human organ trade that’s seemingly emerged out of Planned Parenthood. How wrong is that?!

Back to Julia Salazar, the state senate hopeful who’s affiliated with the Democratic Socialists of America, has now been exposed for her web of lies, just like Elizabeth Warren before her. Julia’s only defence is to claim “that’s racist”, even though she’s a Christian from Miami, again, just like Elizabeth Warren.

Salazar claimed her father is Jewish, though her brother debunks that piece of biography as entirely false. Credit: Facebook

In New York, Salazar’s campaign to topple Senator Martin Malave Dilan has seen her advertisements on people’s doorsteps and plastered on lampposts, but after the news of her lying about her heritage, her validity as a Senate candidate now comes into question. Nobody likes a liar, right?

At one campaign event, Julia Salazar said “I am a Jew of color. I am a Colombian, American, but I am also Jewish… I immigrated to this country with my family when I was very little from Colombia.”

No Julia… You’re a Christian from Miami, but perhaps with the Democratic liberal agenda of leftism gone awry, they can and will self identify as just about anything, such as with their 72 gender identities and how they see themselves from day to day. So today, as we write this, we’re self identifying as an immigrant cis-gender Penguin from South Africa. Quite liberal, you might say…

Her brother Alex Salazar says they do not have any Jewish heritage and were not raised Jewish. Credit: Facebook

Julia Salazar’s brother, Alex Salazar, has corrected her by contributing the following to a report by Tablet: “There was nobody in our immediate family who was Jewish … my father was not Jewish, we were not raised Jewish.”

And as for the claim of her being a Colombian immigrant, Julia blamed a staffer for her campaign website stating she was, despite the fact that she has been caught on video claiming to be a Colombian immigrant herself, numerous times.

Her campaign website has since been corrected after this latest inaccuracy, and now it reads, “A daughter of working-class immigrants, Julia was raised by a single mother, attended public schools, and began working at a local grocery store when she was 14 to help make ends meet.”

That being said, both her parents are still not immigrants. Her father is from Colombia, but her mother is a United States citizen.

Julia tweets an explanation, which didn’t explain much in the end. Credit: JuliaCarmel_/Twitter

Now, like a petulant child that’s been caught lying and symbolically throwing her toys out the pram, she shot back at the exposé of her lies, saying, “I made it crystal clear that I had been born in Miami.”

However, a profile in the New York Magazine calls her a naturalised citizen, which is incorrect. In a piece by Intercept, which referred to Julia Salazar as a Colombian immigrant, she had also described herself as a “proud immigrant.”

Furthermore, a Twitter user responded to her earlier tweet and pointed to her campaign website story, as follows:

Another twitter user quickly corrected her over Tweet in kind. Credit: Twitter

So, whilst she’s neither an immigrant from Colombia nor a Jewish person, in 2012, she did a two month course to convert to conservative Judaism. Plus, at Columbia University, she held more conservative views, and stated that she was a Republican with conservative political alignments. Lastly, she was even a registered Republican ahead of the year 2017, according to the New York Daily News.

Now that’s all seemingly changed at the drop of a hat once she was recruited by Democrats in 2017, as the next female Democratic Socialist hope comparable to Ocasia-Cortez. How else could anyone explain Julia’s vast change in both heritage and politics in little over one year, eh? Additionally, in the before mentioned Tablet report, a number of her personal previous social media posts often mentioned her Christian faith.

So, there you have it! Yet, another Democratic Socialist caught lying about their heritage in order to create a sympathetic base of connection with immigrant voters, even though none of it is even true. We have our own theory on Julia Salazar, and that is that before and after the US election of 2016, she had her eyes plastered to CNN’s fake news network all day, and that’s when she really got caught up in the tidal wave of brainwashing propaganda antics of everyone’s most hated cable news network.


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: Tablet Magazine

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