Catholics Call For Investigation And Resignation Of Pope Francis

Pope Francis is facing mounting pressure from all sides to resign over numerous pedophilia scandals coming to light in recent months, particularly from within the Catholic Church where members are accusing the Argentinian papal of covering up for a pedophile cardinal.

Let’s be honest and relay some previous information, as Pope Francis was earlier this year accused of covering for a number of pedophile bishops in Chile (34 in total, that later resigned), plus numerous other scandals have since also emerged relating to sexual abuse and even the murder of children in decades gone passed in Pennsylvania to Ireland, by the Catholic Church. All these scandalous revelations are very much mounting up in serious pressure for Pope Francis to resign at this time.

Add to that, the fact that Pope Francis didn’t seem to address, nor apologise for the sexual abuse on behalf of the Catholic Church at the time, in any respectable timeframe, and many people have also been growing suspicious about Pope Francis’ origins, and why he’s the current Pope in the first place…

The Pope (pictured) is facing mounting pressure to quit from members of the church. Credit: AFP

But in today’s news, specifically Pope Francis is accused of covering up a sexual abuse scandal against a US cardinal, which has been detailed in a bombshell 11-page allegation letter report from Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano.

Certain members of the Catholic Church are applying the pressure for Pope Francis to resign, with Carlo Maria Vigano, a former Vatican envoy to the US, accusing Francis of ignoring and covering up the sexual abuse allegations against prominent US cardinal, Theodore McCarrick, in relation to a 16-year old boy.

Well, that wouldn’t be the first time that Pope Francis hasn’t addressed various pedophilia scandals within the church, and symbolically sweeping sexual abuse scandals of minors under the Catholic Church’s carpet, so to speak… 

In the 11-page report by Carlo Vigano, it states that Pope Francis knew about Theodore McCarrick’s sexual abuse scandal since at least the 23rd of June, 2013, and that McCarrick was also a serial sex predator.

Theodore McCormick became a closer confidant of Francis, even after previously being sanctioned by Pope Benedict back in 2009. Credit: FOX5DC

The timing of the letter’s release coincided with Pope Francis’ trip to Ireland in order to make amends for old and new scandals, right off the back of the grand jury report of 1,000 children being abused in Pennsylvania, to the revelation of 800 children murdered at a single mothers shelter in Tuam, Ireland, over the years up until the mid 1970s, and to even more recent news of the orphanage in Burlington, Vermont, where children were murdered.

All of those scandals came at once, and they go back many decades, but there’s many more scandals of which Pope Francis knew of and covered up in recent years, such as with the revelation of pedophile cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

So far, Pope Francis has remained silent on the letter by Vigano, and has only said that ‘Vigano’s missive ‘speaks for itself.’

After that, two of the pope’s fiercest critics stepped forward to support Archbishop Carlo Vigano in his calls for Pope Francis to resign immediately.

In Italy, journalist Marco Tosatti, who runs a blog and is a Vatican expert, boasted that he helped Vigano to craft and edit the testimony in the 11-page letter translated from Spanish to English. 

Tosatti praised the bravery of Carlo Vigano, who was once exiled from the Vatican to Washington as the Holy See’s ambassador after questioning the Vatican’s poor financial management.

Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke also backed up Carlo Vigano, in calling for Pope Francis to resign. Credit: YouTube

On Wednesday, US cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, backed up Vigano’s calls for Pope Francis to step down, stating in an interview with Italian Daily La Republica, “I cannot say if it is wrong to demand the resignation of the pope, I only say that to get to that, you have to investigate and act on what’s found.”

“A resignation request is legitimate regardless. Anyone can make it for any clergyman who has made a grave error.”

This isn’t the first time US cardinal Burke has made a challenge against Pope Francis to resign, as in 2016, Burke was one of four cardinals who said that Francis should be sanctioned for Catholics after permitting people who have divorced and remarried to take communion in particular circumstances. 

Carlo Maria Vigano has been firm in his disapproval of Pope Francis, as last year, he was also one of 60 priests that signed a petition accusing Francis of “heresies”, meaning the explicit renunciation of one’s religion and blasphemy, as seemingly witnessed by other members of the church on numerous occasions.

Sixty priests previously signed a petition accusing Pope Francis of heresies and here he is (pictured) making the devil “cabal” hand sign. Credit:

Carlo Vigano told RAI TV on Wednesday that he “never felt any desire for vengeance or held a grudge” against Pope Francis.

Paul Ellie, a lecturer at the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs at Georgetown University, suggested that the voices against Francis are due to his tolerant outlook, telling AFP, “Because Francis is not inclined to an authoritarian style, he has allowed a much greater degree of dissent to be expressed openly than his predecessors.”

Paul Ellie claimed that this is the reason that they were now “speaking out much more than they used to.”

However, in the face of multiple scandals, even outrage and in the covering up of pedophile priests and cardinals directly by Pope Francis, this may be the “just cause” for his resignation in the eyes of the public, let alone inside the beliefs of the clergy of the Catholic Church itself.

The sexual abuse scandal controversy surrounding Theodore McCarrick, 88, began in June, when American Church officials confirmed the allegations that he had sexually abused a 16-year-old boy, some fifty years ago, to be entirely credible.

Theodore McCarrick originally denied the charge, but then one month later, he resigned from his position, which was accepted by Pope Francis. Carlo Vigano had previously warned Pope Francis as early as in the year of 2013, that McCarrick was sharing his bed with young seminarians and even priests. 

Pope Francis also ignored sanctions against McCarrick from Pope Benedict XVI in 2009-10, which condemned him to a discreet life of penance. Vigano stated that Francis “did not take into account” these sanctions, and instead made McCormick his trusted counsellor, which was in essence, a promotion for the cardinal. 

Pope Francis also opted to consult McCarrick on a number of cardinal nominations, which may hint at further sickening undertones within the Catholic Church in placing wrongdoer’s in positions of power by Francis, judging by this fact.

Carlo Maria Vigano has been a staunch opponent of Pope Francis’ and rightly so. Credit:

Vigano stated that Pope Francis was informed of the sanctions against McCarrick, saying that Bishop Jean-François Lantheaume (Vatican counsellor) was present when McCarrick was issued the sanctions by Pope Benedict through a previous Vatican ambassador in that meeting in Washington D.C.

Vigano also said that Lantheaume was “ready to testify” about that meeting. The AFP had issued requests for comments on the matter from Lantheaume, but he did not respond, apart from saying that Vigano had “told the truth”. 

So there you have it! As we’ve long suspected, and as the mysterious QAnon said in the early spring of this year, Pope Francis would be in for a terrible month of May. But, now it’s proved to be more of a very turbulent and long summer of scandals for the Pope, with pressure now mounting from within the church, as well as from the public, for him to resign. So, will Pope Francis resign in the coming weeks?


Only time will tell…

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Featured Image Credit: Axios

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