New Jersey Woman Wins $2.4 Million On Wheel Of Fortune Slot Machine

On Saturday, at 3pm in Atlantic City, at the Borgata Casino, a woman from New Jersey decided to spend $10 on her first try on a Wheel of Fortune Double Sapphire Gold Spin slot machine, and came away with the full jackpot of $2,481,940.75 to set her up for life.

The unidentified woman from Hawthorne, New Jersey, hit the progressive jackpot on the Wheel of Fortune Double Sapphire Gold Spin slot machine with the three aligned Wheel of Fortune icons matching up with only $10 fed, giving her a $2,481,930.01 return on her investment, sparking the casino to share the incredible news on their Twitter page.

That’s quite a way to end the summer, indeed! The social media response to the news was that of shock, delight and perhaps a bit of jealousy, with various responses coming in about the progressive jackpot winner.

One Twitter user wrote, “She hit the jackpot on her very first spin, turning her $10 bet into $2,481,940.75! Congrats!’

Another named Kim, tweeted, ‘I love the Wheel of Fortune one day Ed!!! Best I’ve hit is $1,000.’

The Borgata casino in Atlantic City was very kind to the woman from New Jersey. Credit: Wikipedia

User Eddie Fortunate shared his experience with the Wheel of Fortune slot, ‘My last big win was about 7 years ago. Went to see a comp show for Christmas. Forgot to make a bank deposit. Arrived 2 hours early for the show. Realized I didn’t go to the bank. I sat with $100 at Let it ride. 3-4 hands pulled 4 aces. Won 6 grand on all the bets I had.’

SageneV nitraM posted in response to the Boragat news of the $2.4 million win, ‘Congrats. Here’s a tip, never go back to the casino again.’

With this progressive jackpot win, there’s a very slim chance that it will ever happen again. Well, in Atlantic City at least…

Credit: Love_FoxNewsFNC/Twiiter

So, there you have it! Some people get extremely lucky, or are just extremely lucky to begin with, and whilst this is a heartwarming story, one can only wonder what a life changing moment this is for the woman. What does she really plan to do with this new found fortune? We only know one thing, and that’s that she shouldn’t spend the fortune at the casino.


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Featured Photo Credit: VideoBlocks

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