Disney Star Apologises For “Unintentionally” Bringing Gun To Los Angeles Airport

American actor David Henrie has made a public apology, following on from accidentally taking a loaded gun through security at Los Angeles (LAX) airport.

Henrie, known for his role in Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place, alongside Selena Gomez, claimed he “unintentionally” brought the legally owned weapon with him, and said he was “embarrassed” by the incident.

Entertainment news site TMZ published pictures of the incident, where Henrie appeared to be detained and in handcuffs at LAX airport. It was also reported that the gun he had been carrying was a 9mm pistol, and it was found in his carry-on luggage in Terminal 2 of LAX airport at approximately 9:05 local time on Monday. He was detained on suspicion of possessing a loaded firearm, and for having a firearm in the security screening area of the airport.

Following this, he was taken into custody and released several hours later. ‘People’ Magazine reported Henrie paid $10,000 (£7,000) to post bail. The actor was also given a future court date and is now due to appear on October 1st.

Although the weapon was legally owned, Los Angeles Airport Police spokesperson Rob Pedregon told Buzzfeed that Henrie did not have a permit to carry it concealed. Because he lacked the conceal carry permit, he was promptly arrested.

Posting on Twitter, Henrie said in a statement: “I take responsibility for the situation at LAX today. I unintentionally brought my legally owned gun, which is registered in my name, to the airport. I am so so sorry for any trouble it caused.”

The actor also added that he appreciated the “safety laws in place to protect our beautiful country”, and also thanked police and airport staff for their kindness and professionalism.

The Los Angeles Airport police responded to his tweet, posting: “It’s unfortunate you had to meet our officers under these circumstances but we appreciate your professionalism and thanking the police officers for doing their jobs, not something we hear a lot of lately. Safe travels & God Bless.”

Source: ABC7 Chicago

Despite the issue being resolved on both sides, Henrie came under fire from his fellow Modern Family actor, Ariel Winter, for not noticing the weapon being in his bag, and for the fact that it was loaded in the first place.

“So… you didn’t notice the *loaded* gun in your bag when you were packing for the airport?????” Winter tweeted. “In other words… why was your gun not stored safely in a place when you knew where it was and why in the f**k was it loaded??”

We all know mistakes happen and although Henrie claims it was unintentional, it’s a little peculiar how someone wouldn’t notice something so extreme before flying. Thankfully, it seems Henrie didn’t have any kind of have malicious intent before travelling.


Story by Emily Clark

Featured Photo Credit: GBC Ghana Online

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