Whistleblower At State Run Swedish Kindergarten Reveals Transgender Agenda

In this latest news story of socialist liberalism gone totally awry, we need not look further than Sweden, where a whistleblower simply known as “Anna” has spoken out about the terrifying transgender agenda that’s currently being taught to toddlers, where boys are encouraged to wear dresses, and where children can even pick their gender for the day.

In this school, the pronouns of “he” and “she” have been axed from children’s books and in the classroom, in favour of something gender neutral, reportedly know as “hen”. After 2-years working at the kindergarten, “Anna” has now quit, and has spoken out to Världen Idag.

Teachers at the kindergarten have been initiating conversations with children as young as two years old about how “boys falling in love with boys, and girls falling in love with girls” is a great thing. In fact, they have been pushing it as the normal way, as opposed to traditional gender attractions.

InfoWars.com reports that “Anna” was told that she couldn’t compliment children on what they were wearing, and that pre-schoolers should not even be assigned genders.

A gender neutral kindergarten in Stockholm, Sweden, where it’s unclear as to who’s a boy or a girl. Credit: CNN

“Anna” also revealed that Astrid Lindgren books such as ‘Pippi Longstocking’ were banned, because they didn’t have enough gender neutral characters, as well as toys being banned, such as cars and trains, because they are gender normative.

“Anna” recalls when a young boy wore a Fireman’s outfit. A teacher told him to take it off in favour of a girls’ dress, to which the boy responded, “I do not want a dress, I want this.” The teacher replied, “But you know you’ll have a dress?”

The whistleblower also said that some parents were onboard with this liberal indoctrination. When a mother came to pick up her son, “Anna” said to the boy, “Your mom is here” to which the mother said, “I’m not their mother, I’m a parent.”

Astrid Lindgren’s ‘Pippi Longstocking’ has been banned from the kindergarten, for being too gender normative. Credit: TeamLicensing

“Anna” was told by other teachers not to call parents “Mom” and “Dad”, because children can have parents of the same gender.

One day, a 3-year old girl told “Anna”, “I’m a boy today” and then later asked Anna, “Am I a boy or girl?” to which Anna told her, “You are a girl.”

Speaking out about her time working at the kindergarten, “Anna” stated, “I cannot follow those rules. I just cannot. They are against everything I know.”

The source of the Kindergarten in question has not been named by the newspaper, because they didn’t want to expose the source. Since 1998, the Swedish governments guidelines on schooling have “forbidden enforcing gender stereotypes, and government-funded gender neutral kindergartens with gender aware teachers has made it possible for families to raise their children without a set gender identity” according to VICE. 

A child seen at Stockholm’s Gay Pride parade, making you wonder what sort of parents does he/she have? Credit: LifeSiteNews

Indeed, this sort of liberalism is a mental disorder of the socialist, politically correct nanny state, where not even gender can be pronounced, because somebody might find it offensive. These are crazy times, and we know that the vast majority of parents wouldn’t want their children raised in this manner, even in a Kindergarten setting.

Sweden has suffered extensively under the migrant influx, with a rise in crime and rape due to mass immigration, but the country also has other problems, such as with these politically correct and gender confusing indoctrinations being taught to children in kindergarten, which might prove to be equally as damaging in the long-term.

Imagine a new generation, unaware if they’re even a boy or a girl, or even what normal human behaviour constitutes; something which has been essential to mankind since the formulation of life in the womb. Indoctrinating children in this way should not be seen as anything different from “child abuse.”


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Featured Photo Credit: Change.org

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