U.S. Military Base Dubbed ‘Fort Trump’ Planned For Poland / Trump To Declassify FISA Documents

Polish president Andrzej Duda recently visited Donald Trump in Washington D.C., and at their press conference, Duda urged for a permanent U.S. military base in Poland to be opened, as well as suggesting it be named ‘Fort Trump’.

Andrzej Duda wants the US to establish permanent base in Poland, with more US troops and military equipment to be stabilised near Warsaw, as a deterrent from Russian aggression, and has offered up to $2 billion to make it happen.

Duda stated, “I hope that we will build Fort Trump in Poland together.”

Donald Trump said in response, “Poland is willing to make a very major contribution for the United States to come in and have a presence in Poland. Poland would be paying billions of dollars for a base.”

President Donald Trump alongside Polish President Andrzej Duda. Credit: LancasterOnline.com

When asked whether he agreed with Duda about the threat Russia posed, Trump said, “I do. I think Russia has acted aggressively… I am with the president. I feel that he’s right.”

Poland’s plan for a US military base on its soil is controversial to NATO, with many viewing the idea as overtly provocative to Russia. People in the Pentagon have also opposed the idea, stating that the $2 billion offered by Poland would only be fraction of the running cost of a military base stationed in the Central European country.

In the press conference, Trump announced that he’s considering a visa-waiver program for Polish people travelling to the U.S., and renewed his attack against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project.

“Germany is paying billions and billions of dollars to Russia, which, frankly, we don’t think that’s appropriate. I think it’s ridiculous.”

‘Fort Trump’ could happen in Poland, but for now it’s only speculation. Credit: SBS

When asked if the U.S. is considering sanctions against the companies involved in the proposed pipeline, which would run from Russia to Germany around the Ukraine, Trump said, “We’re not looking to do that.”

Trump concluded, “We just think it’s very unfortunate for the people of Germany that Germany is paying billions and billions of dollars a year for their energy to Russia.”

In other news this week, Donald Trump has moved to declassify FISA documents, warrants and text messages in the FBI Russia probe, which prompted the Robert Mueller Special Counsel investigation into the 2016 US election meddling, with sure-fire corruption evident in the declassification of the documents, in numerous actions by James Comey, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, highlighting treason within the agency and far beyond.

All this furthermore proves that the Special Counsel investigation by Robert Mueller is nothing more than an ongoing witch hunt.

The DOJ have tried to redact the move to declassify the FISA documents, where as Donald Trump has stated he wants the documents declassified for “transparency.”

Donald Trump said in the Oval Office on Tuesday, “We want transparency and what I want is, I want total transparency.”

“It’s a terrible witch hunt and it’s hurt our country and the things that have been found over the last couple of weeks about text messages back and forth are a disgrace to our nation. And I want transparency and so does everybody else.”

Trump is bringing out the paper work. Credit: Live Trading News

So there you have it! The declassification of the FISA warrants and the corruption within the DOJ and FBI could be exposed even further. These documents could even implicate previous political figures seemingly known as ‘Renegade’ and ‘Evergreen’ for example, and how it all ties into that fake Russian dossier with Christopher Steele. Watch this space! There are things happening.


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: Washington Times

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