Beyonce Accused Of “Extreme Witchcraft” By Former Drummer

What do you think of when you think of Beyonce? Do you think about Beyonce’s singing ability, her dancing, her jelly, or do you actually think about pentagrams, her sharing a bed with Jay-Z and erm… goat heads? Well, if the court records from her former drummer of seven years, Kimberly Thompson, is anything to go by, then the latter is probably more what people should think of first, in relation to the Baphomet “Queen” artist.

Kimberly Thompson worked for Beyonce for seven years, and recently filed paperwork seeking a restraining order against her. In the paperwork, she accused Beyonce of a campaign of harassment, which included “dark magic”, putting her under surveillance, using “magic spells of sexual molestation”, tapping her phone, and even controlling her finances.

Kimberley Thompson has accused Beyonce of “extreme witchcraft”. Credit: gretschdrums

Indeed, Kimberly Thompson actually accused Beyonce of “extreme witchcraft” in court documents, and sought a restraining order against her, since she believes that the artist has casted spells on her, and had even murdered her cat.

Now we don’t know about you, but this sounds something aligned with Aleister Crowley’s “sex magic”, and other Satanic coincidences such as animal “ritual sacrifice”, but what do we know?

The court documents that were obtained by The Blast, and according to them, Thompson wrote, “I worked for her as her drummer for her band for 7 years.”

Credit: TheBlast

Credit: TheBlast

However, despite Kim Thompson’s request for a restraining order, it was denied by the judge whom probably didn’t believe in “witchcraft” or the dark arts.

Beyonce has not yet commented on these bizarre allegations, but she was recently performing in Houston, Texas, on Wednesday night at the NRG Stadium on her On The Run II Tour with Jay-Z. After the show, she boasted on Instagram, ‘Thank you to my hometown for being the loudest crowd so far.’

Beyonce in one of her music videos, with the symbols hidden in plain sight. Credit: TheJudiciaryReport

Another Instagram post from Bey regarding her recent tour said, “I’m doing what I love most with whom I love most. I wish it could never end. Feeling thankful for all of the love from our fans around the world.’

It is no big secret that Beyonce and Jay-Z are heavily involved in the occult. We can even recall during a beef between Rihanna and Azealia Banks, where Azealia said that Beyonce was already doing heavy work on Rihanna…

Credit: TheGrapeJuice

As crazy as that sounds, could Azealia Banks – who has admitted to sacrificing chickens in her apartment – know that Beyonce is capable of “working heavy on you”, being in reference to actual “witchcraft”, no matter how misguided those words from Miss Banks’ actually were? Answers on a Baphomet postcard please…

Is Beyonce capable of witchcraft? Perhaps soon more people will speak out against Beyonce with the same type of witchery allegations, which would indeed, put it beyond a shadow of a doubt…


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