Pope Francis Admits “I Am The Devil”

The 266th pontiff, Pope Francis, made a very strange comment on Saturday to a journalist in Lithuania, joking that he was the devil after Grzegorz Galazka greeted him with a book about former pope, John Paul II. As Pope Francis received the book from Galazka, he said, “Pope John Paul II was a saint, I am the devil.”

In the light of the ongoing sexual molestation scandals of children erupting from all corners of the world in recent months under Pope Francis’ tenure in the Catholic Church, from the USA, Chile, Ireland and with surely more scandals to come, his recent comment is most definitely unnerving. Pope Francis has been accused numerous times of collaborating and covering up known child molesters, such as Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

Pope Francis speaks in Kaunas on Sunday, paying tribute to Jews killed n WWII. Credit: Yahoo

This is the first time that Pope Francis has admitted an affinity to Satan, after countless people – including other priests – have become suspicious of his motives since becoming Pope. Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò wrote a long letter urging for Pope Francis to step down, after numerous sexual abuse scandals of children had already come to the surface.

The rumours and suspicions of Pope Francis alignment with the Devil could be confirmed with is latest comment in Lithuania. Last year, Francis proclaimed through the Catholic Church that, “having a personal relationship with Jesus is dangerous and very harmful“.

After Pope Francis was given the book by Galazka on the weekend, he quipped, “Pope John Paul II was a saint, I am the devil.” Galazka then laughed and corrected him, saying, “No, you are both saints! You are both saints!”

Pope Francis could’ve been hinting at the vast amounts of criticism that he has received in recent months from the conservative factions of the Catholic Church that want to see him resign. However, as a Pope, and by referring to himself as “the devil”, then this should surely set off alarm bells in the hearts and minds of many Catholic people.

Pope Francis maintains his image as he arrives in Lithuania, despite numerous child abuse scandals. Credit: Yahoo

Pope Francis’ papacy began on March 13th, 2013, and is the 266th Pope. He was appointed during the time in which Barack Obama was president, and many people believe that he was appointed Pope as part of a Deep State coup into the Catholic Church.

If you look at the dates and interesting numbers in the mysterium of numerology above, it’s very interesting and in being the 266th Pope, perhaps it just comes with the territory?


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  1. Pope Francis was consecrated for the Nuvos ordo mass ,so is not a valid priest. He has been successfully convicted of child trafficking along with Justin Welby in the ICICLGl court in Brussels by Pastor Kevin Anneth of British Columbia under the Junta as a priest but in Absents.

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