Senate Committee To Vote On Brett Kavanaugh For US Supreme Court (Delayed)

Yesterday saw the most grotesque piece of political theatre in quite possibly all of American history, with Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony of a fabricated rape allegation from 1982, against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. It was the most disgusting and hurtful tactic from the Democrat cabal playbook ever witnessed, as Brett Kavanaugh had to defend himself against unsubstantiated claims of a woman, whose testimony was clearly provided for her, in recalling a sexual assault that didn’t happen in high school.

Doctor Ford, as they called her, said she couldn’t remember who paid for her polygraph test, which only included two questions, but then she claims to know what happened at some party where she was drunk 36 years ago, and only decided to bring it up one month before the midterm elections. Interesting…

These rape allegations are a clear political hit on Brett Kavanaugh by the Democrats to try to delay or stop his confirmation on the US Supreme Court before the midterm elections. The Democrats even tried to have Brett Kavanaugh agree to an FBI investigation in order to delay his confirmation, similar to that of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel and the fake Russia investigation. Why are the Dems so afraid?

Brett Kavanaugh (pictured above) may soon be SCOTUS. Credit: The New Republic

Well, with Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation on the Supreme Court, it would shift the balance of power to the Republicans’ favour for many years to come. Plus, with Kavanaugh’s position in the Supreme Court, it will aid in the declassifying of FISA warrants, and expose further political scandals of the left.

Where’s the source of these allegations against Kavanaugh that harbours no evidence, no corroborative witnesses, and no truth whatsoever? It’s a tactical revenge from the Clinton’s, Democrats and from funded leftist groups, due to pent up anger over Hillary Clinton’s loss in the 2016 US election to Donald Trump.

The impassioned testimony of Brett Kavanaugh denying the allegations were riveting and it captured people’s hearts, whilst Christine Blasey Ford’s paid for sheepish lies, saw her acting to the best of her abilities in looking distraught (which didn’t work). Afterwards, she could be seen smiling on a break with a coffee cup. Who knew coffee could cure post-sexual assault trauma?

Christine Blasey Ford (pictured above) delivers her testimony. Credit: Getty Images

If Ford and Kavanaugh’s testimony did anything to the political landscape of America, it was that afterwards, many Democrat voters have sworn to switch sides to voting Republican after realising just how ugly and vile the left is with their witch hunt’s and obstructionist tactics. Little did Democrats know that Chrisinte Blasey Ford’s testimony would backfire massively in public opinion.

As for today’s vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee, a Senate insider has said that Kavanaugh has the votes to make it out of committee, and the votes to be confirmed on the floor for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. Today’s vote will draw the conclusion after the votes have been made.

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is another pivotal move in “Making America Great Again”, so let’s hope that the right wins yet again. It’s in God’s hands, but the good always prevails over evil.


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  • The Senate has delayed the vote on Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court until this afternoon.
  • FBI will investigate Brett Kavanaugh’s background for one week in agreement described by Republican Senator Jeff Flake.

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