Chelsea Clinton Appears On CBS To Talk Bad About Brett Kavanaugh / Bill Clinton Is Not Her Real Father

Chelsea Clinton took time out from her busy schedule praising the Church of Satan on Twitter to appear on CBS to promote her new book ‘Start Now’. She then spent three minutes describing Brett Kavanaugh as ‘nakedly partisan’ and politicised, claiming he shouldn’t be confirmed as SCOTUS because of the false sexual assault allegations against him.

Simultaneously, Bill and Hillary Clinton could be seen out publicly last night, enjoying a concert by Christina Aguilera, with Huma Abedin in toe. What better way to appear normal, than to do normal things, right?

However, Chelsea Clinton didn’t mention or recall her father Bill Clinton’s sexual assault and misconduct cases against Monica Lewinsky, nor for Bill’s rape victim, Juanita Broaddrick. Isn’t that rich? Hypocrisy at its finest…

Chelsea Clinton appeared on CBS to promote her new book, and talked bad about Brett Kavanaugh for SCOTUS. Credit: CBS

However, since we know that Bill Clinton isn’t really Chelsea Clinton’s biological father, then perhaps she should get a pass in the light of her “on air” hypocrisy, maybe? Or, maybe not!

Indeed, while this isn’t any “new” news, Chelsea Clinton’s biological father is in fact, Webster Hubbell from Little Rock, Arkansas. He’s from Arkansas, just like the Clinton’s, and Hillary Clinton became a partner at his law firm back in February 1977, a full three years before the birth of Chelsea Clinton in 1980. Hillary married Bill Clinton years earlier in 1975.

Webster Hubbell and Hillary Clinton worked together for many years, even after she had married Bill Clinton, and what’s curious is the long running debate of whether Hubbell is in fact, Chelsea Clinton’s real father. Let’s let some pictures do the talking, shall we?

Webster Hubbell alongside Chelsea Clinton, please tell us there’s no resemblance there. Credit: Gov’tSlaves

We don’t believe we need a Maury Povich DNA test to determine who’s Chelsea Clinton’s real father, do you? As you can see, sometimes things get all mixed up, right? Bill Clinton definitely raised Chelsea as his own daughter, whilst at the same time, fathering an illegitimate son, Danny Williams, who he has never once come out and said, “this is my son” after paying and sleeping with his mother, Bobbie Ann Williams, back in 1984. Nine months later, she gave birth to a son.

Bill Clinton’s biological son, Danny Williams, with his mother Bobbie Ann Williams and a photo of “Dad.” Credit: EyeOpeningInfo

Now, we’re all about the dysfunctional family and things, but surely there’s going to be public interest in this mix-match of offspring at some point, eh? Now for some more Chelsea Clinton and Webster Hubbell comparisons.

An uncanny resemblance between Webster Hubbell and Chelsea Clinton, don’t you think? Credit: BlackBag-Gawker

Here’s a reported photo from the novel ‘The Clinton’s War on Women’ by Roger Stone and Robert Morrow, which shows Hillary Clinton and Webster Hubbell meeting years after Chelsea’s birth. Roger Stone and Robert Morrow published their findings in the book, emphasising that Bill Clinton is not Chelsea Clinton’s father.

Hillary and Hubbell meeting up as old friends, perhaps laughing over their daughter, Chelsea’s origins? Credit: BriscoeCenter

Now, if there’s any doubters to this burgeoning fact that Chelsea Clinton’s father isn’t Bill Clinton, it’s now time for an older picture, alongside Hubbell and Bill Clinton, to put it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Does young Chelsea Clinton look more like Bill Clinton or Webster Hubbell? Tell us in the comments section. Credit: Steemit

Bill Clinton has had numerous sexual assault and rape allegations made against him during his career, and you can read about some of them here, although, this particular article only mentions a handful of them.

So, in the light of Chelsea Clinton’s claims of Brett Kavanaugh’s false rape accusations not making him worthy of a seat on the Supreme Court, it’s worth for everyone to remember Bill Clinton’s own numerous sexual assault allegations, despite the fact that he may not even Chelsea Clinton’s biological father.

The results are in, and “I’m not the father”. Credit: AP

So there you have it! We thought this would be a good reminder to finish off the news day, as there are grounds for a debate on who Chelsea Clinton’s real father actually is, wouldn’t you say?

For some, this will be breaking news, and for others, it will be a reminder of news they already knew. But, every time one sees this, it’s nothing short of amazing and informative each time. Clearly in some families, sometimes things just get totally mixed up, and that’s okay, but as for hypocrisy and taking the moral high ground at the same time, that’s probably wrong.

Wouldn’t it just be best if the Clinton’s owned up to their many mistakes? All in all, it would just make them even more personable at this stage, rather than going to see Christina Aguilera last night.


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