Michael Buble Will Not Be Retiring From His Successful Music Career

Rest assured Michael Buble fans, your favourite singer is not going anywhere, despite what recent reports have told you about his imminent retirement.

It was widely reported that cover singer Michael Buble had announced plans to retire from show business completely. Multiple sources reported that the Canadian singer announced his departure from his illustrious music career, in a celebrity culture which he himself called “celebrity narcissism” of which he could not deal with any longer, following his son’s battle with cancer.

Buble said that he no longer had the desire for fame, and that he would be quitting music after releasing what looks like his final album, called ”Love’. Michael Buble told the Daily Mail in an emotional interview, “I don’t have the stomach for it any more. The celebrity narcissism. This is my last interview. I’m retiring.”

His “final interview” came after he put his career on hold after his 5-year-old son, Noah, was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, a form of liver cancer, two years ago. Thankfully, the cancer is now in remission.

Michael Buble might not be retiring after all, since his recent interview may have been taken out of context says his publicist. Source: SkyNews

Michael Bible has sold over 75 million albums worldwide, and has won four Grammy’s. With that said, a representative for Buble has announced that he is not quitting after all, and that his comments about departing the music business shouldn’t be taken at face value.

Michael Buble will sing again, we’re sure of it, if his publicist is to be believed. Source: Us Weekly

“Michael Buble has absolutely no plans to retire,” Buble’s publicist, Liz Rosenberg, told Insider. “I wasn’t sitting in on the interview, but this must have been taken out of context.”

Rosenberg also stated that when Buble said that he was retiring, he may have had a lot of thoughts that went through his mind due to difficult period from when his son was diagnosed with cancer.

She added, “Perhaps as he discussed the different emotions he’s been through these last few years, that thought might have gone through his mind. I assure you with a new album coming out, TV appearances, and a possible tour, he is not retiring”

During the interview with the Daily Mail on Saturday, Buble discussed how his son’s illness made him question his priorities, as well as the celebrity lifestyle, or “narcissism”, as he calls it.

“This is my last interview”, he said at the time. “I’m retiring from the business. I’ve made the perfect record and now I can leave at the very top.”

“The diagnosis made me realise how stupid I’d been to worry about these unimportant things. I was embarrassed by my ego, that it had allowed this insecurity.”

Michael Buble and his two sons and beautiful wife. Source: Independent.ie

So, despite what Michael Buble claimed in the interview with the Daily Mail, he will not be retiring from his singing career, and with his album set to be released in November, we think that his album sales will convince him to carry on for much longer. Who knows? He may also defrost just in time for Christmas and sing some beloved songs for the festive period too.


<Story by Emily Clark>

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