Demi Lovato Is “90 Days Sober” According To Her Mother

American singer and songwriter Demi Lovato was rushed to hospital back in July for an alleged drug overdose involving heroin at her Hollywood Hills home. After the horrible incident and her long hospital stay, she checked into rehab.

Lovato’s mother, Dianna De La Garza has said the star has now been sober for 90 days. During an interview on radio station Sirius XM, De La Garza said she “couldn’t be more thankful or more proud” of her daughter.

“Addiction being a disease, it’s work. It’s very hard. It’s not easy, and there are no shortcuts” she added.

However, in terms of Lovato’s hospitalisation in the first place, De La Garza said that she “can’t really say for sure” what pushed the singer, who has previously struggled with substance abuse throughout her career, to relapse in the summer.

Lovato released a song titled “Sober” in June, which, despite the name, was about her relapsing after six years of sobriety.

Demi Lovato is on the road to recovery after rehab. Source: Digital Spy

“I knew that she wasn’t sober.” De La Garza continued, “I didn’t know what she was doing because she doesn’t live with me and she’s 26.”

She also added that she had only found out about her daughter’s overdose after receiving text messages with apologies over what had happened.

“The one text message that clued me in on what was going on said ‘I just saw on TMZ and I’m so sorry'” she said. “Before I could get to TMZ, I got the phone call from her assistant and she said, ‘We’re at the hospital.’ So then I knew, okay, she’s not gone. She’s here. And I said, ‘What’s going on?’ And the words that I heard are just a nightmare for any parent: ‘Demi overdosed.'”

Demi Lovato had earlier inspired her mother back in March of this year to seek treatment for substance abuse and an eating disorder. Source: ABCNews

Lovato has since been in rehab receiving specialist treatment in sobriety, mental health and wellness. She has also been absent from social media these past few months, with her last post being a “thank you” message for fan support over Instagram back in August.

“I now need time to focus on my sobriety and road to recovery” she wrote. “The love you all have shown me will never be forgotten and I look forward to the day where I can say I came out of this on the other side. I will keep fighting.”

As well as substance abuse, Demi has also struggled with eating disorders, self-mutilation throughout her life, and had first entered rehab back in 2010. She has since spoken out about her battles, and released a Youtube documentary “Simply Complicated” last year, detailing her recovery from her struggles.

However, why do so many former Disney stars end up having these substance abuse and self harm problems? Answers on a Mickey Mouse postcard please. We wish Demi Lovato a speedy recovery and healthy future.


Story by Emily Clark

Featured Photo Credit: The Sun Best

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