Trump Deploys 5200 U.S. Troops To Southern Border To Deter Migrant Caravans

President Donald Trump has deployed 5,200 U.S. troops to the southern border in order to deter the migrant caravans from even wishing to arrive close to the United States border, by the additional use of 150 miles of razor wire, Blackhawk helicopters, flying drones and C-130 airplanes up in the sky by the Mexico border. Why you might ask? Well, these liberal, left wing, socialist funded caravans by evil billionaire George Soros won’t go away just by themselves, now will they?

However, the good news is that Donald Trump has been addressing the incoming problem since when the news first broke, so whilst Democrats wish for these caravans of migrants to enter the U.S. for the illegal votes on November 6th, that’s just not going to happen. U.S. troops have already begun riot training in El Paso, for any migrants that should slip through the net and reach the U.S. – Mexico border.

Now your typical idiotic liberal will say that the migrants are fleeing violent nations of poverty, and that they should let them in, because they are nice, hard working people. But, you have to ask, who is paying for these caravans and why? Well, to put it lightly, this is an attempt at an “invasion” funded by George Soros, and these people? Many of them are hardened criminals, and many of them are also MS-13 gang members.

Customs and Border Patrol Agents train on the US-Mexico International Bridge. Source: Getty Images

Donald Trump sent out a message to any such migrants wishing to enter the country illegally, stating, “Our military is waiting for you!”

Currently, a second caravan is on route to the U.S., and perhaps you can recall what Donald Trump told Mexico regarding letting the first caravan pass through Mexico from Honduras? Obviously, this was done in private, so now the second caravan is stuck between the Guatemala and Mexico border, showing some truly ugly scenes, proving exactly what Donald Trump emphasised, that these are “some very bad people.”

Let’s take a look at these peaceful migrants in action, shall we? Please comment down below if you’re a liberal leftist extremist, and explain as to why the United States should let this caravan enter the country.

Yes, these people are stuck on the Guatemala-Mexico border currently. Perhaps Mexico heeded Trump’s calls to prevent the caravans from entering? But wait, there’s more videos below that you will not see on CNN or mainstream media, as the midterm elections approach in only ten days.

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These are the people the USA surely needs, right? Hoards of peaceful migrants of high quality morality and substance, wishing to enter America to spread their agenda of love and peace for all…

Now, Dan Bongino appeared on Fox News and pretty much stated the obvious for any deranged migrant caravan supporter who will also seemingly back the Democrats in the midterm elections.

Do you see any women and children in those videos? No, we don’t either. This looks much worse than the already bad idea of the European Union letting in Middle Eastern and North African migrants into Europe from 2014 onwards, which all Europeans are now paying the price for. That was naturally a planned, corrupt George Soros funded Open Society spiel, which has spelt curtains for nations such as Sweden, Germany, Belgium, France and so on… Let us not forget that.

Hence, why Donald Trump is sending out the military to disperse any migrant crowds from Central America that manage to reach the US-Mexico border by next week, on the day of the midterm elections.

Thousands of migrants approaching San Pedro Tapanatepec this weekend. Source: Reuters

At a briefing at the Pentagon on Monday, authorities said active military troops were being sent to ‘harden’ the southern border, to deter the “invasion” of the migrant caravan from approaching the US border. 

General Terrence O’Shaughnessy said on Monday, “We’ll reinforce along priority points of entry so as to enhance Border Patrol’s ability to harden and secure the border.”

We are bringing three helicopter companies in. They are enhanced with optics and censors that will allow them to operate at night and provide assistance to bring our [border patrol] personnel exactly where they need to be regardless of the conditions.”

The effort will be aided by Blackhawk helicopters. Source: Getty Images

“The helicopters will ensure the agents can arrive in the most austere locations and fast-rope down and conduct and work the law enforcement activities.”

Head of Customs and Border Protection, Kevin K. McAleenan, said, “We will not allow a large group to enter the United States in an unsafe and unlawful manner.”

“These agents will be augmented and supported by over two dozen CBP air assets for surveillance and mobile response, including four Blackhawks and six additional helicopters as well as multiple fixed wing assets and unmanned aerial systems.”

Donald Trump correctly wrote on Twitter a few days ago, “Many Gang Members and some very bad people are mixed into the Caravan heading to our Southern Border.”

Donald Trump has even kindly suggested tent cities for the thousands of migrants, who will not get into the USA. Source: GettyImages

“Please go back, you will not be admitted into the United States unless you go through the legal process. This is an invasion of our Country and our Military is waiting for you!”

The migrant caravans at one point amassed some 14,000 people, but has since dwindled to half that at 7,000 people. Now the caravan is thought to be much less, with an estimated 4,000 people from Central America still determined to enter America. We tell them now sarcastically, “Good luck with that.”

However, there is major causes for concern, as these caravans of people from Central America are “violent”, and are armed with homemade bombs and even firearms, and are currently upended at the Guatemala- Mexico border. Reports confirm that the second caravan contain people carrying explosives made from soft-drink bottles and improvised PVC tubes to launch fireworks at authorities.

Migrants push and shove as part of the organised chaos of the leftist caravan agenda, which is George Soros funded. Source: WashingtonPost

Mexican federal police briefly blocked migrants from crossing the Suchiate River on Monday, but they managed to break into Mexico a little later on. The second caravan of migrants is a different batch from the first caravan, hence images of the violence of the migrants not being shown on mainstream media.

The US will deploy more troops and resources to the southern border than they currently have in Afghanistan. This is entirely justified to combat this “invasion.”


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Featured Photo Credit: AFP/GettyImages

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