Candace Owens Blexit Movement Is Revolutionising Black America

The left love to politically pigeon hole minorities. Black? Gay? Latino? Trans? A non-binary disabled lesbian immigrant with pink hair and an Elizabeth Warren ancestry complex? Then at some point in your life, you have probably been politically identified as a Democrat.

Unfortunately, for reasons out of our control, whether it be skin colour or sexual orientation, our ethnicity, sexual nature and the very fabric of our DNA structure has been politically manipulated and used as a tool to garner votes for the Democratic party and support for the leftist ideologies of racial division.

The black American conservative movement, in departing from the Democratic Party has been named ‘Blexit’ a campaigned coined by Candace Owens. Source: Fox News

The left has created a socially constructed narrative and unquestionable assumption that just because you are able to tick the minority check box on the diversity form, and are able to identity with something other than white, straight and male – then you are a headstrong Democrat and are proudly with her.

Whether that female politician happens to be Nancy Pelosi or a dementia ridden Maxine Waters, it doesn’t matter – you have to vote Democrat because you are a minority.

Whether it’s a bribe of a free Beyoncé and Jay-Z concert or a culturally appropriated hot sauce reference by Hillary Clinton, desperately trying to be down with the coloured kids, the left has continuously patronised the black community as one issue voters, often telling them how they should and shouldn’t vote through propaganda of popular culture and scaremongering of racial tension, with fabricated hate crimes found in the fiction section of the CNN news archive.

As long as you are a minority and able to vote (legal or illegally) then you are conditioned to always vote for the left. To always think and to always act within the intellectual and social confines of what white liberals deem acceptable.

YouTuber, conservative commentator and Director of Communications at Turning Point USA, Candace Owens, noticed that trend and took to social media to voice her concerns.

In a video, entitled ‘I Don’t Care About Charlottesville, the KKK, or White Supremacy’, Owens talks about her daily routine of being served by the white skinned barista in her local coffee shop and not experiencing racial prejudice or not feeling racially oppressed when a white woman held the door open to her as she left her apartment.

It was a clear satirical stab on the radicalised media rhetoric that for so long, had created the narrative that there was some kind of racial warfare between black and white citizens occurring in America.

Since that video, Owens has been whisked from obscurity and has been catapulted into the dazzling heights of mainstream consciousness and continuously makes headlines while breaking barriers and boundaries with her ideas and views. She’s challenging the social norms and preconceptions of what a black American should think and how they should vote.

This truth is highly damaging for the lies of the Democratic party and the left, and specificity white liberals who cannot comprehend a young black woman having mental ability to be able to think for herself.

Conservative speakers Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens proudly wear their MAGA hats. Source: Washington Examiner

Candace is a regular commentator on Fox News and with close to a million followers on Twitter and has redefined what it is to be black, conservative and American in a society that for so long has victimised black American’s, which as a result has seen the collapse of the black family, community, and identity through Democrat party politics to keep them enslaved in a minority thought pattern.

Kanye West proclaimed to the world that he “loves the way Candace Owens thinks” while also being recognised by the President of the United States as a “very smart thinker”.

And through that smart thinking came ‘Blexit’, a campaign coined by Candace Owens. A portmanteau of the words “black” and “exit”, and mimicking Brexit, the word used to describe the United Kingdom’s triumphant withdrawal from the European Union, Blexit is a conservative campaign designed to encourage black Americans to quit the Democratic Party and to be proud to showcase their political views without fear of prejudice, slander or ridicule.

Candace Owens meets Nigel Farage aka Mr. Brexit. Source: Reddit

Candace Owens has captured the hearts and minds of disenfranchised black Americans who for so long have been chained to the shackles of the Democrat plantation, and in the words of Owens, trapped in an “emotionally abusive relationship with the Democrat Party.”

On October 27th, during the Young Black Leadership Summit in Washington D.C., President Donald Trump greeted and spoke to a sea of beaming and inspired young black conservatives, that are in no two minds about who they are voting for on November 6th for the midterm elections.

This was not a Black Lives Matter gathering of victim-ship and sympathy. These were not the troubled and victimised black Americans that the mainstream media would have you believe. These were strong, intelligent and patriotic black conservatives who had assembled together in a move of determination and bravery to show the world what true diversity in the black community actually looks like.

Hundreds of American’s showed up at The White House this weekend for the YBLS in support of the conservative movement, after being invited by President Donald Trump. Source: theGrio

They were not there to claim victim-hood or to demand retribution for suffering that they never once endured themselves. They were simply there to show the world that they exist and voice their support for the Trump administration and the black conservative movement.

In a world where black people are being shouted at by so-called progressive white liberals for wearing MAGA hats, and even going as far as calling them “white supremacists” for simply showing their support for the American President in public, it’s finally time for black conservatives to stand up and be acknowledged and claim their rightful piece of the American Dream.

Go and show your support for the Blexit movement right HERE and watch Candace Owens rousing speech (below) in Washington D.C. from October 27th, 2018, from the Young Black Leadership Summit.


Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Source: The Daily Beast


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