Donald Trump: “We Will Open Fire On The Immigrant Caravan If They Throw Stones”

President Donald Trump promised in a White House speech from the Roosevelt Room, that US troops will open fire at the illegal immigrant caravan, if they throw stones, or use firearms themselves, as the Guatemalan caravan already did against Mexican border police when rampaging through Mexico.

Trump has told troops to shoot, and he also promised to end the “catch and release” of illegal immigrants, and will instead put families in tent cities where they will be detained until they can be properly deported, rather than waiting on longwinded trial. The ending of “catch and release” will go someway to fix the broken asylum system of returning deportees coming into US borders, many of which are recommitting crimes on the country’s soil, numerous times over.

Donald Trump said he was “finalizing a plan to end the rampant abuse of our asylum system” adding that asylum seekers “never show up” for trial.

President Donald Trump warned that an armed response may occur. Source: Reuters

Trump added that the Guatemalan caravan, which is a mixture of Central American descendant’s, are not “legitimate asylum seekers.”

Donald Trump said promptly before departing for a campaign rally in Missouri, that “anybody throwing stones, rocks… we will consider that a firearm.”

Trump has already deployed 5,200 US troops to the southern border, and when asked if troops would fire on any people approaching the border on foot, he warned, “I hope not. I hope not. It’s the military. I hope there won’t be that. But I will tell you this: Anybody throwing stones, rocks, like they did to Mexico and the Mexican military, Mexican police – where they badly hurt police and soldiers of Mexico – we will consider that a firearm.”

Donald Trump spoke from the White House Roosevelt Room on Thursday, issuing a stark warning to the incoming illegal migrant caravan. Source: AP

“Because there’s not much difference. When you get hit in the face with a rock. Which, as you know, it was very violent a few days ago. Very, very violent.”

The second caravan has been exceptionally violent as was seen with clashes with Mexican police at their border, with Trump commenting, “This is an invasion and nobody’s really questioning that.”

Trump’s speech focused on illegal immigration, blasting the clogged court system, and called out the people who jumped the line of legal immigration in what he described as “endemic abuse of the asylum system.”

When asked about having to consider asylum applications via U.S. law and treaties, the president responded, “They’re going to court, as crazy as it sounds.”

The Central American caravan moves on in spite of the dangers and possible detention awaiting them . Source: Reuters

Trump then added, “We’ll be holding the family and the children together’ in the tents. We have other facilities also. But what’s happened is, we are holding so many facilities, so many people that our facilities are overrun. They’re being overrun. And we are putting up temporary facilities. Eventually people will not be coming here anymore when they realize they cannot get through.”

As we’ve already seen, this George Soros funded migrant caravan is a violent invasion, and Donald Trump is right to enforce hard-line tactics to deal with this illegal immigrant mob that’s nearing the US-Mexico border.


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Featured Photo Credit: DW

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