United Nations Aid Boss Blows Whistle On Pedophilia Within The UN

Former United Nations aid boss, Andrew Macleod, has divulged the true extent of sickening pedophilia within the UN, and it’s not pretty. He estimates that there’s at least 3,300 pedophile employees responsible for the sexual molestation and rape of 60,000 children around the world in the past decade alone.

In an explosive dossier handed over to British DFID Secretary Priti Patel last yearAndrew Macleod claims there are “at least 3,300 active pedophiles” within the UN staff that have committed tens of thousands of sexual crimes against children, that have largely remained unchecked around the world, under the protection of the international organisation.

Well, as we have suspected for a long time, and as previous news stories have already told about UN employees being involved in child sex trafficking, this may come as a shock to some people. But, is it now apt that these free running factions of uncharged pedophiles whom are still out there, should they really be called the ‘United Nations of Kiddy Fiddlers’ instead? We definitely think so! 

Canadian humanitarian worker, Peter Dalglishwho worked at the UN for many years and formed the charity ‘Street Kids International’, was arrested back in April 2018 in Nepal after decades of sexually abusing children. Two children aged 12-years and 14-years old were the last of what is thought be hundreds of children that he abused throughout his career.

UN pedophile Peter Dalglish alongside Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and a young boy. Source: darpanmagazine

Moving back to Andrew Macleod’s bombshell dossier about the UN, it reveals that the pedophiles working for the UN’s various agencies specifically target vulnerable women and children via charity aid jobs, in order to get close to their prey. These people are sick! Pure evil!

The UN have been actively covering up the problematic epidemic of child sex abuse by staff in foreign nations for many years, and as Macleod shared his dossier with The Sun newspaper, he said that the true scale of the child sex abuse scandals is on par with that of the Catholic Church.

Andrew Macleod stated, “There are tens of thousands of aid workers around the world with paedophile tendencies, but if you wear a UNICEF t-shirt nobody will ask what you’re up to.”

“You have the impunity to do whatever you want. It is endemic across the aid industry across the world. The system is at fault, and should have stopped this years ago.”

Andrew Macleod stated that The United Nations are filled with some 3,300 uncharged pedophiles whom are still active in the UN. Source: YourNewsWire

The Sun reports that Macleod worked for the UN in countries such as Rwanda, Pakistan and even in the Balkans, just to name a few of the locations that he worked in as an aid boss. So, it’s not unthinkable that Mr. Macleod would have come across, and been suspicious about, former aid employees, perhaps even knowing about certain pedophiles whilst being under his employment at the UN.

Macleod was chief of the UN’s Emergency Coordination Centre, but now he is campaigning for far tougher background checks on aid workers in the field, and is calling for the sexual abusers to be brought to justice. He desperately wants to lead the fight in the United Kingdom, in order to achieve this goal. 

The UN have recently admitted that the number of child sex abuse cases might actually be double the 60,000 rapes that have been estimated, since figures outside of war zones are non-trackable. Furthermore, Andrew Macleod presumes that only one in ten child rapes are ever reported, as the UK the reporting rate is already down 14% from a previous census. 

Ex-Cabinet minister, Priti Patel, who resigned in November, has now accused current officials in the DFID of being part of the cover up of the systemic pedophilia within the UN. 

Ms. Patel said that senior DFID staff pressured her not to make a critical speech about aid workers sex abuse cases by arguing that it was only UN soldiers, and went on to claim that any other reports were false. 

Ms Priti Patel seen in the background staring at Theresa May. Source: SkyNews

Great Britain is one of the leading contributors to the UN budget, handing over $2.57 billion a year, which means that the real “difficult truth” is that the child rape epidemic is being inadvertently funded by the United Kingdom tax payer.

Macleod stated, “I know there were a lot of discussions at senior levels of the United Nations about ‘something must be done’ but nothing effective came of it, and if you look at the record of whistleblowers, they were fired.”

“We are looking at a problem on the scale of the Catholic Church — if not bigger.”

By the way, remember Oxfam? That charity, which some of you will have donated money to throughout the years? Well, during the crisis that was the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the Clinton Foundation and Oxfam stepped in to help out.

Both organisations were later caught up in child sexual abuse scandals with the children of Haiti, from child rape to actual attempts at trafficking the children via Laura Silsby working for the Clinton Foundation, this was an unbelievable act of sickening treachery upon Haiti from both organisations. As a result, Oxfam GB is now banned from Haiti, and the Clinton Foundation which also stole relief money to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, are no longer welcome back in the nation. Go figure!

The 2010 earthquake in Haiti turned the Clinton Foundation and Oxfam into thirsty abusers of children. Source: ABC

Boris Johnson’s parliamentary aide, Senior Tory MP Conor Burns, called the Oxfam scandal as just “the tip of an iceberg in finding out what has been going on.”

Mr. Burns and Professor Macleod went to University together, and he called for his dossier to be taken very seriously, with Burns stating, “I believe that there has been systematic, organised and covered-up activity going on over many, many years.”

Two days ago, British Conservative politician Penny Mordaunt promised to “step up our work to tackle sexual exploitation and abuse across the UN and other international organisations.”

Even Theresa May, last year in September, threatened to withhold funds from the United Nations until they could “win back” the trust which had been lost, amidst all the child sexual abuse revelations within the UN. The Prime Minster’s office recently called for a “zero tolerance” approach to any acts of sexual abuse.

British Prime Minister Theresa May (pictured above). Source: The Times

However, Downing Street stopped short at investigating Ms. Patel’s allegations after being encouraged to refrain from speaking out about the UN child sex abuse scandals by the DFID. 

Unfortunately, the DFID said “there’s no current investigations” into senior officials involved in pedophilia in the UN, signifying that they’re turning a blind eye to the real problems.  

Commons Development Select Committee chair, Stephen Twigg, announced that his MP’s will investigate and question aid bosses and minister’s over the UN scandal, after Parliament returns from their half term break on Tuesday. 

So, there you have it! Just in case you had forgotten what the United Nations is involved with behind the scenes, with your very own tax money, we thought that we would serve up the reminder, which is that all is not always what it seems, when you see those white cars and white hats, with “UN” in black printed on them, you see? Wow! We wonder what UN Special Envoy Angelina Jolie would say about this from her “politicized” PR high ground of morality?


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