Leonardo DiCaprio & Brad Pitt Want YOU To Vote Democrat On November 6th

Well, what better way to influence meek minded voters before tomorrow’s November 6th midterm elections, than suggesting that they listen to actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, who will inadvertently tell you who to vote for.

Sending out Hollywood’s former favourite hunks to tell you how to cast your ballot, as Democratic shills, should be seen as another attempt from the left to influence voters, but who do they really think they are fooling in today’s already “woke” political climate?

The days of listening to blind celebrity endorsements are already well and truly over. However, we couldn’t help but share this Democrat shill influenced video with you, in the hope that you may also be able to read in between the lines of this latest celebrity voter drive, citing gun safety, climate change and LGBTQ equality, as talking points, which have dominated the leftist agenda in the past couple of years and beyond.

As many people have been saying for a long time already, ‘The Age of Celebrity Influence is Over’. But, let’s really take a look at this new video starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, shall we?

So very moving, right? Anyway, tomorrow on Tuesday, November 6th, Americans go to the polls, but do you think that two leading film stars from Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood‘ film, will be enough to swing the balance in the Democrat parties favor?

That remains to be seen, however, are Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt going to vote Democrat, or is at least one of them a secret Donald Trump supporting Republican? Erm, our survey says “No!”, but we don’t think it’s any big secret as to who both actors are subconsciously encouraging people to vote for here.

It’s more than likely both actors don’t care about who you vote for, as none of this will really affect them, since Leonardo DiCaprio is worth an estimated $245 million, whilst Brad Pitt is said to be worth an estimated $300 million, which just goes to show you that if you’re an amazingly lucky and already established actor, things will be just swell for you, regardless of how the votes are made. How much money does somebody really need?

So, when Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt urge you to ‘Determine the Future’ for America, it’s worth noting all that’s been said above, and recall the Trump tax cuts benefitting the lower and middle class, the employer and employee’s wages, and it’s also worth noting the lowest unemployment rate for Blacks and Latinos in all of US history. Plus, the US economy under Donald Trump has constantly been hitting record highs during his tenure. But now, we need to interrupt this article with a message from former president Barack Obama, campaigning for Democrats in Florida.

Oh really Barry? Anyway, it’s also worth noting and remembering the state of Democrat cities and states across America, which have gone from bad to worse in the past couple of years thanks to socialist ideologies – not counting the past eight years before that, where things have got steadily and progressively worse during Barack Obama’s presidency, which boasts about Democratic socialism.

We need only to look at cities like San Francisco (homelessness) and Chicago (murder capital), for prime examples of how Democrats ruin whole landmark cities over time, without even needing to remember the plight of Flint, Michigan, and that water crisis, after being under Democrat control for many years, when things evolved to unspeakably bad levels in 2014, with black tap water.

Donald Trump fixed the Flint water crisis with a $100 million investment to provide residents with clean water, and that’s just one example of Republican’s getting things done and Democrats not getting any thing done…

Also, Democrat Maxine Waters has become famous for the dire straits that she leaves her districts in, and this was tweeted as follows by Omar Navarro, the Republican candidate for California’s 43rd Congressional District in the U.S. House, back in May of 2018.

So, when the Democrats get celebrity endorsements in order to tell you who to vote for, it’s also worth remembering that the “age of celebrity influence” is well and truly over, as is the influence of cabal news networks such as CNN, since they really love using celebrities to push their agenda against the common good of regular hardworking American people.

Let’s be honest, intelligent voters are concerned about their communities, whilst Democrats want to let in a savage migrant caravan paid for by George Soros, in order to get more Democratic votes, despite hardened criminals making up the majority of these trucks loads of people from Central America.


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: DNAIndia

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