ABC News Executive: “I Have No Idea What’s Going To Happen In The Midterm Elections”

Today is the final flurry of misleading mainstream news reports over which way the midterm elections will go across the nation, but it’s your choice whether to be influenced by a quite clearly biased, anti-Republican and anti-Trump rhetoric before you go to the polls. Two scoops, two genders, and two terms will never change, but today is said to be one of the most important elections in US history, as it will determine who controls the House and who controls the Senate for years to come.

The mainstream news media is reporting a split in the control, with a national survey reporting a purported lead for Democrats in the House with a prediction of 55% of votes against a 42% for Republican’s to stay in power. This is supposedly down to women voters backing Democrats in large numbers, with 62% of women saying Democrats should take over Congress, while just 35% of women prefer Republican’s to retain their majorities.

Maybe these women have been brainwashed from watching too much CNN, or are these early reports and national surveys entirely inaccurate? This remains to be seen, as we can all recall back in the 2016 US Election when the mainstream media deemed that Hillary Clinton had a 98.1% chance of winning, against Donald Trump’s 1.6%, which rapidly became a laughing stock of inaccuracy once the Trump train ran the crest of a historic “red wave” of victory, smashing all mainstream media predictions off the tracks of reported reality.

Does anybody even read The Huffington Post anymore? Source: HuffPost/Twitter

CNN Washington bureau chief, Sam Feist, has rehearsed with his team a total of sixteen scenarios of what might happen in today’s elections, with either a red wave, a blue wave, or a purple ripple. Feist said, “I have no idea what’s going to happen, but we’re ready for every outcome.”

ABC News’ Senior Executive Producer of Special Events said, “There were assumptions made in 2016 by lots of news organizations.” “We’re going to be nimble. We’re going to follow the results. We’re not going to assume anything.”

All three major news networks, ABC, NBC and CBS will be running live coverage of this year’s midterm election results, along with extensive coverage online, as opposed to back in 2014, where only a one hour segment was devoted to the election.

Sam Feist of CNN elaborated on the midterm elections, and claims that the cable news network do not have a preference on results, stating, “Our tools don’t have a preference to whether the Democrats or Republicans win the House or the Senate.”

CNN’s Sam Feist (pictured above) is in charge of special event coverage, so we can thank him for giving us Don Lemon… Source: CNN Pressroom

Nice! Finally, he must surely be referring to people like Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper as being complete “tools”, as we already know. We can clearly see that they do in fact have a preference with their biased news coverage on anything Donald Trump or Republican related.

Meanwhile, Rashida Jones, the senior vice president of specials for NBC News and MSNBC, said that the strategy for Tuesday is to “guide the viewers through a big night” whilst “being focused on telling what’s happening in real time.”

Judging by those comments perhaps you should be watching NBC with their three hour prime time coverage, or dive into the already running 42 hours of coverage by MSNBC, starting with ‘Morning Joe First Look’ at 5am on Tuesday. Jones added, “This go-around looks much more like a presidential election.”

National Editor of the Washington Post, Steven Ginsberg, said, “Where we are now is just so different from four, eight years ago.”

Ginsberg added that the “takeaway from 2016 is that we should be careful about the metrics we use to judge election results.” Well, ain’t that the truth?!

Donald Trump yesterday gave his final preparation rally in Missouri, ahead of the midterms today. Source: Breitbart

New York Times news correspondent, Jack Healy, said that Times reporters would be careful not to let pre-written material dictate them into false storylines that could turn at anytime, stating, “We don’t want to find ourselves at 11:45 p.m. with the narrative of the night about to take a sharp turn and not have a story that can get put together very quickly.”

“I think there’s been a real determination here to get this right tomorrow night,” in reference to the New York Times’ approach to the midterm elections reporter coverage. 

“Not being predictive, but to feel like we’ve covered the country and voters and President Trump in a way that really illuminates what’s going on.”

So there you have it! A nice summary of mainstream news media’s commentary regarding a summary of today’s midterm elections, with a supposedly unbiased and objective news coverage output after that highly embarrassing evening two years ago during the 2016 US election when Donald Trump crushed their false prediction metrics, and in turn, grabbing the US presidency.

P.S.A.always request a paper ballot, so as to avoid electronic voter fraud machines, as seen on The Simpsons and also in real life

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