California Wildfires Now The Deadliest In State History

It’s a beautiful Monday morning, in many places its muggy, grey and cold, in others its sunny and hot, whilst in California, smoke from wildfires fills the air. It’s definitely not a beautiful Monday morning in California, which has been ravaged by the joint worst bout of wildfires in state history. Some 250,000 people or even more, have already been evacuated from their homes, with an estimated 6,700 homes burnt to a crisp thus far, with that figure set to rise as there’s still no sign of the wildfires slowing down. Yes, this is quickly becoming the deadliest set of wildfires in all of California’s state history, with the Camp Fire and Woolsey Fire picking up speed.

So, what could really be causing these wildfires? Well, globalists will blame climate change and global warming, won’t they? Meanwhile, far left liberals, socialists, communists, satanists and very low IQ people (CNN viewers) will try to blame President Donald Trump over climate change. We’re not exactly sure that they will, but we certainly have a hunch about them doing just that. They have done so in the past.

Meanwhile, UFO conspiracy theory experts will blame UFOs and space aliens whilst other people will look for other viable answers, which are still yet unknown. Who really knows what’s causing these devastating wildfires and why? All we can say is that our hearts and prayers go out to the people of California that have lost their homes, their lives and to the many fire fighters that are still combating these out of control wildfires.

29 people have died in the Camp wildfire, making it the joint-deadliest in California’s history. Source: AP

So far, 31 people have been confirmed dead by the inferno, with 228 people still missing and unaccounted for. Celebrities like the Kardashian family and Charlie Sheen’s family all having to evacuate from Calabasas and Malibu for their own safety. More celebrities have also had to evacuate with stars like Robin Thicke who lost his house in the blaze.

These wildfires have affected everybody in parts of Los Angeles and Northern California, and climate change/global warming is definitely out of the question as being a credible reason for these wildfires. More likely, it could be rogue group of pyromaniacs setting the state ablaze, but how could that be possible, if it weren’t some widespread and organised operation of mass evil?

Butte County Sheriff, Cory Honea, said on Sunday that they discovered five bodies in homes and in a car in Paradise, California, a place that has an estimated population of 27,000 people. Hornea said the devastation from the wildfires meant that “it’s very difficult to determine whether or not there may be human remains there.”

Honea added, “In some cases, the only remains we are able to recover are bones or bone fragments.”

One of the fire’s victims was an ailing woman whose body was found in bed in Concow. Source: TNS

Cory Hornea said that 228 people remain missing after the foothill town was incinerated since the fires began on Thursday last week. In nearby Concow, 70-year old Ellen Walker lost her life, and with 29 deaths, these wildfires already matched the deadliest in state history that occurred in 1933 in Griffith Park, Los Angeles.

Sheriff Honea said, “This weighs heavy on all of us. Myself and especially those staff members who are out there doing what is important work but certainly difficult work.”

Last year’s Northern California wildfires killed 44 people, destroyed more than 5,000 homes, and countless acres of land. The wildfires now have claimed 90,000 acres of land, which has already been burnt up in Paradise, after the fires began late on Thursday. More than 170,000 acres in Woolsey has also been destroyed.

It’s interesting that there doesn’t seem to be much concern as to why or how these fires are starting, since we’re not hearing about the causation of the wildfires from the mainstream news media.

Gov. Jerry Brown asks for aid from President Trump, even though they already have a substantial  annual forest fund. Source:

Anti-Trump California Governor Jerry Brown has asked President Donald Trump to declare a major disaster to bolster emergency response and help residents recover. However, California already receives billions in emergency aid for disasters such as these, so one has to start to wonder as to the cause of these wildfires, as it’s not down to climate change or global warming. If you think that, then you also probably believe in the tooth fairy. That’s our correct assessment and view which is probably shared by many in the know, but most of whom are very afraid to say it.

Donald Trump tweeted the following, ahead of his trip to France for the WWI commemoration ceremony, where French globalist President Emmanuel Macron, called nationalism “treason”. The puppet president is still clearly upset that the USA under Trump rightly pulled out of the corrupt Paris Climate Agreement.

President Donald Trump said it without saying it, but now California want even more money to combat these mysterious wildfires, and it will soon be revealed as to if that will happen. Let’s face it, the truth is this has nothing to do with climate change or global warming, and it seems like there is another cause for these wildfires. What if they were deliberately being set off by some unknown force of evil?

Have you ever heard of Direct Energy Weapons, also known as DEWs? If not then check out this link. Yes, via laser, microwaves and particle beams shot down from the sky, this is what could be causing the California wildfires. You just have to ask yourself… why this is happening in California? Who owns the land? Who sold the land? Does it have anything to do with that? Let’s watch this video recorded of a Direct Energy Weapon in action, shall we?

What in the world?! It looks like a scene from War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise or from Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks, however, this isn’t a Hollywood production, you see?

Leftist shill Governor, Jerry Brown, seemingly of the globalist, liberal and Deep State operative, said, “Managing all the forests everywhere we can does not stop climate change. And those who deny that are definitely contributing to the tragedies that we’re now witnessing, and will continue to witness in the coming years.”

How about Governor Jerry Brown stops lying to the people of California and the world instead? How about that? The evil powers that be are angry about something, and they want to seek destruction of their own sunshine state, in order to blame Trump over climate change. If you deny that, then you are a quite special case of stupid!

More examples of DEWs causing destruction of homes in California. Source: TheAnalysis

Jerry Brown’s insincere request for a major disaster relief should be frowned upon, since the reason for the wildfires is not climate change. Naturally, President Trump would help, but succumbing to the lies of climate change as being the case, is like taking a plea deal for a crime that you didn’t commit. Got it?

Climate change is innocent in this instance, and perhaps the Deep State perhaps knows more about the real reason for these wildfires occurring in California.

More than 8,000 firefighters are currently fighting the blaze, and after DEWs are fired to start the fires, strong winds returned to Southern California on Sunday, causing flare ups of huge wildfires that scorched communities west of Los Angeles.

In many cases, people have reported instances where only buildings have caught on fire, whereas, the surrounding trees and nature has not… What does that tell you? That tells you that there must be fire coming from the skies, which is causing these wildfires, since houses do not mysteriously burn up if vegetation around it, does not. That would signify a sole house fire or the causation of the fire coming from up above, from the sky.

The 29 deaths matched the deadliest single fire on record, a 1933 blaze in Griffith Park, Los Angeles. Source: Adam Fanton

Los Angeles County Fire Chief, Daryl Osby, said on Sunday that strong winds of 50mph are now expected through Tuesday, spreading the fires to new areas. The town of Paradise has been destroyed, Woolsey is on fire, Calabasas is partly on fire, and parts of Malibu has been ravaged by the fires, stretching inland to corner of Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley.

Airplanes and helicopters have been dropping fire retardant and water on the blazes, with Scott Jalbert, the chief of Cal Fire’s San Luis Obispo Unit, stating, “Sadly, with these winds, it’s not over yet.”

A Cal Fire spokesman predicted that gusty winds could spark “explosive fire behavior” on Tuesday. The cause of the fires is currently under official investigation, but the Southern California Edison reported to the California Public Utilities Commission that there was a power outage on an electrical circuit near where the fire began in Santa Ana on Thursday at 14:24pm, two minutes after the outage.

Could all the fires be the cause of an electrical circuit, or could it be that some evil force is firing down direct lasers (DEWs) into the brush to spark these fires which are now set to get out of control due to the prediction of high winds on Tuesday?

Airplanes and helicopters swooped low over hills to drop fire retardant and water. Source: Getty Images

Venture County Fire Chief, Mark Lorenzen, said he hadn’t read the Edison report, but he did say, “It wouldn’t surprise me’ if it turns out that winds caused equipment failure that sparked a fire.”

The Pepperdine University campus in Malibu sheltered 3,500 students, and its Calabasas campus will also now be closed until November 26th. Classes would still be administered online and thorough email.

Lorenzen added, “Things are not the way they were 10 years ago … the rate of spread is exponentially more than it used to be” and he urged residents in the line of fire, to evacuate rather than try to stay at home and protect their properties. 

LA County Fire Chief Daryl Osby said, “Typically this time of year when we get fires in Southern California we can rely upon our mutual aid partners in Northern California to come assist us because this time of year they’ve already had significant rainfall or even snow.”

“It’s evident from that situation statewide that we’re in climate change and it’s going to be here for the foreseeable future.”

However, what if it’s really not down to climate change and that it’s really down to Direct Energy Weapons, huh? We suspect the latter, and one has to wonder whether California have sold parts of their land to some other entity that now wants to claim the land back that they already bought? Just maybe…? It’s also curious, as we already mentioned, that houses are burning whilst vegetation and nature around them, including trees, were not burnt. Weird

Only some homes are burnt here… See? Source: Chemtrailsthebigpicture

Actor Gerard Butler, Miley Cyrus and Camille Grammer Meyer lost their homes, with numerous other celebrities and tons of people losing their homes to these fires in Calabasas, Woolsey, Paradise, and across the state of California. 

Calabasas City Manager, Gary Lysik, said in a statement, “For your safety, and the safety of your family, please collect necessary personal items and evacuate the city as quickly as possible, and please follow instructions by law enforcement.”

What in the world is really happening in California to cause these mysterious wildfires? We feel that we’ve already answered that question, but what’s really the reason for these fires starting in the first place?

We don’t know, but we’d surely love some answers at this point, as would the thousands of people in California whose lives have been destroyed. The fires are now set to continue because of higher wind speeds spreading the blaze to new areas, but what is becoming all the more undeniable is that some evil force is using DEWs (Direct Energy Weapons) to start these fires across California.


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: Adam Fanton


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