Detective Pikachu Criticised For “Gross” Appearance After Trailer Releases

On Monday, the first official trailer for the new Detective Pikachu, starring Ryan Reynolds in the role, was released to the public, and it has really stirred up some of the Pokemon fanbase already.

The film is the first live-action adaption of the Pokemon franchise. While the general response was positive from Pokemon fans, others have criticised the way Pikachu looks, which has the character covered in thick yellow fur, which some super fans have described as “grotesque” and “disgusting”.

Pikachu has been the face for the Pokemon franchise for over 20 years now, and while he’s always been furry, it is the first time the character has been rendered in “life-like” 3D, truly showing off the fuzz for the first time in person. Take a look down below and see for yourself. Could this get some people hunting Pokemon again?

Some fans aren’t too keen with what Rob Letterman (the director of the film) and his creative team are going for when it comes to the appearance of the Pokemon in the film. Most notably, a lot of fans have complained about them having a realistic-looking fur, instead of their usual cute, cartoon-like selves, minus the fur.

But, if they were to appear as cartoon creatures in a film that’s meant to be live action, wouldn’t it just look how The Smurfs looked in their live action adaption, with simply painted on colors? We all know how that turned out, don’t we?

While the film’s art style was questioned, other fans also pointed out that it reflected what Pokemon might look like if they existed in real life. If only, eh? Until then, you’ll still have to keep using the Pokemon Go app!

But even if they did really exist, we’re pretty sure you’d want at least the majority of them to have some fur or texture. Somehow, a hairless Pikachu doesn’t sound so cute, does it?

However, a mixed reaction for something like this shouldn’t be surprising, especially given just how long the franchise has existed, and how it’s still loved by so many to this day by those that grew up with Pokemon from childhood.

The first Pokemon games were released in Japan in 1996, and since then, there have been dozens upon dozens of new games released for a variety of Nintendo’s consoles, as well the extremely popular Pokemon Go mobile game which was released in 2016.

With a franchise like Pokemon, many have grown up around the games and movies and consider it a significant part of their childhood. So, it’s no surprise when there’s fans who aren’t going to be happy with the look of this new film. However, it’s important to give these things a chance, at least.

Detective Pikachu‘ is due for release on May 10th, 2019. Will you be watching it? Or is Ryan Reynolds playing a Pikachu or hyper-realistic Pokemon too off-putting for even you? Let us know in the comments section below.


Story by Emily Clark

Featured Photo Credit: The Art of VFX

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