Michael Avenatti’s Law Firm Evicted From Newport Beach Offices

The Democratic Party’s favourite “creepy” wife beating porn lawyer, and potential Democrat presidential candidate for 2020, Michael Avenatti, will now bee evicted from his law offices in Newport Beach on Monday, only a few days after being arrested for domestic violence in Century City, Los Angeles. After his arrest, he posted $50,000 bail and will still have to answer to that charge at a later date.

As we had previously stated in our earlier article this week, things were set to get much worse for the feminist “wife beater” Michael Avenatti, and there you have it! The proof is in the pudding, see?

We predicted this, since we did our research and following on from the numerous escalating financial problems, Michael Avenatti and staff have been forced to vacate the office premises on Monday, after Avenatti failed to pay four separate rent payments of $213,254. Yes, the hefty bill of overdue payments totalled $853,016, which is by no means spare change, led to the landlord, the Irvine Co., to sue Avenatti’s firm for eviction.

Michael Avenatti’s law firm will bee evicted from their Newport Beach offices on Monday. Source: LATimes

This news comes out today, since Michael Avenatti lost a last ditch appeal on Friday to block the eviction of his practice. Ouch! Things really are going from bad to worse, as we had predicted. Michael Avenatti also had his scheduled appearance on the predominately female show The View with “deranged”Whoopi Goldberg revoked, and he was also snubbed by Democrats in Vermont, where Avenatti was scheduled to host events for their party this weekend.

Judge Robert J. Moss ordered Michael Avenatti and his staff to leave the Eagan Avenatti law offices on Monday morning, following four months of non-payments on the $213,254 monthly rent. 

Michael Avenatti and his firm will not be stationed in Newport Beach from Monday. Source: Google

The landlord, the Irvine Company, won their case against Avenatti’s firm last month, but Avenatti was granted a reprieve that delayed the hearing until this past Friday. Michael Avenatti told the Los Angeles Times in a statement, “It does not matter as Eagan Avenatti, my former firm, was already in the process of moving. A non-event.”

Is it a non-event? Really? It seems like a significant event following his domestic violence charge, plus that his law firm is also bankrupt, plus his former coffee company owing $5million in unpaid taxes. Add to that the Stormy Daniels defamation case against president Donald Trump, which Avenatti and his client lost, making Stormy liable for all fines and court fees.

As a result of Michael Avenatti’s domestic violence arrest, and presumably because everything is now truly going south for the attorney, even Stormy Daniels herself, has vowed to ditch her lawyer if the domestic violence charges are proven to be true. The ageing porn star released a statement to the Daily Mail, calling the news, “serious and obviously very troubling.”

Stormy then added, “But right now that is all they are: allegations. I do not condone violence against women and if these allegations prove true I will be seeking new representation.”

Stormy Daniels said she would ditch Avenatti if he’s found guilty of domestic violence. Source: YouTube

Since his arrest and after being freed on bail, Avenatti has denied the charges, and he alleges that he has been set up. Huh? The identity of the woman has not yet been confirmed, but the smart money is on his estranged wife, Lisa Storie, and the only information that we know of is that the woman was seen with a bruised face.

Additionally, the apartment building security and witnesses cited that Avenatti chased after the woman and said, “She hit me first” then he angrily yelled, “This is bulls***, this is f***ing bulls***!”

So, seemingly there was some physical contact, then? However, Michael Avenatti said in a statement to reporters after posting bail, saying “I have never struck a woman, I never will strike a woman.”

Michael Avenatti claims he is being targeted, which is strange since how could somebody target someone over an allegation of domestic violence? Either way, Avenatti released a tweet on Thursday, that said, ‘First Mueller and now me.’

Avenatti is world famous for denying allegations and deflecting blame by now. Such is seemingly the Democrat playbook. Source: AP

So, is this some far flung conspiracy as claimed by Avenatti used in order to target him? Or is this what we clearly see, instant karma and everything simultaneously falling apart for the creepy porn lawyer? Answers on a former Democrat darling postcard, please…

Either way, we sincerely hope that Avenatti will run in 2020 as the Democratic presidential candidate, since he won’t ever be able to beat Donald Trump, plus, we sincerely hope that he also may stop beating his wife. Our prayers are now with Michael…

P.S. please watch Stormy Daniels quite strange reaction to Michael Avenatti’s arrest for domestic violence below. Are you all enjoying the Democrat cabal show, falling to pieces? Since surely, there’s much more to come.


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: KCRG


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