Barack Obama’s Thinly Veiled Attack on President Trump at Obama Foundation Summit

Former president Barack Obama cloaked his words of criticism against current president Donald Trump on Monday, masked within not mentioning the 45th President by name, but saying that the reasons problems aren’t solved is because of of ‘hate, anger, racism, mommy issues.’

Really, now? Well, Barack Obama is obviously talking about working as a handled puppet for Valerie Jarrett and George Soros, and that currently things are not going the way that globalists wanted, since Donald Trump became president, without the Democrat “scam” news narrative of Russian collusion in the 2016 US election, which will soon be proven too be false, once and for all.

You see, the real reason that real problems aren’t being solved as quickly as possible, is largely due to obstructionist Democrats, such as San Francisco’s Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that yesterday stopped Trump’s ban on illegal border crossers being able to seek asylum in the United States of America.

Why would Democrats want a whole bunch of illegals coming into the country without any proper background checks? Well, if you didn’t already know, it’s because of the Democrats’ dwindling voter base, since they’re the party that’s famous for providing socialist handouts in return for those Donkey votes.

Let’s not forget that Democrats are also famous for dead voters voting from the afterlife, with widespread suspected voter fraud and having mysterious ballot boxes show up, all over the place. As was the story last week and in the midterm elections, until they finally and correctly conceded Florida, which should teach them the lesson that you cannot steal an election, even if it’s in the Sunshine State.

Barack Obama was all smiles at the Obama Foundation Summit on Monday in Chicago. Source: AP

Former president Barack Obama can say whatever he likes at his own foundation summit, but his comments were extremely petty, salty and ultimately childish, if they were indeed, in any way in reference to president Donald Trump.

At the Marriott Marquis hotel in Chicago, Obama said the world ‘badly needs remaking,’ which was most likely in reference to numerous nations now shunning globalist leaders and the globalist agenda, as president Trump also does, but now also with Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron being exposed for their very poor leadership and decisions, which have now made them become increasingly unpopular in their own countries.

Democratic Socialists call this logical thinking, ‘populism’. Along with Obama’s presumable reference to the the United Kingdom, who are rightly “Brexiting” the totalitarian European Union, for their own future prosperity, despite Barack Obama’s televised appeal to the UK at the time, telling the British people to stay in the European Union and vote remain. Now that did not work out, as the globalists puppets had hoped, either. 

Also, with Donald Trump rightly exiting the Paris Climate Agreement, stopping the TPP and boosting US trade with nations in landmark deals, thus surging the economy upwards into booming green figures, is quite clearly something that Obama doesn’t like very much.

Naturally, Obama is all cut up by Trump’s success with the economy and he has even tried to claim credit for it. Previously, stating that he’s the real reason for the economy’s success. Very petty, indeed and a shameless lie. We suppose Donald Trump has that magic wand to bring all those jobs back to America, after all, right Barry?

Donald Trump had the magic wand all along, as he’s proven within bringing back hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs to the US, after Democrats had outsourced them, making middle America into a barren wasteland. Source: Reddit

Yes, these are tough times for Obama’s ego in that sense, but in many ways his presidency was all about image, and that image is still in tact, since his charisma and well spoken manner still convinces many people, but not everyone. But, we suppose that originally having Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State, and having Valerie Jarrett as his string handler, was not easy, or a good thing for Barack Obama, or even America. Especially, that shady Iran deal towards the end of Barack Obama’s tenure as president.

Barack Obama did not mention Trump by name at the summit, but said that issues around climate change, education and agriculture, was due to, he stated, “the reason we don’t do it is because we are still confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism, mommy issues.”

Is the “mommy issues” a reference to Donald Trump and was Obama’s sentence in reference to the 45th president? If so, it wouldn’t bother Donald Trump as he’s got too many important tasks to deal with, but if it was, it would be a baseless “cheap shot” against Trump and to anybody that loves their mothers very much. Donald Trump’s mother, Mary MacLeod, passed away in the year of 2000, and she was a great woman and she loved her son very much.

Trump’s Scottish mother Mary McLeod, passed away in the year of 2000. Rest in peace. Source: RexShutterstock

So, “momma” jokes or insults about mothers and their sons, on a political stage, is not so classy or ever called for… Of course, the Obama Foundation Summit is not a real political stage, and it’s not certain that Obama was referring to Trump. However, Obama did appear prior to the midterm elections at rally’s to garner more Democratic votes, but he has often stopped short of uttering Trump’s name, which in hindsight, is probably a good idea.

But Obama did mention his name at the midterm rally’s, saying, “‘What happened to the Republican Party?'” 

He called Trump, “a symptom, not the cause” of broader ailments in the nations politics. Which is kind of rich, since there was never anybody who divided the country in his final term more than Obama did. And, since the 2016 US election, it is cable news networks like CNN, unfunny late night comedy talk show hosts and SNL, that have really spread the anti-Trump propaganda, which has recently resulted in a surge of memes identifying this fact, comically berating such televised programs, with the phrase “orange man bad.” 

Yes, the brainwashing of the “sheeple” of America and the world, have been serviced by “Fake News” and the terribly unfunny late night entertainment that’s been conducted by frightened talking puppet hosts, working for the cabal. Watch below!

The liberal agenda, has taken on the symptoms of fascism and censorship, to dumb down the people and let’s all remember what Ronald Reagan said, “”If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism.”

We’re sure that George Soros could testify to that truth in many ways, since he’s the original funder of Antifa and other treasonous acts and organisations, causing dissension in the USA and the world.

Democratic Socialism is Barack Obama’s forté and the problem with socialism is that it destroys nations, since just look at Venezuela right now, as a prime example of that fact. So, let’s hope that Sweden and Germany bring in some changes to avoid a similar fate, many years down the line, and follow the lead of nations in the Eastern block, like Hungary and Slovakia, who have shunned EU migrant quotas.

However, Obama spoke further in detail about his views on the world at the Obama Foundation summit, stating, “You can remake the world right now, because it badly needs remaking.”

The Obama noted that, “societies are complex, organic things that you don’t turn (like) switches. They evolve. They shift. They change.”

Well, it seems like the people of Europe and the United States of America are largely not down with that change, with open borders, mass immigration of unassimilated migrants and paying for them with higher taxes, with refugees by the boat and plane load, that were as a result of the Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton administration’s simultaneous bombing of seven Middle Easter nations… Now are the majority of people really down with that? We shouldn’t forget those facts, now should we?

Barack Obama entertained the crowd at the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago on Monday. Source: AP

Quite clearly, Barack Obama’s optimistic view of the world, has seen the resulting surges of increasing crime in Europe, in the nations that opened up their borders, such as Germany, and Sweden now being named a “rape capital” and France becoming a hotbed for “terrorism.”

If you’re not aligned with EU migrant quotas and this ultra form of liberalism, Democratic Socialists refer to this as “populism”, which is completely laughable.

However, it was a well spirited event at the Obama Foundation Summit, with Obama saying that he has faith in the next generation stating that they are “ahead of the curve.”

Which we would cite as rife “liberal indoctrination” in the schooling system across the world, but what do we know? Obama said, “The thing that inspires me whenever I come to these gatherings… is that this generation behind us is smarter, more sophisticated, more tolerant, more welcoming, more innovative, more creative, certainly than I was.”

Or maybe they are just way more brainwashed? Just maybe, since 72 genders might also be highly questionable at this point in our world history, one would think, as is eating tide pods for Instagram likes and YouTube subscribers.

Obama then backtracked and spoke of his generation, “‘I’ll go ahead and speak for my whole generation, I think. Y’all are ahead of the curve. And you’re no less idealistic, in some ways, you’re more idealistic.”

He added, “And you feel a greater sense of urgency about wrongs that need to be righted.”

Michelle Obama explains how she became in ‘Becoming’, in her new book published by Crown Publishing.  Source: TheIndependent

Lastly, Obama shared some sweet insight into his relationship with Michelle Obama, after the release of her book last week, and with his own book not even being written just yet, for the memoirs that were apart of the $65million Crown Publishing deal for the couple. Nice work if you can get it!

Obama said, “I’m just sitting there, I type two words… delete them. You know what? Michelle’s out there, go buy her book right now. This is causing some strain in our marriage. The fact that she is finished and I am not.”

Let’s hope the strain is not too much on their marriage, as he had joked, and we definitely look forward to reading Barack Obama’s book once it is finally released, as we’re convinced that it will be a very entertaining read.


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: AP

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