Nine People Charged in Connection with Voter Fraud Scheme in LA’s Skid Row

In the light of the recent midterm election results, with Democrats winning the House, it’s now finally been revealed the first confirmation of official voter fraud, with nine people being charged in connection with a voter fraud scheme in the Los Angeles district of Skid Row, which is LA district 43 that is run by corrupt Democrat, Maxine Waters.

It has been revealed that nine recruiters bribed the homeless in the neighbourhood with cash and cigarettes, in order to collect fraudulent signatures on ballot initiative petitions and voter registration forms, prosecutors revealed on Tuesday.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office would not identify a motive or details about the voter fraud scheme, but back in May, NBC Los Angeles in collaboration with NBC News discovered the initial allegations connected to three of the nine suspects involved in the gathering of signatures for four proposed ballot initiatives.

LAPD Detective Meghan Aguilar said in May, “This is voter fraud, which we talk about, and we know it exists, but it isn’t exactly something that patrol officers deal with.”

Five of the defendants were arraigned on Tuesday, and pleaded not guilty to the charges, prosecutors revealed. The initiatives prompted by the fraudsters involved, included statewide measures to reduce the number of felons considered non-violent and to increase income tax on millionaires and property tax on business owners. Jeez! That does sound like a big Democrat initiative, doesn’t it?

Skid Row consists of well over 25,000 homeless people at least (figure not known), with a census in the year of 2000, estimating a population of 18,000. Source: AFP/GettyImages

Who else would go out of their way in Maxine Waters’ district of Skid Row, to perform voter fraud initiatives on the most needy of people, if not the Democrat party themselves? Answers on a fraudulent ballot, please.

The case has been under investigation by the FBI and the Los Angeles Police Department for quite some time, with a number of suspects still at large, and with warrants for their arrests already in place, said LAPD Captain Marc Reina.

Prosecutors revealed that the felony complaint against the nine suspects included allegations of circulating a petition with false names, voter fraud, registering fictitious persons, and even registering non-existent persons. This surely has all the hallmarks of the famous Democrat voter fraud schemes of even often having votes from the already deceased cast their ballots.

In a statement by the DA’s office, it said that suspects offered “money and cigarettes to homeless people on Skid Row in exchange for false and forged signatures on ballot petitions and voter registration forms.”

Breakfast on Skid Row, and these are the types people that the fraudsters targeted, because they were vulnerable. Source: WorldNewsGroup

This news comes after a national suspicion of voter fraud being very prevalent in the November midterm elections, favouring Democrats, two years after President Donald Trump said that there were “millions” of bogus votes cast in the 2016 presidential election.

There were even forged ballots found in Florida, as recently as last week, during the midterm elections on Friday, with Democratic nominee Andrew Gillum finally conceding to Ron DeSantis for Florida’s governor race. You can’t steal an election in a democracy, you see?

The suspicion of Democratic voter fraud in the midterms, has finally led to a movement in conservative states to call for completely justifiable and strict identification, address requirements and new laws to be passed in registering for elections, however, Democrats say that this will disenfranchise the poor and people of color. Well, who knew that they would play the race card, once again, eh?

Clearly in 2018, IDs and only identifiable people should be allowed to vote, and to claim that people of color do not have forms of idenitification, is a bit racist, don’t you think? But, we suppose that Democrats will cling onto any social justice warrior farce on race, in order to carry on the long running trend of voter fraud wherever necessary, right?

In the past, people have claimed that voter fraud is extremely rare, however, these recent findings in Los Angeles could upend that notion, and spark further investigations into the recent midterm elections.

An aerial view of homeless teens in Los Angeles’ Skid Row, 43 district led by Democrat Maxine Waters. Source: WorldNewsGroup

Matt Fleming, a spokesman for the Republican Party of California said, “Democrats in California continue to pretend voter fraud doesn’t exist.”

Fleming added, “However, this incident highlights the need for more investigation of claims.”

President and co-founder of Election Integrity Project California, Linda Paine, said that she was “pleased to see” authorities taking the matter very seriously, but also expressed major concern over the findings.

The defendants are accused of offering as little as $1 and cigarettes to homeless people in return for their participation in the voter fraud scheme. A census in the year of 2000, found that 18,000 homeless people lived in the neighbourhood of Skid Row.

Now in 2018, at least double that figure, with almost two decades more of Democrat rule, making the homeless population sky rocket in recent years, and then find our the real figure.

This now makes one wonder, just how many fraudulent votes did Democrats stack up in Maxine Waters’ drug infested barren wasteland of Skid Row? And, wow long has this been going on for? Plus, in how many more states across America, did likeminded fraudsters conspire with Democrat leaders to proposition the most fragile people to sign fraudulent signatures on ballot initiative petitions and voter registration forms, for the Donkey party?

As is written on the sign, in the Democrat district of Skid Row, there’s a population of way too many. Source: GettyImages

The suspects in the case, have been identified as Kirkland Kauzava Washington, Harold Bennett, and Louis Thomas Wise, all arraigned on 8 counts, plus the following fraudsters: Richard Howard, Rose Makeda Sweeney, Christopher Joseph Williams, Jakara Fati Mardis, Norman Hall and Nickey Demelvin Huntley, all facing four counts each. 

The ages of the charged voter fraud recruiters are between 28 to 62 years old, and each could end up serving a maximum of around five to six years in prison if convicted.

The Attorney’s office has recommend their bail to be set at $25,000 each, and the police work done to charge these suspects, has been a large LAPD effort to crackdown on voter fraud this year.

Police told the Los Angeles Times, that the signature gatherers appeared not to be politically motivated, and are just trying to make a quick buck. However, the people that are paying them, are surely tied to politically motivated Democrats involved in large scale voter fraud, in not just domestic elections, but statewide.

This news will hopefully now herald further investigations into Democrat voter fraud in the very recent November midterm elections.


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