Update: More Real News Coming Next Week

It’s already Friday and there’s so much “Fake News” around, that we’ve decided to soak in this last day of the week, with some downtime instead of engaging in the usual tripe that’s currently circulating out in the newsphere. Yes, you can bet your last dime, that next week will be yet another round of ‘Real News’ coming right your way, courtesy of us here at Brainstain.

But, as well know, many people from all walks of life come here on a daily basis and read our unique coverage of the biggest stories, but today we’re very sorry to disappoint you, since we couldn’t stomach the “Fake News” whirlwind this Friday.

However, the really good news is that people are starting to take notice of our unapologetic and comedic take on current affairs and all the other fun news stories in our treasure trove of work. So, thank you very much for reading and please continue coming back for more!

Credit: Reddit

Until then, just grip onto your seats and cellphones very tightly, and we’ll get back to you in due time. And, please have a blessed weekend!

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The Brainstain Team

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