Former Clinton Aide Huma Abedin & Weinstein’s Ex-Georgina Chapman Spotted Out At Dinner in NYC

Former Hillary Clinton aide and top secret Muslim Brotherhood operative, Huma Abedin, was spotted out on Sunday night in New York City for dinner, with former wife of shamed Hollywood casting couch extraordinaire Harvey Weinstein, in Georgina Chapman. It looks like the two quite obviously met for crisis talks on the same day that it was revealed that former FBI Director James Comey would have to testify privately to the House Judiciary Committee, over his inaction in servicing charges against Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation for numerous unspeakable crimes.

Whilst, James Comey was actually in possession of no less than five folders detailing the Clinton Foundation’s crimes against children, with much of the information even being found on Anthony (Huma Abedin’s former husband) Weiner’s laptop and of course, through numerous emails inside the DNC, in the same vein as with John Podesta’s leaked emails, originally procured by Wikileaks.

Wow! Surely there was no coincidence as to why these two former wives of known human traffickers and child sex abusers’ met for dinner on Sunday night at Tribeca’s Indian eatery, named ‘Tamarind’, right?

Perhaps, Huma Abedin had to inform Georgina Chapman of what was to come, since both Anthony Weiner and Harvey Weinstein were big internal supporters of the Hillary Clinton campaign via the corrupt Clinton Foundation, with the latter being a big donor and also a close confidant and friend, and with convicted pedophile, Anthony Weiner, storing all of Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 deleted emails on his own laptop, along with Human Abedin’s emails, with all this information now finally sitting in the right hands of the law, away from the former “cabal” insider FBI tree, which was headed by James Comey and Peter Strzok, whom were protecting the Clinton’s from prosecution.

Was former FBI head, James “Howdy Doody” Comey, more truthful under oath this time, in his private HJC testimony? Credit: NYDailyNews

James Comey’s private House Judiciary Committee testimony on December 3rd, 2018, could reveal some more future problems for people like Human Abedin, whilst luckily for Georgina Chapman, she’s not in any kind of trouble here. However, James Comey is not immune from getting into trouble either, and he would be lucky to not face charges for “treason”, for he’s already known as the pedophile gatekeeper, in protecting the Clinton’s and various other cabal members, from investigations whilst head of the FBI.

So, let’s now see some paperwork in James Comey’s own handwriting (below), proving that he had a total of five binders on the Clinton Foundations’ crimes against children.

Can anybody say, “PizzaGate”, “Pasta”, “Cheese Pizza”, “Hot Dogs”, “Adrenochrome” and “Satanic sexual abuse.”

“Maps” and “handkerchiefs” aside, whatever was discussed between James Comey and the HJC yesterday, will remain private, and rightly so. But, surely things are starting to happen soon. Let’s look at the following post from hero, Liz Crokin, who exposes child sex trafficking for a living, with keen eyes on the shady business of the Clinton Foundation.

Is the storm entering into the final breezes or last winds of change very soon? Well, we’re definitely feeling a breeze of some kind, aren’t you? Anyway, “Slimey” James Comey might have had to answer some serious questions as to why, as the former head of the FBI, he didn’t look further into the numerous Clinton Foundation crimes, in his possession and with all the evidence found on Human Abedin’s former husband’s (Anthony Weiner’s) laptop, with even videos found that were said to include the Satanic ritual killing of a young child, after being sexually abused, which was seen by NYPD officers, whom even cried and had to take time off work, after viewing the sickening video clip found on Weiner’s laptop, which was placed inside a folder entitled ‘Insurance’.

Luckily, Anthony Weiner kept all of Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 deleted emails SAFE, backed up on his own laptop for investigators to find later. Credit: REUTERS

And, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, mind you… Yes, that’s what we are dealing with! These people are sick!

Plus, now with many things about to come out, people like Human Abedin are rightfully frightened, after being Hillary Clinton’s top aide for numerous years, and with both Anthony Weiner and even Harvey Weinstein holding significant dirt on all of them. So, it will be very interesting to see just how far this all goes, don’t you think?

Harvey Weinstein may be guilty of producing great films and being a bit flagrant with fame hungry actresses on the casting couch for numerous years, but that’s hardly a crime, compared to what the Clinton Foundation has been involved in, which puts Human Abedin very much in the danger zone. Yes, as the “ticking” and “tocking” of the prosecution clock reaches its near climax, in the months to come, after nearly two years of hampered investigations, which have been under reported and even hidden from the public, thoughts of military tribunals now arise, should these crimes hold weight, which they clearly do!

Huma Abedin looked worried and very tense during the dinner, eyewitness’s claim. Credit: SplashNews!

So, we get the sense that this just might be the last Christmas for some top political aides, and even certainly for some top notch “guilty” politicians, and even for many cabal insiders with that sickening taste for children.

Furthermore, it could very well be the last Christmas for some Hollywood head honchos (not mentioning any names), plus for Pizza Shop owners from Washington D.C., whom are all implicated in this vast ring related to “children”, and also to the human sex trafficking of young women and children on multiple levels, as part of a very in-depth and detailed on-going investigations, that could soon become mainstream news, once many high profile arrests are made, some time next year.

However, some may have the choice to have their arrests remain private, so as to save face in the public eye and away from the whole world even knowing about it. Since most of the public out in the world, will be unable to process that the people that they once looked up to, were all the while, involved in such horrible, unspeakable and sickening crimes.

Jeffrey Epstein’s St. James Island was a hotspot for such activity, until it mysteriously caught on fire earlier this year. Well, what are the chances? Additionally, convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein managed to pay his way out of facing his victims, whom are now adults, after raping them as children, by the use of all his money in reaching a last minute settlement in his civil trial today. Bill Clinton visited Epstein’s Island a full 26 times, and Hillary Clinton visited the Island six times, according to the Lolita Express flight logs.

All the while, Hillary aide Huma Abedin and Georgina Chapman have known each other for years, even sharing play dates with their kids, and judging by the look on Abedin’s face, there’s a definitive feeling of major concern in the air, but not just for her, but for many other people involved with the Clinton’s, and also for the names of the people that have popped up in said investigations regarding child sex trafficking and a pedophile network. However, Georgina Chapman doesn’t look too worried, now does she? This is good news for her.

Georgina Chapman doesn’t look too worried, unlike Human Abedin, which is good news! Credit: SplasNews!

So, will Human Abedin and Georgina Chapman switch sides and turn on former friends and confidants as big time informants, when the cooking in the kitchen gets just way too hot? Let’s wait and see… Oh and by the way, Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) is back and open for business. Tick, tock. Just saying…


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: SplashNews!

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