WhatsApp will begin to Target you with Tailored Advertisements in 2019

While many of us are looking forward to 2019 and making new year’s resolutions that none of us will ever keep, the one guarantee that we can look forward to going into the new year is being bombarded with irritating advertisements and promotional spam, as if it’s the Hillary Clinton 2016 election campaign all over again.

What is life without WhatsApp? For many of us life without WhatsApp is unimaginable, especially as many of us prefer the instant messaging service over a standard email correspondence or any other form of communication these days. Whether that be phone, text or a friendly exchange of sexually transmitted diseases.

Soon WhatsApp will resemble something like FarmVille, with annoying targeted adds. Good idea, Mark! Credit: leaddigital

However, our care-free Whatsapping life may soon be turned upside down, quite literally, with the introduction of targeted adverts that will be annoying the hell out of all of us, as we desperately try to have a conversation between our friends and potential sexual encounters, whom we are trying to woo with our Shakespearean way with words.

Yes, targeted adverts are set to start rolling out from next year on WhatsApp, with ads that will begin to appear in the apps ‘Status’ feature, where specially tailored advertisements will invade your personal space and your privacy based on our search history and preferences.

So, all those times you were secretly Googling the “Mother of all Migrants” aka Angela Merkel in the nude, may soon come back to haunt you, as you become inundated and overwhelmed with European Union propaganda on your WhatsApp page.

Facebook co-founder and Chairman Mark Zuckerberg paid a whopping $22 billion to acquire the rights to the instant messaging service back in 2014, which he still claims has end to end encryption for privacy. Let’s hope so…

Since with the Cambridge Analytica data scandal still looming in the air, maybe Mark Zuckerberg really needs the extra income from these targeted advertisements, set to rake in the funds by unimaginable figures.

Mark Zuckerberg’s move to make WhatsApp have targeted ads in 2019, will no doubt disrupt your instant messaging experience. Credit:TheAtlantic

That, or he just needs the extra income to purchase some kind of personality, via downloadable content for his internal robotic chip.

Anyway, while targeted advertisements are great for marketing companies and big businesses looking to flog and promote their brands and services, for us mere mortals who simply want to gossip, moan and ‘LOL’ in peace without being bombarded with constant adverts for dog food or Viagra pills, then it’s not so great, now is it?

How do you think targeted adverts will affect our beloved instant messaging app? Will this mean we revert back to the medieval days of sending letters via pigeon post? Or that even more primitive form of messaging… texting (shudder)… Tell us in the comments section down below.

But, this could very well result in a mass exodus of users from WhatsApp, in favour of more fun instant messaging apps with the same functionality, without any targeted ads. Yes, our crystal ball tells us that this will happen, but then Mark  Zuckerberg might just go and buy out that other new messaging app, as well.

And, to think that somebody had the nerve to call Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook out for being a monopoly. What are the odds?


Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Source: WhatsApp

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