France is Burning as the French Riot in Rejecting Emmanuel Macron’s Globalist Agenda

For nearly three weeks, the people of Paris and in all major cities right across the nation, have been in riot mode with angry citizens wearing Yellow Vests in protest of Emmanuel Macron’s globalist climate change agenda with major socialist fuel tax hikes and even more energy tax hikes previously planned, which were announced back in October and were to be implemented in January of 2019, which has now seen France turn into a war zone with violent protests, against the French presidents’ tone deaf globalist policies.

This public demonstration is now known as the “gilet jaunes” movement, with their yellow reflective vests, seen as the new bright symbol in the former “City of Lights.”

This is good news! As the French people are not waving the white flag over the presidents’ plans to destroy the nation any longer, since they have had enough of Emmanuel Macron’s globalist endeavours in sacrificing the well being of French citizens, and even favouring mass unvetted immigration, with his plans to sign the UN Migration Pact, also now coming into doubt, but not just in France, but even right on the doorstep of the European Union itself, in Brussels, as well, since their domestic government is now on the verge of collapse over the matter.

Let’s now rewind to May 7th, 2017, on the date of the French presidential election, when Emmanuel Macron was already being touted as a centrist (lies!) politician with his Le République En Marche! party for months, even though he previously worked for the Socialist Party under Françoise Hollande, as Deputy Secretary General since 2012, going up against the strong and well versed candidate Marine Le Pen, who represented freedom from the globalist agenda and from the totalitarian European Union.

Paris is on fire, and it’s not going to stop so easily, as Yellow Vests protest Emmanuel Macron’s globalist agenda. Credit: CNBC

However, a hacked systemic voter fraud scheme by George Soros, coupled with a mainstream media “fake news” smear campaign against Marine Le Pen, which fooled the French people into voting for Emmanuel Macron by the masses. Well, just think, if the French people weren’t so susceptible to brainwashing and if they could actually think for themselves, then Emmanuel Macron would never have been elected.

But “oh boy”, do they regret it now? So, it’s really very difficult to feel sorry for the French people at this time, especially for the one’s that actually voted for Emmanuel Macron, since their own stupidity has now sealed their current fate. Perhaps, the French people should have been reading Brainstain in the run up to the 2017 French election or even have used their own brains, and all of this mess could have been avoided.

Since the 2017 election of Emmanuel Macron, Paris has gone from being the “City of Lights” and the “City of Romance” to the city of “Islamic Street Prayers”, “Terrorism” and “Burning Cars”, but that’s in essence what the French people voted for, since they didn’t see this socialist and globalist puppet for what he really was, from the very beginning. As they say in French,”C’est la vie”.

Yes, Macron will now also have to fend for himself, after being groomed as Angela Merkel’s EU lapdog for the past few years, but with her stepping down from the CDU amidst public anger over her European Union migrant sentiment, we sincerely hope that Macron’s wife Brigitte Macron, really knows what she should do next for France.

French Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, has had to step in and fix Emmanuel Macron’s tax plan mess in crisis meetings yesterday at the Elysees Palace. Credit: AFP

However, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has had to step in and suspend Macron’s January 2019 fuel tax emissions plan, after Macron had yesterday sheepishly promised to delay these tax hikes for another six months, angering the yellow vest demonstrators even further. But today, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has had to scrap the scam of Macron’s climate change agenda over fuel tax hikes for now, in a humiliating U-turn for the government, in also having to freeze the upcoming plans to increase rates on electricity and gas prices, in the process

But, it’s not really clear if this is a victory for the Yellow Vests (Gilet Jaunes), as Macron and the French government may very well implement all these tax hikes again in six months time, as it’s not yet clear if these plans will be scrapped for good. So, if they’re not scrapped entirely, then you can expect the riots to continue, leaving France in a very sticky situation, as they already are, with the planned six-month suspension costing 2 billion euros (£1.78 billion), and with this new hole in the budget, which will be entirely funded with more public finances, so the French people will still pay for this, as well.

Perhaps, Macron should not have had such an open border policy, since those socialist welfare state handouts to migrants, may now have been very useful in paying for Macron’s botched plans of raising taxes for his globalist Paris Climate Agreement agenda, which is now a very comical, yet very dangerous and very serious situation of “grandiose” failure.

Even French emergency services, French police and people from all walks of life in France, are standing in solidarity with those rioting across the country against Emmanuel Macron’s globalist tax and migration policies, especially in the wake of Macron’s future plans to sign the UN Migration Pact, turning France’s daily bread away from the world renowned “baguette with brie cheese”, in favour of “pita bread and hummus”, in a total deception against the French people.

Civil unrest is really growing in France, due to Emmanuel Macron’s globalist European Union surrender, and in him serving everyone but actual and original French citizens.

A fire burns in front of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France, in the Yellow Vest protests ravaging the country. Credit: TheAustralian

Yes, multiculturalism hasn’t fared well in France either, within even seeing a mass exodus of Jewish people from the country, after they’ve been threatened daily by Islamic migrants, whom are taking over cities and suburbs all across the nation.

And that, if anything, is going to piss off French people even more so than it already has, with an added UN Migrant Pact, as their own culture now hangs in the balance, after socialist political correctness and mass media brainwashing has ravaged the country, and erupted public patience over the brim, resulting in full blown riots over numerous issues, for which Macron is entirely responsible.

None of this would ever have happened if Marine Le Pen was rightfully elected president, and we can see her becoming even more influential on the French political landscape in months to come. As we said, the French now regret not voting in Le Pen, as we all knew would happen in the first place. Yes, the majority of French people that voted for Emanuel Macron, must now be thinking, “Sacrebleu.”

This could very well be the smirk of “we told you so” or is it? Marine Le Pen was robbed in the French presidential election, and the French people now regret Macron’s appointment. Credit: EPA

But, you get what you vote for, right? After all, the French people voted for this, baffling all educated and informed people right across the world, in the process. This past weekend 400 arrests were made in Paris as protestors took to the streets in fights with police, resulting in Macron finally caving into the publics’ demands, in at least delaying his insane tax hikes, as part of the Paris Climate Agreement. Further arrests were also made in the riots that broke out in Bordeaux and in Nice, and right across the nation, as well.

Let’s remember now, that Emmanuel Macron was never a centrist presidential candidate, but that he was really a fully blown socialist from the get-go, and now France is paying the price with mass immigration, shambolic climate change scams, tax hikes on energy and an insane proposed rise on fuel prices. When that goes ahead, it will run up petrol prices to $7 per gallon, at the very least.

But now, the French people are seemingly safe from these absurd tax plans for a further six months, since Prime Minister Edouard Philippe stepped in to fix the issue, but they’re only safe for six months, unless the French people can really overthrow President Emmanuel Macron in six months time.

Since Emmanuel Macron is hell-bent on sticking to his beloved Paris Climate Change agreement in increasing the price of petrol and diesel, so this is not the end, and it’s unfortunately only the very beginning for the suffering of French people. 

Despite Paris’ Arc de Triomphe even being vandalised in the Yellow Vests protests’, plus with the Champs Elysee now looking like a scene out of the ‘End of the World’, with the Army now being proposed to be called in, in order to take back control of the streets, after 4,500 police lost control against thousands of rioters in Paris, it still won’t change Macron’s agenda. 

Emmanuel Macron will have to change with the world, or face the risk of losing his presidential status, since the French people are not having it, anymore. Credit: EPA

None of that will stop Emmanuel Macron’s plans for taking away French people’s freedom and their quality of life. Yes, the man that was elected President, said that “nationalism” was bad and that “sovereignty” must be surrendered to the European Union super state, and he even called for an EU military in a recent address to the people some weeks ago. That statement from Macron makes it very clear who he’s really serving, and that’s not the French people, but the agenda of the failing European Union. 

Emmanuel Macron’s approval rating is down to 23% in recent polls, but given the fake news media’s affinity for deception, we’re pretty sure that soon Macron’s approval rating will be down into single digits, if this indeed carries on, which it inevitably will do.

There have even been numerous reports of Yellow Vests yelling “We want Trump” during the long running protests, signifying that the globalist new world order plans are really crumbling at the seams. That’s good news! Plus, it’s good to see the French people finally standing up for themselves, in the wake of Macron’s globalist reign, which isn’t going too well, now is it?

Is it too late for France? We believe it is! So, we don’t expect any honeymooners to be planning trips to the French capital of Paris, which is now more renowned for Islamic extremism and unruly African migrants littering onto the streets, rather than any romance or bright lights, unless you count burning shops windows, burning cars and sprayed graffiti onto national landmarks, as being a symbol of love. Plus, these riots are set to continue into the weekend and beyond, as Emmanuel Macron still does not quite get it


“C’est La Vie”, you should’ve voted for Marine Le Pen!

Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: BusinessInsider


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