CNN Offices Evacuated After They Claim Bomb Threats Were Called In

The CNN offices inside The Time Warner Center in Manhattan was temporarily evacuated tonight, leading anchors like Don Lemon to abandon their show, until being let back inside again shortly after 11pm, after airing pre-taped programming. The supposed caller claimed that there were five bombs inside the building, but the police did not find any explosives.

However, those whom are well informed would class this as an excuse by CNN, since in actuality their offices may have in fact been raided by authorities collecting evidence. What evidence you might ask? Well, we’re not sure, but perhaps it’s down to lying to the American people and lying to the people of the world, in only servicing their cabal cohorts and covering up for their many crimes.

The incident occurred less than an hour after Donald Trump tweeted, ”Fake news is the Enemy of the People!’

The Cable News Network aka the Cabal News Network are complicit in many lies, acts of deception and in reporting “Fake News” to push their one sided agenda against Donald Trump, servicing only the one’s who pay them, in order to spread lies and pollute the minds of the public with entirely biased and concocted news reporting. This we already know! And, if you’re too blind to see it, then you most likely already caught the “Fake News” virus a very long time ago.

How many more fake bomb threats are CNN going to claim? However, let’s go with the official narrative for now, shall we? Even if it’s just more ‘Fake News’.

Don Lemon tweeted at the time, ‘We were told to evacuate the building and to do it as soon as possible. We grabbed what we could and got out of the building and now, we are standing outside of the building’ Lemon said on CNN.

‘All of the employees, all the people who were in the building as we were doing our live broadcast are out of the Time Warner Center now’ he added in his tweet. 

Don Lemon looks very concerned as he sends messages on his phone, outside the Time Warner Center. Credit: CNN

Do you remember the state funeral of George H.W. Bush, just the other day? Well, wasn’t it both awkward and just epic to see president Donald Trump having to sit down next to Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, and exchange pleasantries on camera, in the face of burgeoning investigations against the former presidential regimes of Obama, Bush and Clinton, happening at the same time when all of them are under much scrutiny from investigations. Let’s take a look and it was really nice to see Obama and Michelle shake the presidents hand, wasn’t it?

What’s more? There were the strange reports of George W. Bush giving Michelle Obama another candy (for a second time, at consecutive funerals) in the front row, once he arrived. Candy? Yeah, right… This was more than likely a USB stick of information, since the cabal can no longer communicate that freely without having their communications intercepted. Anyway, that’s what the smart money is on, and definitely not candy. Or does George W. Bush and Michelle Obama always pass candy to each other at funerals? If so, how sweet that is…

Furthermore, if you studied the faces and reactions of the Bush family, the Obamas’ and the Clintons, you may have noticed that inner panic was suddenly setting in, whilst the funeral was going on, with cabal members showing each other pieces of paper with information on it, sending their facial expressions and posture into disbelief and into presumed dark places of inner guilt, indeed.

The reason for this? Well, rumours have it that whilst the Obama’s, Bush’s and Clinton’s attended the state funeral of George H.W. Bush, but little did they know that their bunkers of information were being raided by the FBI and DOJ, at the very same time.

Whatever was written on the paper shown to Jeb Bush, it sent shockwaves of dread onto his face and through his body, and even across the front rows of the funeral, as it was very plain to see that on the faces of the cabal, inner panic had suddenly gripped whatever is left of their souls.

Just imagine what sorts of sensitive communications and informations would be found if the now non-corrupt FBI (with all the former cabal heads already gone) and DOJ got their hands on the very original evidence of their massive crimes against the world, being discovered, then later used in legal tribunals, or even as major leverage?

Many tense faces adorn the front row of George H.W. Bush’s state funeral, as many things are currently happening. Credit: BHCourier

Have you ever heard the rumours of the Bush family being involved in an inside job along with the Clinton’s to execute the 9/11 attacks? Well, what if the rumours were true? What if they had all the documentation for many months already. Imagine the email communications, the top secret documents, the papers on 9/11, and much-much more. So, it will be interesting to see what if anything is going to be declassified and when? Just how will all of this end? We wonder…

Also, in judging by the faces of the Clinton’s at the funeral, they sense that their time is very much nearing an end, given the hoards of child trafficking evidence on the Clinton Foundation, and furthermore to the Uranium One scandal, which occurred under Barack Obama’s tenure, whilst also the FISA warrants implicate the illegal spying on Donald Trump, before he was even elected president.

Here’s a pick of the bunch from the DNC emails. Hillary Clinton knew then, and she surely knows a lot more now. Credit: AstrologyMemes

Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the severity of such revelations and it doesn’t take a mathematician to realize that this equals the harshest forms of punishment ever imaginable, from the results of verifiable acts of “treason” conducted by an occultist cabal that’s now crumbling at the seams.

In the home state of the the Clinton’s in Arkansas, in Little Rock and around the state, numerous arrests of people related to the Clinton families’ criminal network has already occurred, since on August 8th, 2018, the Justice Department filled up two 747 planes up with boxes of crucial evidence, from the Clinton cabal.

But, let’s now see that moment from the funeral, from another angle when Jeb Bush suddenly becomes horrified at his own father’s funeral, with other informative slides for you to click through, showing the utter shock and expressions of impending doom strewn across the faces of many of them.

Yes, it was a very interesting funeral indeed, and now with the reports of raids on the bunkers of cabal members by the DOJ and FBI, and even a rumoured raid on CNN, indicates that there is so much happening right now, which makes one wonder if there will even be a Christmas celebration for the three former families, and their interrelated cronies, whom are responsible for many crimes during all the former presidencies between the years of 1991 up until January 20th, 2017, the date when Donald Trump was inaugurated into presidential office.

New evidence suggests documents proving detonation explosives being used in the 9/11 attacks, could soon be declassified. Credit: Instagram

So, it’s definitely both “sad” and “joyous” to think that justice will one day be served for the countless people whom lost their lives, in the face of a corrupt conglomerate which had presided over American politics for nearly thirty years. Yes, soon comes the pain.

In stating all of this, perhaps it’s just all hearsay’ and rumours, right? So, could it all just be a figment of people’s imaginations, concocted by people wearing tin foil hats or is there so much more to this story, which is happening right now, right before our very eyes.


You be the judge! Have a lovely weekend!

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