A Thousand People in Stockholm Demonstrate Against UN Migration Pact

“The Vikings are Waking up!”

Well, it’s about time! Since over the weekend a thousand Swedes took to the streets of Stockholm, outside Rikstan (Parliament House) on Saturday to vocally protest the totalitarian pro-migrant European Union and United Nations Migration Pact, set to enslave Swedish people even further, following on from the disastrous open borders policy from 2015 onwards, which has turned Sweden into the rape capital of Europe and raised the retirement age to 65-years old, so as to continue to pay for the majority of these non-working migrants.

Just look at Paris, France, and the “gilet jaunes” movement and just know that Swedish people are sick and tired of the globalist agenda of mass illegal immigration set up by the political elites, and now there’s vast concern over Sweden’s planned intention to sign the UN Migration Pact, which will overrun the nation with even more migrants, more rape, more crime and even more civil unrest.

The only difference so far between the protests in Stockholm, to that of Paris, France, is that there was no violence or police presence against peaceful demonstrators in Sweden, and thus far, the protests had far fewer participants than their French counterparts.

But, with shamed Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lövfen’s plans to go to Marrakech, Morocco, today on the 10th of December and the 11th of September to sign the UN Migration Pact, at the The Intergovernmental Conference to Adopt the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. This will be a big mistake!

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven is already a national laughing stock and also a traitor to the country of Sweden. Credit: WPLG

Can you believe it? If Stefan Lövfen signs the UN Migrant/Migration Pact, there will be an uprising of Swedish people in protest to severely bought politicians whom are selling the country to the dogs, for more mass migration disasters, after even already suffering under the migrant crisis of 2015.

Just look at France now, with the “yellow vests” protesting the UN Migration Pact and their socialist puppet president Emmanuel Macron, and you can expect that to happen in Sweden, since they’ve clearly had enough of the lies of socialist politicians and their cronies, whom are in bed with the European Union and the United Nations, and George Soros, in only serving the globalist agenda and never the people of Sweden.

We foresee this weekend’s protest in Stockholm to be just the beginning, since people are sick of the indoctrination of the public via mainstream media brainwashing, in the vein of “leftist” political correctness, plus they’re sick of the social media censorship against anyone speaking out against these corrupt politicians and their insane migration policies.

Plus, they’re also sick of the leftist agenda’s infiltration into the public schooling system, which has ravaged the youth’s brains, but they’re now slowly waking up to dire realities of the lies told to them by the incredibly biased system, that remains entirely anti-Swedish.

Moreover, they’re sick of the rape and abuse of their women and children by migrant men from the Middle East and Africa, and they’re sick of politicians and the police turning a blind eye to it all, with more savages from the third world planned to arrive on their doorstep, with Sweden’s government wanting the people to willingly pay for even more migrants, with their hard earned tax money through signing the UN Migration Pact.

Stats show the surge of sex crimes and high rise in crime  through the year of 2016, after Sweden let in hundreds of thousands of unassimilated migrants into Sweden since 2014 and onwards. Credit: Wikipedia.

They’re sick of the Swedish culture being suppressed in favour of Islamic culture, and wanting Swedish people to turn the other cheek. Yes, recently even Christian Christmas traditions are being sacrificed in Swedish schools and in the public cultural domain, but the study of the Quran and the celebration of Mohammed is to be celebrated and respected by all.

Swedish people have finally had enough! Sweden let in over 250,000 migrants since 2014-2015 till today, and even many more after that, most of whom live off socialist state welfare handouts, almost entirely, in return for those socialist votes.

Sweden has already suffered enough under the European Union’s socialist migrant policy, which has destroyed many parts of the country, and has even changed the face of the nation, with media manipulation, mass migration and fear tactics used against anyone speaking out against these farcical socialist hacks in governmental power, to be you guessed it? Called a “racist.”

In the face of a socialist disaster and in the face of protests against more migration planned by Stefan Lövfen in signing the UN Migration Pact this week, we could expect to see a big “Yellow Vest” movement in Sweden taking shape very soon, and for it pick up a lot of steam and public support, if Sweden does sign the UN Migration Pact.

Additionally, it will cause significant outrage with Swedish people, that have already had enough of the complete lies of their government, who said they would stop migration and even send migrants home. But now, Stefan Lövfen wants to sign the UN Migration Pact instead.

Many Swedish people have also suspected a major case of widespread voter fraud in the recent Swedish election back in September, so as to prevent the Sweden Democrats from gaining their rightful power. However, the Sweden Democrats achieved an unprecedented amount of votes, which signifies that the Swedish people have had enough, and people will arise from believing in their farcical government’s lies, and this is already happening.

Sweden already took in more migrants per capita than any other country in the world since 2015, and now the UN Migration Pact threatens to overwhelm the whole country. Credit: NationalReview

Yes, Sweden has had enough of the lies of corrupt socialist politicians whom are in bed with the globalist new world agenda, whose goal it is to replace white people, with their thinly veiled attempts at cultural white genocide, not going unnoticed.

Yes, these attempts are becoming more real and more of a threat to Sweden’s waning culture by the day, and the Swedish people do not like it, and rightly so!  All of these factors, could very much lead to an outbreak of a cultural civil war in Sweden, or even leading to a future “Swexit” movement, but by then if Sweden signs the UN Migration Pact, will it already be too little, too late for Sweden?

VoiceofEurope.com reported plenty of Swedish flags, placards and yellow vests during the weekend’s protest, along with children also participating in the protests with  many speeches made outside Parliament House in Stockholm.

Protestors shouted, “We are not extremists. We are ordinary Swedes.”

Czechoslovakian born, Swedish Author and journalist, Katerina Janouch said in her speech, “It’s not about political colours, it’s about the people.”

She said, I am here for the 9-year-old girl who was raped and beaten in a trash refuse room. I am here for all the women who no longer dare go out.”

Katerina passionately proclaimed, “I am here for the poor elderly who paid tax their whole lives and now are forced to starve. I am here for the homeless. I am here for those who don’t get what the social contract promises.”

Janouch called for all Swedes, to participate in the demonstration and protest against the politics of Sweden, exclaiming, “We don’t need more division in this country. It is the ones in power that want us to turn against each other. We need to unite. I want the Swedish people to stand together against the abuse of power that’s going on in Parliament.”

“We will not give up!” she said passionately to the crowd of a thousand Swedes, outside Rikstan.  

A true national treasure, Swedish journalist Katerina Janouch spoke at this weekends’ UN Migration Pact protest in Stockholm outside Parliament House. Credit: SputnikInternational 

Katerina concluded, “I’m originally from Czechoslovakia and in 1989 the dictatorship fell. It is called social revolution. Do you know how it started?”

“The pen, the written word. The first time there were 30 people, they were arrested. Next time 300, and then came 3000. Then the social revolution was a fact. And we can do the same thing.”

Furthermore, from the many impassioned speeches made by journalists and regular Swedish people outside Parliament House, the crowd could also be heard saying, “We Want Trump!” which is very much echoing through many European countries at the moment, as people are finally waking up to the schemes of a corrupt globalist agenda, wanting to flood Europe with even more unassimilated migrants, to destroy nations economies and cause domestic division.

The Eastern block of Europe, has dismissed EU migrant quotas, and so far, a full nineteen nations have flatly refused to sign the UN Migrant Pact. This is good news! Plus, with France now being a prime example of what happens when countries don’t listen to citizens and spread a socialist globalist agenda against their citizens’ wishes, as seen with the “Yellow Vests” movement, are we now finally beginning to see that “the Vikings are waking up?”

The people of Sweden need to reject the UN Migrant Pact now!

Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: VoiceofEurope