Attention! We’ll Be Back

The time has come for a well deserved day off, so unfortunately we won’t have any exciting news coming your way today. However, be prepared for an invigorating news onslaught after that. Meanwhile, please take your time and scour our treasure chest of informative, amusing and downright crucial stories via our handy little search bar (up above).

Who knows? You may even learn something new, since there’s nothing more majestic than knowing what’s really happening in the world, is there? Yes, with Brainstain you can wash it all in, with our largely satirical take on the never-ending news landscape, plus you’ll find news that’s not covered or that’s essentially being covered up by the mainstream news media. Now if  you have been following along with us from the very beginning, you’ll find that we’ve been giving you the real news and clue, long before things even happen. So, please continue to enjoy our news digest with responsibility!

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The Brainstain Team

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