Emmanuel Macron Donates $20million in Taxpayers Money to Palestinian Terror Fund

French Rothschild’s and George Soros puppet, Emmanuel Macron, doesn’t seem like he’s feeling the fire of the people of France just yet, even after four straight weeks of protests and riots against his globalist agenda, with the “Gilet Jaunes” movement really picking up unprecedented steam, amassing more than 19,000 protestors, whom are ravaging Paris and major cities across the nation in the process, whom are now also calling for Macron’s presidential resignation.

Yes, Emmanuel Macron’s proposed climate change fuel tax hikes (Paris Climate Agreement) and his plans for more illegal migration courtesy of the UN Migration Pact, were the final straw for the French people. The latter coupled with more welfare state handouts, which hasn’t sat well with the French people, at all.

The Yellow Vests protestors’ rioting in Paris and in major cities, has now led Macron to scrap his proposed tax hikes on fuel for six months, and it has now made him raise the minimum wage ever so slightly higher, hoping to placate the public in the wake of the angry Yellow Vest protests. But, guess what? It’s not working.

Ever so kindly, Emmanuel Macron has already called in the European Union military with tanks to tackle his own people, within shooting them with rubber bullets, tear gas, beating them to a pulp with batons, with already one recorded death so far, which was that of a teenager outside a high school, after being set upon by riot Police. Plus, to scenes of riot police beating up the elderly and pulling women by their hair down the streets. This must be Emmanuel Macron’s centrist diplomatic agenda of kindness, right? 

A cell phone photo captures the EU military vehicles deployed in Paris, France. Credit:FellowshipoftheMinds

Scrapping the proposed Paris Climate change fuel tax hikes for six months and slightly raising the minimum wage in the aftermath of other humongous socialist tax hikes since his appointment, hasn’t placated the angry French people, one bit.

Since there’s also more 3rd world illegal immigration on the agenda through yet more migrant quotas courtesy of the European Union, and now also with the UN Migration Pact, which has helped to expose Emmanuel Macron even further for his deceitful agenda, which is progressively turning France into a refugee camp.

Just look around in Paris, and it’s completely unrecognisable, with homeless tents on the streets and refugees and migrants throwing garbage wherever they see fit. Paris is not France anymore, which is why yellow vests are protesting by the tens of thousands in unison.

Paris, France is on fire, in protest of Emmanuel Macron’s globalist agenda. Credit: CNBC

Additionally, Islamic street prayers are blocking off traffic in major cities, and Jews are being beat up in the streets on a daily basis. This is the new France, which is Emmanuel Macron’s continuation of Françoise Hollande’s socialist France, you see?

But under Emmanuel Macron, he has ramped up the gears in destroying France to no end, as we already knew would happen, which is what made it very strange to see French people willingly voting for this terrible dramatic stage actor, in the first place.

Mass voter fraud was also suspected in the French presidential election of 2017, thus stealing the presidency from Marine Le Pen, with an anti-Le Pen media smear campaign, with persistent Fake News attacks and double ballots for French Ex-Pats abroad, in order for them to be able to vote twice for the fake centrist candidate, Emmanuel Macron, aka the Rothschild puppet.

But, we don’t even think these Ex-pats knew what they were getting themselves into by voting for Emmanuel Macron, twice!

Clearly, Macron has destroyed his own nation in only a year and seven months, and seemingly he thinks that he can keep on doing it, which is evidenced by his lacklustre television address to the people of France, by reading off a teleprompter like the high school stage actor that he really is. Let’s watch this smug, disingenuous and blatant puppet politician lie through the gaps in his teeth, shall we?

Wow! Are you convinced by this leader who ended up marrying his high school drama teacher and suspected handler, Brigitte Macron, with about 50 shades of pedophilia, or are you like the French people now? Completely against everything that Emmanuel Macron represents and stands for, after he’s been exposed.

Emmanuel Macron isn’t listening to the French people, and he’s only serving the twisted globalist new world agenda and has now reportedly donated $20million in taxpayers money to the Palestine Authority (Palestine) to date, who distribute the wealth to various Islamic organisations that pay salaries to terrorist prisoners, released terrorist prisoners and even with financial allowances to families of dead terrorists. This is surely the nail in the coffin for Emmanuel Macron, with protestors calling for him to vacate his position immediately.

The Champs Elysees in Paris, France, like nobody has ever seen it before. France is seemingly going through a revolution. Credit:TheThreeTomatoes

JNS News reports: ‘The government of France recently donated 8 million euros to the Palestinian government’s 2018 general budget. [Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Nov. 13, 2018]. This brings France’s direct support to the PA’s general budget to 16 million euros in 2018. The PA’s “general budget” is used by the PA to finance what has been termed its “Pay for Slay” program under which the PA pays salaries to terrorist prisoners, released terrorist prisoners and allowances to the families of dead terrorist “Martyrs”.

The Palestine Authority (PA) have already been severely criticised by the international community for using a full 7% or more of its annual budget (much of it received from International donations) to pay for the terror reward program, equalling 1.237 billion shekels (circa 290million Euros) being used to support terrorists. All the while, Palestine still complains about their financial woes, and even plead for more financial support from the international community.

Quite clearly, Emmanuel Macron is happy to oblige, even after numerous terror attacks have already happened in France, from 2015 onwards, such as with the multi-coordinated worst ever terror attack in French history, inside the Bataclan theatre in Paris and beyond, and to that of the 19 tonne truck attack on Bastille Day, on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice.

Why would the French government and Emmanuel Macron continue to donate to the Palestine Authority, whom are renowned for acts of terror, in their own right?

Emmanuel Macron and Mahmoud Abbas, Chairman of the Palestine Authority, are both grinning and laughing in this photo. Coincidence? Credit: TheTimesofIsrael

PA’s Chairman Mahmoud Abbas spoke in opposition to US and Israeli legislation to tackle the PA policy, by stating on state TV, “The salaries of our Martyrs, prisoners, and wounded are a red line. From 1965 until now, this matter is sacred to us. The Martyrs and their families are sacred, [and so are] the wounded and the prisoners. We must pay all of them. If one penny remains in our hands it is for them and not for the living.” [Official PA TV, Oct. 28, 2018]

The PA’s agenda is to serve terrorism, reward terrorism, and to spread radicalisation, rather than to educate, house or feed the poor non-terrorist population of Palestine.

The French government and Emmanuel Macron should already be well aware that French donations to the PA, will be used to reward terrorists and so-called martyrs, and not those with justifiable needs in relation to poverty.

Founder of Palestine Media Watch, Itamar Marcus, recently stated, “It must be clear to the French government, that any donation it makes to the PA’s general budget, according to the PA itself, will be used first and foremost to give financial rewards to terrorists.”

Itamar Marcus added, “While French officials may claim that their specific euros do not fund the PA’s  ”Pay for Slay” program, the French government must recognize that the 293 million euros the PA paid to terrorists and their families in 2018 is drawn from the same general budget enriched with 16 million French euros.”

French President Emmanuel Macron shakes hands with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, on December 22, 2017, at the Élyseés Palace after discussing opposition to the US moving their embassy to Jerusalem. Credit: AFP

PMW, Director Itamar Marcus said, “Moreover, it is important to note that any foreign donation to the PA – general budget or otherwise – which fails to condition the receipt of the funding on the PA ceasing to reward terror, legitimizes the PA’s terror payments. We call on the French government to immediately suspend its support of the PA general budget and to consider adopting legislation – as other donor countries have done – that would condition all of France’s  aid to the PA on the latter abolishing this practice which squanders more than 7% of its entire budget on rewarding terror.”

So, there you have it! Whilst, the French people are angry to the point of rioting for four weeks in France, over president Macron’s backwards globalist agenda, which has seen common people get poorer and their life qualities already reduced, with ever increasing migration to make it even worse for the future. At the very same time, it’s been discovered that Emmanuel Macron is supporting and donating huge sums of taxpayers money to fund terrorism, in the Palestine Authority terror organisations reward system, and he must surely know about it… But, you be the judge!

Meanwhile, Emmanuel Macron has tried to blame Russia for his countries problems, which is a classic play from the corrupt Democratic socialist handbook, as we’ve already seen since Trump was rightfully elected as president of the USA.


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Socialist political puppets always lie!

By the way, here’s Barack Obama’s hilarious Emmanuel Macron endorsement!

This didn’t age well, just like Barack Obama’s non- existent legacy.


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