Donald Trump Signs Executive Order to Revitalize Economically Strained Communities

President Donald Trump signed another executive order on Wednesday, aimed at helping economically distressed communities, to build upon the provisions garnered in Trump’s tax-cut law, to make real positive changes in many inner city communities and in struggling neighbourhoods across America.

The executive order signing has created a White House panel called the Opportunity and Revitalization Council, which will be led by Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson and consists of representatives from thirteen federal agencies.

Donald Trump called the council a “very big thing” and that the council will help to utilize government resources to rebuild “impoverished neighborhoods that have been ignored by Washington in years past.”

This is most definitely another bitter blow to mainstream media’s warped liberal leftist agenda of calling Donald Trump a racist, as the president goes about using released funds from the tax cuts to rebuild impoverished areas in America, turning low income communities into thriving places of promise and opportunity. Hence, why you’re not hearing about this news on the mainstream media, since it doesn’t not fit into the cabal news networks anti-Trump narrative.

Steven Mnuchin and Ben Carson attended the executive order signing on Wednesday, and are both key people within the council, with the executive order utilizing a piece of the Trump tax-cut law, called opportunity zones. Under the opportunity zone program, investors can receive capital gains tax breaks, if they invest in distressed areas which were certified by the Treasury Department, as low income areas, or as areas in need of replenishing.

Signed, sealed, delivered! Donald Trump signs executive order creating big time investment opportunities for more capital to launch and change communities which are placed in opportunity zones. Genius move! Credit: TheEpochTimes

This executive order signing is yet another stroke of business genius by president Donald Trump, with more than 8,000 communities nationwide in these areas, with 35 million people living in the opportunity zones, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has stated that he expects that there will be about $100 billion in private capital invested in these zones.

Other notable people in attendance at the signing were several other administration officials, including Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) and many local government officials and religious leaders, plus business leaders.

The new White House council will also target existing federal programs so that they can help to benefit the opportunity zones even further, by examining legislative proposals and conducting potential regulatory reforms, and develop research reports on  encouraging investments into the economically distressed areas, and the government can collect data on progress, so that they can measure results of the opportunity zone program overall, in due time.

Senior White House official, Ja’Ron Smith, whose the special assistant to Donald Trump on legislative affairs, talked about the goal of the council, stating, “The whole goal is to, one, leverage this private sector economic incentive through opportunity zones, and two, create that public commitment from the federal government to ensure that that economic incentive helps all Americans and would create a robust private-public partnership to revitalize communities.”

Ja’Ron Smith is Trump’s special assistant on legislative affairs and is heavily involved in the new council. Credit: theGrio

The opportunity zone program was said to be mainly championed by Sen. Tim Scott, whilst Donald Trump was creating his tax law, which has freed up funds, and the idea even has some bipartisan support, but it’s Trump and the Republicans, not the Democrats, that are striving to improve inner city communities, overlooked by Washington D.C. for countless decades.

Plus, let’s bare in mind that none of this happened during Barack Obama’s tenure, or even during Bill Clinton’s presidency, with the former, preferring to give $150 billion to Iran on an airport runway, and in the nineties, the latter, Bill Clinton filled up the Prison Industrial Complex population with the 3 Strikes Law, in a secret assault on the African American community.

Let’s take a look at some video now from yesterday’s executive order signing, because it’s a beautiful thing, and the Trump administration is following through on promises made, and promises kept. What are Democrats doing? Nothing…

Yes, meanwhile, Democrats Nancy “Senile” Pelosi and Chuck “Clownface” Schumer want more illegal immigrants and more unregistered central American migrants and criminals to enter into the USA, which they only want for those Donkey party votes, in order to cast the nation into the pits of failing socialism, whilst never even caring about those in dire need in many communities across America, whom are actually American’s, living here, legally!

Democrats only care about obstructionist tactics and about lying to the people, in order to secure their voter base and continue their crimes, for their own greedy needs. Think about that for a moment, before you say there’s no need for a border wall, and you agree with whatever the mainstream media tells you, because you’re too lazy to research and or comprehend what’s really happening in the world.


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: LongRoom

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