YouTube Rewind 2018 Now the Most Disliked Video Ever!

It seems as each year comes and goes, Youtube Rewind just progressively gets worse every time, but this year has really taken the cake, as Youtube Rewind has now become the most disliked video on the platform, kicking Justin Bieber’s “Baby” music video out the park.

For those who aren’t familiar with what Youtube Rewind is, it’s a supposed “yearly recap” featuring the biggest Youtubers and videos on the platform. While that’s not to say that past Rewind videos have been all that spectacular, but this year has seen a lot of controversy around it, with currently 10 million dislikes. Yikes!

Just why exactly is it so hated? Popular Youtubers such as Marques Brownlee and Phillip DeFranco both uploaded videos talking about why it’s been slated so much, explaining that viewers feel “disconnected”. Then Brownlee also talked about how Youtube uses Rewind as an advertising opportunity, rather than celebrating the community, which is really what Youtube should be about, rather than a “giant ad for Youtube”, as Brownlee describes.

OH BABY! A full 10million dislikes for YouTube Rewind beats Bieber’s “Baby” fair and square. The most hated video of all time is here to stay! Source: Musictelevision

Users also complained about the lack of Youtube personalities, which has also been the case for past Rewind videos too. Let’s not forget the 2017 Rewind which involved James Corden of all people, who isn’t even a Youtuber, the last time we checked, as well as too many Fortnite references. Since we all really want more of that, don’t we?

If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out down below and see what we’re talking about. You could also add to the contribution of dislikes if you want, or the minority of actual likes in the video (if you have issues). Your choice! But just be warned, you’re not going to get those 8 minutes and 13 seconds of your life back. So, watch at your own risk, as it’s truly awful garbage and the level of cringe is unprecedented!

Justin Bieber’s wildly unpopular music video for his 2010 hit “Baby” had almost 9.9 million dislikes and had been at the bottom slot for several years (surprisingly Rebecca Black’s “Friday” didn’t even beat it at the time, either). However, since the release of this year’s Rewind, fans of Bieber commented on his music video in an intentional effort to get him off the bottom. One user commented that he must be feeling “relieved right now”, and we can imagine so, despite it taking nearly ten years to get off the bottom. But, YouTube ‘Everyone Controls Rewind’ video is worthy of that top disliked spot for a decade (at least), or perhaps even a century!

Since the biggest issue everyone has with this year’s Rewind is that it seriously contradicts what Youtube is supposed to be about. The point of Youtube Rewind should be honouring the best content creators rather than just “advertiser friendly” or “moronic” content, making it nothing more than a giant ad for Youtube, which is a shame, considering just how many talented creators there are really out there, and they get overshadowed by this garbage. This just goes to show what sorts of people and content that Google and YouTube condone, in dumbing down the masses.

It’s like Jessie J always says – It’s not about the money, money, money…


Story by Emily Clark

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