CNN ‘Journalist of the Year’ Resigns Over Fake News Reporting

Oh yes! Here comes some good news! Since here’s yet more definitive proof of CNN’s “Fake News” agenda in that they awarded German Der Spiegel journalist Claas Relotius, 33, the ‘2014 Journalist of the Year’ award for his numerous fake news stories, such as, the one about a young Syrian boy refugee, to a falsified interview with former NFL star Colin Kaepernick (recently arrested for domestic violence), plus to a story about a former inmate at Guantanomo Bay (that didn’t even exist), all in order to serve up the liberal news propaganda machine of the globalist agenda.

Yes, all was well and good, until Claas was exposed for his numerous lies and “Fake News” stories, which could now see his CNN award and his most recent ‘German Reporter of the Year of 2018′ for his young Syrian boy story, be ripped away from his clutches, and rightly so!

Surely, the ‘German Reporter of the Year’ should bow his head in shame, even though, it helped further Angela Merkel’s blind socialist migrant agenda, but now since the article has been exposed as a falsified sympathy piece, to justify the haphazard immigration influx into Germany, surely Claas Relotius journalistic career is over for good. This is good news, people. 

Plus, many questions will now arise as to Der Spiegel’s journalistic credibility as a popular weekly news magazine, since Claas Relotius was their coveted top writer, who has now sunk the magazine into even lower lows of public perception. Nice work, Claas! 

Der Spiegel has now been exposed as a Democratic Socialist fake news weekly, only loved by Angela Merkel, German sheep and the corrupt globalist politicians of the European Union. Credit: AP

Claas Relotius said that he felt “pressured” at Der Spiegel to produce liberal news content that drew in the readers. Claas Relotius was finally exposed after a fellow employee who worked with him, had grown suspicious about an anti-Donald Trump piece they did together, about the US-Mexico border, where Relotius claimed that he saw a hand painted picket sign that read, ‘Mexicans Keep Out’ on the existing border wall.

This was completely false and after he was recently exposed, Claas Relotius came clean about his numerous Fake News stories and ultimately resigned, after he had written for Der Spiegel for seven years, plus for Taz, Welt and and Frankfurter Allgemeine’s Sunday edition, citing his desire to succeed as his reasons for producing “Fake News.”

Relotius wrote “Fake News” stories for many years, throughout his whole journalistic career, where he “made up stories and invented protagonists” in order to push the liberal agenda and the lies of the globalists, in an attempt to demonize conservatives and to uphold any reasonable logic from public perception. 

The scam journalist of the year, Claas Retolius, invented protagonists that didn’t even exist in no less than 14 stories out of 60 published articles, which appeared in Der Spiegel’s magazine and in online editions, which has now made Der Spiegel warn other news outlets that they could also have been affected by Relotius’ work. Hmmm, we sense impending lawsuits, don’t you?

Upon Claas Retolius resignation, he said, “I am sick and I need to get help.”

Claas Relotius said in his confession, “It was fear of failing” then he added, “my pressure to not be able to fail got ever bigger the more successful I became.”

The face of a fake news journalist, Claas Retolius, resigns after being exposed for pushing the globalist anti-Trump agenda, and within lying to the public with his über socialist fake news articles. Credit: NewsPunch

Claas Relotius’ “Milli Vanilli” career as a journalist all came to an abrupt end on Wednesday, when his colleague Juan Moreno, discovered that two sources frequently cited in his anti-Trump ‘US-Mexico’ border piece, did not even know who Relotius was, and had never even spoken to him at all, including the lie about how Relotius stated that he saw a hand painted sign that read, ‘Mexicans Keep Out’ down at the border.

However, the US-Mexico border piece aimed at hurting Donald Trump’s rightful need for a border wall, was only the icing on Claas’s “Fake News” cake career, within producing numerous fake stories to please CNN, a.k.a the ‘Mother of all Fake News’, or the ‘Cabal News Network’, or even the ‘Clown News Network’ or the ‘Clinton News Network’, who revered fake news journalist Claas Relotius, as their darling talent, which doesn’t surprise us in the very least, after even giving him the more aptly titled ‘Fake News Journalist of the Year’ award, back in the year of 2014.

Here’s a photo from one of Claas Retolius biased and falsified Spiegel Online articles about a Syrian family in Germany, helping Merkel’s welcome all migrants agenda. Credit: SpiegelOnline

Other “Fake News” story gems from Relotius’, included his fake Gauntanamo Bay prisoner piece, intended to humanize and create sympathy for terrorists, and also a story about Colin Kaepernick, the “woman beating” ex-NFL quarterback who recently plugged the Nike ‘Just Do It’ campaign, with the slogan, ‘Believe in Something even if it means sacrificing everything’, within relation to him taking a knee during the US national anthem.

This naturally caused dissent and anger from war veterans, patriots and from people all across the world, sparking the #justburnit hashtag in response to Nike’s campaign, after which Kaepernick was also exposed as a paid leftist shill, sponsored by evil billionaire George Soros, and in also being a close friend of female genital mutilation advocate and jihadi speaker, Linda Sarsour. How progressive, right?!

Yes, with Class Relotius being exposed as a “Fake News” journalist, it’s no surprise as to why he was given the ‘Journalist of the Year’ award by CNN in 2014, further damning the news networks credibility in the process, in pushing fake news on a daily basis. Add to this, the earlier discovered adverts by CNN, actually looking for fake news journalists to spread their globalist agenda of lies, and anti-Trump news stories, whilst protecting cabal operatives.

This really says it all, so bare that in mind when you’re bringing up CNN news stories, based on lies and Fake News, such as the Russian collusion “agenda” called the special investigation headed by Robert Mueller, for instance. Credit:

This isn’t the first time that CNN has been exposed for their many fake news stories and something tells us that it won’t be the last time, either. Since according to three time Emmy Award winning journalist, Amber Lyon, said that CNN was paid by Barack Obama’s administration, as well as by foreign governments, to selectively report on certain events and to create fake news stories.

Yes, this all ties in with Barack Obama signing the news propaganda act whilst president, just like other communist leaders in other communist countries,which we already knew all about, and what’s worse is that the Obama administration even paid CNN to take control of their editorial content. Yowzers!

Like we’ve said all along here at Brainstain News, you cannot trust these Democratic Socialists, with their communist agenda of censorship and lies, trying to further the evils of the globalist agenda, in order to pervert the minds of the easily influenced and in doing so, only servicing the public with fake news propaganda on a daily basis. Subverting truth with lies, should be considered as “treason”, should it not?

As we long ago knew, it’s now been verified and exposed that the Obama administration paid CNN to spread news propaganda. Yet more tears for liberal snowflakes, and even more sour grapes for Barry Obama. Credit: DCstatesman

Yes, Barack Obama lied to you, Angela Merkel lied to you, Justin Trudeau lied to you, Emmanuel Macron is a farce and is still lying to you, and the wicked witch of the west, Hilary Clinton, is still not president and she never will be. Thank god!

We have a feeling that in 2019, Brainstain News may just get the award for ‘Real News Journalists of the Year’ by the Associated Press, and or from the Press Association, after being recognised for our efforts in entertainment journalism and real news. Wouldn’t that be something?

So, please bare all this in mind, just as to where you’re getting your news from, before blurting out fake news rhetoric that you have regurgitated from CNN and the Der Spiegel magazine at the Christmas table this holiday season, unless you want to be serviced with real news and real facts, from the minds of logical thinkers not aligned with the lies of the globalist agenda.


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