Angelina Jolie’s Leaked Video Confession to Illuminati Initiation Ritual Exposed

We’re back, and we’re back with a bang, quite literally! Well, to not share this leaked video, would be a crime, because it exemplifies just how much Satanic Illuminati rituals play a part in the success of so-called stars and the famous, in getting to where they are today.

Yes, on the same day that Christian Bale thanks Satan for his inspiration to play Dick Cheney in the film ‘Vice‘, earning him a Golden Globe, it might be apt to now turn our attentions to Angelina Jolie’s Satanic ties.

Yes, public figures that some of you wish to be, have to go through Satanic sexual initiation rituals summoned alongside demons to become a success, but how is this even surprising at this point? Well, it’s not very surprising, now is it? Well, you’re not going to make all that money for nothing extra, are you? Sacrifices and rituals have to be conducted, which is what Angelina Jolie did in order to join the Order of the Illuminati.

How do you join the elite for a talent that is completely replaceable, and in the case of Angelina Jolie, how could she ever be replaced? Since, she’s arguably the most beautiful woman of all time, but then again, did you think she got her red carpet rolled out, without going through some initiation ritual? Well, she didn’t, since a couple years before ‘Tomb Raider’ and in the same year that she appeared as “Lisa” in ‘Girl, Interrupted’, Angelina took part in her initiation ritual for the Illuminati.

Naturally, the sexual ritual was conducted before winning her Oscar for the role as “Lisa”. Yes, Illuminati initiation rituals are synonymous with the joining of the elitist cult of Satan (Order of the Illuminati), so in order to be a successful actor, actress or to even join the $20million club, there’s a process to become apart of the very high paying cult “ensuring your success”, which also involves selling your soul to Satan, then later making sacrifices to keep your overlord extremely happy.

Angelina Jolie played the horned beast in ‘Maleficent’, seen with her finger over her mouth, symbolising her silence on taking the oath. As if we really needed any telling. Credit: WMagazine

Who knows? How much is your soul worth? Your soul could be priceless… A soul death in the wrong circumstances is irreversible, after all. Or is it? When people are due to pass, they will find out, if God is indeed real.

Yes, it’s long been known that once you get a glimpse into the industry or know someone that will bring you in, that there truly is an underlying weirdness to it all, maybe the person you know is a flaming homosexual, a creepy pedophile or somebody that just wants to turn you out? Perhaps, it’s some sort of powerful overweight rapist like Harvey Weinstein (who looks a bit like Shrek), as one of the gatekeeper’s of unveiling your talents to the world. But not before, you partake in some sort of initiation ritual to earn your success, right? Well, we have all heard of the rites of passage for actresses, when Harvey Weinstein has been involved, haven’t we? Yes, then there’s also the casting couch, but what many don’t speak about is the initiation ritual, due to the oath of silence.

Let’s now see this video, showing Angelina Jolie aged 23 years old, talking to friends about her initiation ritual to join the cult in order to garner her success in the film industry, with words such as “S&M” permeating in her confession. Furthermore, it’s worth noting the size of her pupils which suggest she is also high on some sort of drug (maybe Meth?), whilst confessing to the ritual, which was filmed back in 1999.

Now imagine if all that you have already heard about Satanic rituals, were all true, and some of your favourite Hollywood stars have to perform them on a regular basis, in order to stay famous and to stay relevant in the industry. For instance, in the urban music industry in the USA, Sean “P Diddy” Puffy Coombs is one of Satan’s gatekeepers, whilst in the film industry, it could be any number of people holding the keys to realising your dreams of becoming a famous actor or famous talent.

That’s probably the case with Angelina Jolie, but when the money rolls in and so do the film roles, it makes this all the more clear, as they all say, and we have all heard this before, “There’s a price to pay in Hollywood.”

Angelina Jolie attended her own ritual initiation ceremony, and the rest is history. Credit: SteemKr

With rituals of the sexual kind, to human and animal sacrifices down the line, the power structures that be, can illicit a sick sexual game backed by the name of the occult Satanic sect (Church of Satan). Well, plus we already know, with Angelina Jolie, along with Gwyneth Paltrow, they both accused Harvey Weinstein of rape, coercion or even sexual abuse, but there’s something much weirder afoot in Hollyweird, isn’t there?

However, it must be noted, that the case of Harvey Weinstein, bares nothing in comparison to the organised Satanic rituals of which many famous people must partake, knowing full well, that it’s all apart of the oath, sworn to secrecy, and one just wonders exactly what goes down at these rituals? “Gravy” as they say in the industry, in an insider exemplar to the rampant sodomy, which definitely takes place in these entrance rituals.

Here below is a list said to be written by Angelina Jolie, presumed to have been released in tandem by whoever released the secret taped confession in her former circle of friends, with curious lettering beside each name, suggesting the types of ritual acts conducted by each person. Could this have been the initiation guest list for Angelina Jolie’s initiation session? Nobody knows… but it sure does make people curious, along with what she had already said caught in that secretly taped video.

Who knows what Lucifer and Satan have planned for all these celebrities behind closed doors? These rituals and demands occur usually at the change of every cyclic season, in conjunction with the movement of the moon and on the full moon nights, in order to pay their respects to Satan, and to prove their worth of being celebrities, with ever increasing acts of depravity encompassed, even after the initial initiation ritual has taken place.

A young Angelina Jolie speaking candidly about being tied down i.e. “hog tied” and referencing that it’s not like S&M, suggests her being very open about her Satanic Illuminati initiation ritual, does it not?

So, there you have it! Who really leaked the Angelina Jolie video confession and will we ever get to see the whole tape, divulging the exact run down of the specifics of the initiation ceremony? Angelina Jolie still has not publicly addressed the old video, but with burgeoning modern day rumours of the occultist presence in the entertainment industry, with the teachings of Aleister Crowley at the helm, with ‘Sex Magic’ and other sexual deviance involved, this should come as no surprise to anybody already in the know, now will it?

For an even more in depth look at Angelina Jolie’s confession video, please watch below, including the mentions of nipple clamps, candle wax and the sacrificing of a snake. Enjoy!


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