Film Director Bryan Singer Accused of Raping More Underage Boys

Fresh child molestation accusations face film director and producer, Bryan Singer, who’s already been implicated in the rape of numerous young boys in Hollywood, which now spells a dilemma for the Academy after his latest film ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ about Freddie Mercury and the rock group Queen is up for five Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

Starting his feature film career directing Kevin Spacey in ‘The Usual Suspects’, then onto direct ‘Apt Pupil’ starring Brad Renfro as a teenage student who blackmails his neighbour, after discovering he’s a Nazi war criminal. Then in later years, Singer went onto direct and produce various ‘X-Men’ films, but he’s no stranger to being implicated into the sexual molestation, rape and sexual coercion of underage boys.

However, as you can see, Hollywood has turned a blind eye to Bryan Singer’s obvious involvement in sexually abusing boys as young as 13-years old, and into their middle teens. This fact was made all the more clear in Amy Berg’s 2014 documentary called ‘An Open Secret’, where it was revealed that Bryan Singer was a regular visitor at Marc Collins-Rector’s Digital Entertainment Network (DEN) house, where young boys were plied with drugs and alcohol, sexually abused, raped and promised fame and fortune in the entertainment industry.

One of Singer’s main accusers, Michael Egan, stated that he was raped by both Collins-Rector and by Bryan Singer, and that drugs were often used to inebriate teenage boys into sexual acts at the DEN house.

Marc Collins-Rector now lives in the Dominican Republic under a new identity, pictured here at The Den house. Credit: AnOpenSecret

Since then, Collins-Rector fled the United States not long after ‘An Open Secret’ was released, only to be arrested in Europe, served time in a Spanish jail and registered as a sex offender. However, Bryan Singer has kept on working in Hollywood and continued his acts of pedophilia with underage teenage boys within the industry.

It’s also worth noting, the death of promising actor Brad Renfro, at the age of only 25-years old, who fell victim into serious drug addiction, then later overdosed on heroin, and one just doesn’t know how much his tragic end, had to do with being sexually abused by Bryan Singer, during and after the making of ‘Apt Pupil’.

Brad Renfro wouldn’t be the only former successful child-teen actor that lost his life to drugs after being raped and sexually molested in the industry, such as Corey Haim, to name just one of them. But, there’s so many more that lost their lives in the same vein inside Hollywood.

Brad Renfro never had the chance to speak out about Bryan Singer, but now others have come forward and confirmed that they too were sexually molested by Singer along with Renfro, via coercion and effectively being raped by Singer, who’s clearly a sexual predator and a master manipulator of young boys.

Victor Valdovinos and three other men have now come forward accusing Bryan Singer of rape, sexual molestation and engaging in improper acts with a minor, which Singer denies. The Atlantic magazine procured an exposé story which has now been released in full, adding Singer’s sexual abuse of underage boys into the realm of public consciousness yet again, and rightly so.

Bryan Singer’s response to the new accusations are that it’s “homophobic” and that it’s just “too convenient” that these fresh accusations are arising just one month before the 91st Academy Awards. Well, let’s make a note, that Bryan Singer has been facing sexual misconduct accusations from young boys for over 20 years, but his brazen disregard for his victims and their accounts of being molested by him, are always met with his denials.

The montage artwork for The Atlantic story on Bryan Singer’s molestation of four further young boy accusers. Credit: TheAtlantic

Bryan Singer has in the past told his victims, “nobody is going to believe you” and the more one hears of Singer’s sexual deviancy with underage boys, surely people better start believing it sooner, rather than later.

Bryan Singer was set to direct ‘Red Sonja’ about a comic book She-Devil warrior character, for which he was to be paid $10million, but now hopefully his post will have to be reconsidered due to fresh accusations of child molestation.

Whereas, now the producers, cast and crew of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ claim that they were unaware of Singer’s sexual misconduct with underage boys. What have they been doing? Living under a rock in recent years, since if Singer’s notoriety for liking young boys isn’t one of Hollywood’s worst kept secrets, then we don’t know what is?

Victor Valdovinos was also sexually molested on the set of ‘Apt Pupil’ which was partly filmed in a high school in California, when he was 13-years old, after approaching him in the bathroom of his school, then asked him to be in the film. The next day, he arrived on set, where he was told to strip, wear a towel and was hidden away in another room.

This is all the more reason to recall and also be horrified by the school shower scene in ‘Apt Pupil’, something that Bryan Singer clearly included in the film, for more reasons than one.

Victor Valdovinos was invited to be apart of ‘Apt Pupil’ by Bryan Singer, only to be sexually molested by him. Credit: LosAngelesTimes/Getty Images

Victor Valdovinos recalls the day that he met Singer on the set of ‘Apt Pupil’, he said, ‘I’m hanging out. All of a sudden, Bryan comes in. He goes, ‘”Hey! How are you?” Real cheerful. And I’m like, “Hi,”‘

Valdovinos said, ‘I can’t remember his exact words, but he was kind of just saying “Come back here.” He kind of directs me; he kind of grabs me; and he takes us to the back area, which was kind of closed off. ‘

‘I was back here, in the towel, with no shirt and no clothes on, sitting on one of the locker-room benches. Bryan’s like, “Just hang out here. It’s going to be all day. Don’t worry.’

Singer allegedly visited the 7th grader in the room, on three occasions during that day, ‘Every time he had a chance – three times – he would go back there.’

Not surprisingly, Bryan Singer is photographed dressed as a priest around two young boys at a Halloween party. Credit: Reddit

‘He was always touching my chest. Then, at one point, Singer allegedly ‘grabbed my genitals and started masturbating it’ and then ‘rubbed his front part on my chest.’

Valdoinos recalls, ‘He did it all with this smile.’

He also allegedly told the boy: ‘You’re so good-looking … I really want to work with you … I have a nice Ferrari … I’m going to take care of you.’

Valdovinos was ‘frozen speechless,’ and he alleged that Singer returned three times throughout the day.

After his encounter with Bryan Singer, Victor Valdovinos went from an Honour’s Student, to failing his classes, dropping out of school, being arrested for assault and battery, and even served time in prison.

Valdovinos now wonders, ”What if he never did this to me—would I be a different person? Would I be more successful? Would I be married?’

Bryan Singer on set of Apt Pupil, at the High School where he met Victor Valdovinos. Credit:

Another accuser who did not want to be named, was 16-years old when he met Singer, after he was kicked out of his house, because he was gay, and that’s how he met the director. The teenager said that ‘he would stick his hands down your pants without your consent.’

The accuser added, ‘He was predatory in that he would ply people with alcohol and drugs and then have sex with them.’

One more accuser, referred to as “Andy”, said he met Singer after being raped by Marc Collins-Rector at the DEN house multiple times, and it all began when he was only 14-years old.

Andy says he met Singer at a party, where he was with Brad Renfro, and he was raped by Bryan at that party, when he was only 15-years old. He said, ‘Bryan knew I was 15’.

About the incident, Andy said, ‘I remember wanting Brad to join in. I don’t think Brad was gay, or even bi. I think he was going with the flow. We talked about it. Like me, he looked around at all of the things these guys had, all of the money. Maybe he thought the guys were going to do things for him.’

Brad Renfro took his life through drug abuse, seen here in Singer’s ‘Apt Pupil.’ Credit: Imdb

Bryan Singer was not concerned and didn’t even try to hide anything which was happening at the party, with Andy stating, ‘I just remember how loud the moaning was. I remember thinking, God, there’s a big group of people downstairs hanging out in the living room, and they can probably hear him,’ aid Andy.

‘That bothered me, so I stuck my hand over his mouth or in his mouth just to stop it. When we went downstairs, it was really awkward. I just acted like it was no big thing.’

Andy said that this happened a few more times, until Singer lost interest in him, until he himself, got hooked on drugs and would call Singer for help with money. He later checked into a court-ordered rehab program and has been clean for two years.

Andy stated, ‘I sort of wonder, if I’d never met Marc and then Bryan, if I would have ever got into the drugs.’

Another underage boy Eric, who asked for his name to be withheld, said he was 17-years old when he had sex with Singer, and that he was surrounded by two types of young boys, ‘If you weren’t young and cute enough to be their boy, you could still ingratiate yourself by bringing boys to them.’

Viktor Valdovinos pictured in December 2018, twenty years after encountering Bryan Singer. Credit: TheAtlantic

Eric had a sexual relationship with Singer for five years, until he lost interest with him, presumably because he was too old. Eric said, ‘I never want people to think of me as a victim, so I always put up the front of “I’m good. I was in charge.”

‘But I spent a decade in therapy trying to figure out if what happened was bad or not bad. And if it was bad, was it my fault? What I’ve decided is that adults are supposed to look out for kids.’

Eric now attends Alcoholic’s Anonymous where he runs into a number of Bryan Singer’s abused boys, he said, ‘There’s a bunch of us’ he said. ‘It’s like, “You were one of Singer’s boys? Me too.”

The Atlantic Magazine story was recently released for their latest March issue, but Bryan Singer knew there was a story in the works for months, and he previously managed to kill an Esquire exposé, with him saying on social media, ‘The last time I posted about this subject, Esquire magazine was preparing to publish an article written by a homophobic journalist who has a bizarre obsession with me dating back to 1997.’

Michael Egan who appeared in ‘An Open Secret’ filed a lawsuit against Bryan Singer in 2017. Credit: HollywoodReporter

Bryan Singer wrote, ‘After careful fact-checking and, in consideration of the lack of credible sources, Esquire chose not to publish this piece of vendetta journalism.’

‘That didn’t stop this writer from selling it to The Atlantic. It’s sad that The Atlantic would stoop to this low standard of journalistic integrity.’

‘Again, I am forced to reiterate that this story rehashes claims from bogus lawsuits filed by a disreputable cast of individuals willing to lie for money or attention. And it is no surprise that, with Bohemian Rhapsody being an award-winning hit, this homophobic smear piece has been conveniently timed to take advantage of its success.’

Producer of ‘An Open Secret’, Gabe Hoffman told The Daily Mail, ‘In October 2018, after Bryan Singer’s false attack on Alex and Max’s work – I personally offered to buy, insure, and bankroll the story if Esquire ever did not want it. That is the level of confidence I have in the accuracy of their journalism.’

‘Bryan Singer resorts to false homophobic slurs in his response – because he has absolutely no defense for his crimes upon children in Hollywood. Singer knows that his career is finished – Millennium will have no choice but to drop him very soon from Red Sonja.’

So, once again, this time Bryan Singer plays the homosexual card, sort of like Kevin Spacey did to excuse himself from the allegations of making sexual passes to former child theatre actor Anthony Rapp, when he was only 14-years old.

Bryan Singer pictured alongside Kevin Spacey, who worked together on ‘The Usual Suspects’. Credit: TheIndependent

The difference here though is that countless teenage boys have come forward accusing Bryan Singer of actual rape, sexual molestation, coercion and everybody already knows about Bryan Singer’s sexual antics with young boys, but he plays the game of denial, posing as the victim. That’s despicable!

In the age of #MeToo, it sure is funny how certain people seem to get a free pass in Hollywood, whereas others don’t, and this surely must surmise into what former child actor Corey Feldman said a few years ago on ABC’s Nighline, divulging in turn, “The number one problem in Hollywood, was and is, and always will be, pedophilia. That’s the biggest problem for children in this industry.”

He’s then asked, ‘The casting couch even applies to children?’

Feldman responds, “Oh yeah… not in the same way, it’s all done under the radar… It’s the big secret.”

So, will Bryan Singer ever have to answer for ruining the lives of countless underage boys? Only time will tell…


Read the full Atlantic Magazine story here!

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