President Donald Trump Delivers a Rousing State of the Union Address

President Donald Trump has just delivered his long awaited State of the Union address, and let us just say that never has a speech been so well received with multiple standing ovations and numerous chants of  “USA, USA, USA”, which is truly unprecedented and that has never ever happened, for as long as we can remember. This was great to see!

The only other things which were nearly as beautiful as Donald Trump’s SOTU speech, was seeing the displeasure on the faces of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitt Romney, and even communist Bernie Sanders, which was a wonderful thing to witness, but especially seeing Pelosi right behind Trump, trying to withhold her true feelings word by word as the president delivered nothing but truth and righteousness. That was truly “MAGA-nificent!”

Donald Trump touched upon on all the changes his administration made to criminal justice reform, and spoke of the First Step Act, which included an appearance form Alice Marie Johnson who was freed last year, overriding a life sentence for a first time drug offence.

President Trump plus spoke about much needed border security, with his administration’s work in combating human trafficking and drug trafficking, which building the southern border wall, will help to greatly eliminate.

President Donald Trump also stated to the fact that  there’s now more women in the workforce than ever before, with 58% of females filling newly created jobs, plus, he highlighted to the facts of the lowest unemployment numbers for African-American, Hispanic-American and Asian Americans, in all of American history. Furthermore, the overall unemployment rate has reached the lowest numbers in over half a century, which is absolutely amazing achievement.

President Trump also pledged further medical reform in the aftermath of the failed Obamacare, and promised a continual crackdown on prices of medicine and tougher regulation on dangerous pharmaceuticals, such as those containing fentanyl.

There was a definite change of overall atmosphere in the reaction to Donald Trump’s latest State of the Union, with the word “unity” summing up the majority of the general feel of his address. Priceless! The tides are truly changing, as we said that they would, a very long time ago.

President Donald J. Trump delivering the State of the Union to great effect, with plenty of standing ovations. Credit: NBCNews

This was most definitely the right time for the State of the Union, after it had been delayed after the government shutdown. However, lots of further progress had been made during the time period of the shutdown, making Trump’s speech even more effective today.

Since the obvious need for a border wall became essentially indisputable after Democrats showed their true colours during the government shutdown, in not being for the American people, in that they’re also not against human trafficking, drug trafficking, illegal immigration, and clearly being against border security, even whilst Americans are killed by illegal migrant MS-13 gang members by the thousands.

Many Democrats have now also been exposed for supporting 9 month and after birth abortions, after both New York and Virginia passed legislation in allowing just that. This naturally scored major minus points with the majority of Americans and even in the perception of the whole world of the said Democratic party. Why? Well, because 9 month abortions and after birth abortions are truly Satanic and very sick in nature, and if you don’t think so, then you may just be one of the former.

Donald Trump also vowed in his speech that the United States will reject socialism, and that the nation will remain a free republic, and perhaps Europe should be taking notes, which also garnered rapturous cheers from the audience and rightly so, however, Bernie Sanders looked displeased. Beautiful!

Let’s watch the full Donald Trump State of the Union speech below, and catch it all in it’s marvellous splendour, and if you don’t like it, you may have Trump Derangement Syndrome, and you should go see a doctor for your condition, post-haste!

What a speech! We hope you also watched Trump’s speech in full, and that you enjoyed it as much as all the “sane” people did across the world. And, if you didn’t, then you may just have mental illness.

Plus, it was also worth noticing Nancy Pelosi’s facial expression when Donald Trump spoke about Coyote human smugglers and child traffickers, conducting sex trafficking and placing its victims into modern day slavery and prostitution, via open access through the southern border, with drug trafficking being rampant, which kills hundreds of thousands of Americans every year, because Nancy had the face of pure and utter guilt strewn across mug.

Lastly, Donald Trump stated that there is ten days for Congress to rectify and provide border wall funding, to prevent another government shutdown, and if you don’t think that Donald Trump provided enough evidence and statistics for the need of a souther border wall in his State of the Union address, then you may just be bereft of any humanity and or even be a swamp monster.

However, there were even times when Nancy Pelosi stood up and clapped, along with Ilhan Oman and Rashida Tlaib, for Trump’s performance in driving women into the workforce in record numbers, which was a surprise. Maybe, the rumours of George Soros arrest are true, after all?

But now, it still remains to be seen whether Democrats and Congress will finally provide the $5.7billion in funding for the southern border wall. But, if it isn’t provided, Donald J. Trump can still build it via a national emergency. This is all good news!


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: USAToday

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