President Donald Trump Delivers Speech to 10,000 People in El Paso Texas

President Donald Trump delivered a monumental speech in El Paso, Texas, to a crowd of over 10,000 people in a venue that holds only 8,000, with an even larger crowd gathered outside watching his speech on big TV screens, whom were unable to enter the venue. Perhaps now the popularity of President Trump is starting to sink in for both Democrats and Satanists, with the recent Rasmussen poll of a 52% approval rating, although, the real public approval rating may be even much higher than that. 

It’s been estimated that a further 35,000 Donald Trump supporters in El Paso, Texas, watched from outside on big TV screens, as Trump also announced the commencement of building the wall on the southern border. Plus, add to that the 69,000 people that had signed up to watch his speech live, who could not be accommodated due to such a high demand in attendance numbers.

Well, is Donald Trump’s popularity sinking in by now, then? We have a sneaking suspicion that Democrats and the cabal news media networks, still won’t admit to it, though. Why are we not surprised?

Among Donald Trump’s talking points, were his progress with North Korea and Kim Jong-un, and about the upcoming second summit in Hanoi, Vietnam, on February 27th and 28th which is occurring later this month. He mentioned this all before sending a verbal “reality check” out to failed Senator hopeful, Beto “Open Borders” O’Rourke, in both a strong and humorous fashion. Nice!

The border wall is being built either way, and illegal immigration will be failing faster than ever. These are wonderful times for America, and soon for the world. Credit: WJAC

Donald Trump also poignantly commented that him and his administration must have found the “magic wand”, in a clear response to Barack Obama’s previous derogatory comments on Trump regarding the dying manufacturing industry, which Trump has now resurrected in incredible fashion. This U-turn in business manufacturing ethics, making the US economic “boom” go from strength to strength, with more money and more prosperity for America, and for American families, making the nation flourish from within. This was the plan all along, and the people are grateful to no end.

Plus, add to that the even higher numbers of success on the way in manufacturing, with the biggest manufacturing corporations scrambling back to the USA and the homeland, in now record numbers. Yes, Donald Trump has the “magic wand”, that’s for sure.

Let’s also not forget the strong new laws that the Trump administration has passed in legislation to combat the Opioid crisis, which has killed tens of thousands of Americans every year, since Fentanyl became a ravaging synthetic drug, striking at the core of America. No longer, will it be that way, because of Donald Trump.

Let’s now watch this magical Donald Trump speech from El Paso, Texas, which should resign any Democratic 2020 hopefuls of just being apart of the show, come two years time, when one of them will end up challenging Trump in the next presidential election. “Um, how do you say ‘Two Terms?'”

Donald Trump also announced that the United States is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the whole world, which is all down to Trump “Making America Great Again”, with Texas oil production at the highest level that it’s ever been in all of history.

President Trump also reiterated the Democrats plans for higher taxes, corrupt green initiatives, and joking as to who would want that. Plus, he inadvertently hinted at, for what reason that Democrats really wish to pass legislation for late term abortions, which is obviously all about organ harvesting, as what else could it be about? If you kill the baby right as they’re meant to be born, for what other reason, would anybody do this?

We all know Democrats are the party of crime, who want more illegal immigration and then socialism with a 70% income tax, and then keep the riches all for themselves (corrupt politicians nutshell), but promise you equality, but give only poverty for you. That’s socialism, which is then followed by communism.

Yes, the Democrats are failing at every turn, and socialism has been shown to be a huge failure for everyone to plainly see worldwide, and the dishonest mainstream media is losing at every step, and as Donald Trump said, “it’s driving them crazy,” which makes us very happy indeed. Doesn’t that make you happy too?

Perhaps the European Union’s cronies and the corrupt politicians across the world, should be taking notes, to realise that the “Trump Effect” is reaching beyond America, as more and more people wake up, but not only in France, but everywhere else too.

So, it’s only a matter of time before changes occur in many nations, given the right candidates in place in those countries. As nothing can compete with logic, reason and righteousness for the people of any nation. Nothing can compete with it, and for that, we thank Donald Trump.


Great speech mister President!

Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: CNN

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