Donald Trump asks European nations to take back and put 800 ISIS fighters on Trial

President Donald Trump has asked European nations in the wake of the United States pulling out of Syria, to take and put on trial, some 800 ISIS fighters, as US backed Kurdish forces continue the final assault on the last pocket of IS territory on the Syrian side of the Iraqi border, in Baghuz, in what is now being called the final battle against ISIS. 

The captured ISIS fighters are currently being held by Kurdish led forces, and with Donald Trump’s campaign promise of destroying Islamic State, now already being a reality, the remaining captured fighters will have to be rehoused in very confined prison cells for life, as these are very radicalised and dangerous terrorists, don’t you think?

Trump has been saying for weeks that the IS caliphate is “ready to fall” and that they are in their very last days now. The president is absolutely right once again, and yesterday Donald Trump tweeted that the 800 Islamic State fighters captured in Syria, need to be put on trial for their crimes, and he has asked Europe for the help in putting them to justice.

Donald Trump then tweeted, as follows, “The US does not want to watch as these ISIS fighters permeate Europe, which is where they are expected to go. We do so much, and spend so much – Time for others to step up and do the job that they are so capable of doing. We are pulling back after a 100% Caliphate victory”

It will now be interesting to see how European nations and the United Kingdom, who already have too many radicalised Islamists with links to terror groups than anybody would like to admit out on the streets, and see just what they now decide to do about this dangerous crisis of the potential of 800 returning ISIS fighters? We say, they shouldn’t see the light of day.

Surely, Europe will not let former ISIS fighters and murderers come back into Europe and roam freely, as if they didn’t or weren’t apart of a sickening terror group, that killed thousands upon thousands of innocent people, right? These ISIS fighters do not and should not have any human rights, for which we should speak of, after being apart of a religiously based death terror cult, that decapitate people’s heads, raped, maimed and murdered men, women and children, and then continue to do so, until their demise.

These are not the sorts of people (if you can call them that?) that you want walking around the streets of Europe or any other place for that matter. Credit: BusinessInsider

Surely, European nations will now have to act fast, in order to sentence, detain and lock up these ISIS fighters in maximum security prisons for the rest of their lives. For they have shown that they have no regard for human life and are radicalised terrorists, who have raped, murdered and even gloated about their religious terrorist propaganda online and destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. For that they should pay the price for all of eternity. Such people have no place in a Western society, nor in any society in the whole wide world, to be fair.

What will Britain, France and Germany now do about these 800 ISIS fighters? Both France and Germany with Emanuel Macron and Angela Merkel have long ago become an embarrassment in their lax immigration policies and migration laws on illegal immigration into Europe, making terrorism a real threat across Europe, and especially people majority Islamic nations, since the Migrant influx of 2015. So, as to even to consider any ISIS fighter a worthy citizen of any nation, with any human rights, is surely calls for a public outrage, since what human rights did they give to their victims?

Just look at the recent terror attacks in Europe, many of which have taken place in France and Germany, with the latter country, often covering up migrant crimes at every opportunity in the mainstream media, which are not terror related, because they want to save face for the immigration disaster which they let into their own borders, most of whom live off tax payers benefits, almost exclusively.

France also has a number of ISIS fighters, with French passports, now captured in Syria. Sweden and Germany also have many ISIS fighters, since they let in hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants into their countries in the last five years alone. However, to let these murderous terrorists back into Europe, is only going to spark more outrage and people want to see them be brought to justice, for all to see.

French ISIS fighters (pictured) above in propaganda videos, some of whom hold French passports. Agnès Von Der Mühll a foreign ministry spokesperson said, “Syrian Democratic Forces are currently holding foreign terrorist fighters, including French nationals, in northeastern Syria.”

The United Kingdom had also suffered some big terror attacks in recent times, such as the Manchester massacre, the London Bridge attack and that other terror attack next to Parliament, and the British public do not want more ISIS fighters or radicalised Islamists roaming the streets of the nation. In fact, they already want less of them for quite some time now.

There has been a public debate in the UK in recent days, over a girl who left the country to join ISIS in 2015, named Shamima Begum, who now wants to return to the United Kingdom, after ISIS has finally fallen. However, the greater British public do not want her to come back to the UK, and live off of your benefits, or ever want someone like her to be allowed back into the country, due to her ties to ISIS.

That should not be surprising, should it? If you leave to join a terror group that has killed British citizens and many citizens of the world, even on UK soil, then don’t expect to be able to come back, and don’t expect any other terror sympathisers with links to any radical terror group, to be allowed to stay in the UK, either. This debate should be plain and simple, and a harder line on this needs to be established on radicalised terrorists and those with any links to it, and wherever it is preached and practised, also needs to be tackled and tackled HARD!

Yes, since a lot has changed in the last couple years alone in the world and Europe has a lot to answer for in relation to the terror attacks which have happened on European soil, affecting countless lives in the process.

UK’s foreign intelligence chief Alex Younger said on Friday that the Islamic State group was reorganising for more terror attacks despite its defeat in Syria.

However, the US backed Kurdish forces whom are eliminating the last remaining pockets of ISIS territory on the Iraq border are to be considered true heroes and warriors, that deserve a lot of credit. As does President Donald Trump, who took on the reigns of Obama’s disastrous presidency which let ISIS run amok, but Trump has damaged ISIS’s numbers down from 35,000 ISIS fighters, now to a depleted number of less than 1,000 remaining ISIS fighters.

US backed Kurdish fighters walk into the final battle against ISIS in Baghuz. Credit: Hareetz

Now, European countries really need to play catch up with the times, in order to prevent what has already gone wrong, so as to make their countries safer again. So, Donald Trump has kindly asked Europe to sentence and put the remaining 800 ISIS fighters into captivity, as this would be the only right thing to do.

Well, we all know, the EU migration corruption since the migrant influx in 2015, don’t we? Which has made terrorism an even greater threat inside Europe, and it has been plain to see, and also it’s been painfully obvious that socialism is a failing concept, coupled with this failed migration, which is also evidenced by the outrage in France and way beyond in Europe, with the Yellow Vests movement picking up steam, showing that the people of many nations have had enough of all of this, already!

Yes, ISIS fighters and IS sympathisers have no place in Western society, period! There should be no debate about it, whatsoever.

So, perhaps it’s time that Europe and the United Kingdom build their very own version of Guantanamo Bay in some place, so as to house these sentenced ISIS fighters, unless Kurdish forces can hand down the death penalty on them. Since rumours have it that America’s GITMO will soon be full up again, but this time, for very different measures.


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit:  DCWhsipers

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