Recent Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Photo at Supreme Court is From November 2018

Where’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg? That’s the question on many people’s lips for weeks, as it’s becoming plainly obvious that Democrats, the Cabal news networks and their publications, and the Deep State are still pretending that she’s showing up to the Supreme Court. However, she’s not, and they’re faking that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is in attendance, because the revelation of her death or her stepping down, will prompt yet another Donald Trump Supreme Court Justice pick. 

Yes, the ageing 85-year old Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, was taken ill many weeks ago, following a fall at her home and reported cancer, and nobody has seen or heard from her in a very long time. Yet, the falsifying mainstream media will not cover the story and many news print publications have now been caught out in another lie, regarding her mortality. Yes, Friday’s supposed recent photo of Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the Supreme Court was actually a photograph taken in November 0f 2018.

Yes, it now poses a problem as to why anyone would lie about Ruth Bader Ginsburg would be in attendance, right? Well, we all know why, so let’s take a look at these photos, shall we?

This was also pointed out by Jordan Sather, that the photograph as was even seen on C-SPAN, claims to show Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the Supreme Court on Friday last week. But, this is an old photograph, as we can all see.

So, what is the “Deep State” Democrats and the cabal news networks really up to? Are they covering up for Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death? Or are they covering up for her inability to continue on the Supreme Court? Yes, we believe both of these theories are correct and this very much seems like the case, and we now wonder just how long this charade will go on for?

Many people are wondering the same thing as Jordan Sather, and in the above Tweet thread, other users commented that Ruth Bader Ginsburg should’ve taken a selfie with SCOTUS, Brett Kavanaugh, amongst other comments doubting the validity of the news report of RBG’s attendance at the Supreme Court on Friday.

All the while, this is not surprising, since she’s not been seen in weeks. However, that doesn’t stop the Fake News coverage about Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s attendance at events, now does it? Ruth Bader Ginsburg reportedly made an appearance at a concert celebrating herself on February 4th, but no photos were released from the event.

Isn’t it clear to everyone and even the Democrats, that a new Supreme Court Justice must now be chosen by President Donald Trump? Where is Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the hashtag #WheresRBG has been trending on social media in recent weeks, and the only sign of her that we get, is these falsified media reports and fake photos of her mortality.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s ability to perform on the Supreme Court has long been questioned. Especially now after her health scare and that she’s already presumed dead. Credit: TheNewYorker

Some dark rumours suggest that the Deep State is now making a synthetic robotoid or organic clone out of Ruth Bader Ginsburg to replace the original RBG, so as to protect the Democrat Supreme Court Justice seat, from being picked by Donald Trump. Did some DNA of Ruth Bader Ginsburg get sent to the cloning center? It sounds bizarre, but as we’ve all come to find out, this is a very strange world that we currently live in.

So, will we be seeing a clone of Ruth Bader Ginsburg soon? Also, where’s the real news updates about RBG’s health condition? It’s becoming clear that we need real evidence of the status of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, otherwise, Donald Trump should be allowed to pick and allocate another one of his Supreme Court Justice picks.

The “Deep State” Democrats really hope that they can continue to feign Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s health and mortality until after the 2020 Presidential election, and just imagine how sick that is, if RBG is almost dying or already dead? Think about that for a moment. Poor Ruth Bader Ginsburg…

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is missing from the Supreme Court for weeks now and is in ill health, and she’s depicted here from The Simpsons with her head inside a jar. Credit: InfoWars

Doesn’t her body and soul deserve some peace and rest, even in her ill health? Will a clone of Ruth Bader Ginsburg reveal herself in time before the 2020 election, or will reality finally kick in, and Donald Trump will make another SCOTUS pick some day soon?

Democrats and the Deep State know that a third SCOTUS pick from Donald Trump will shift the balance on the Supreme Court into the Republican’s favour, but to pretend that a nearly dying or dead Associate Justice is still alive in the media, to protect themselves, is just truly immoral and sick, is it not?

We hope that Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s health improves or that she’s given the right to step down from the Supreme Court, or even given her rightful funeral, because if she’s no longer alive, the woman deserves peace in her final years or moments, or even in death, both in and out of the public eye.

Update: Ruth Bader Ginsburg did allegedly return to the Supreme Court on Tuesday, the 19th of 2019, after lung cancer surgery, which is amazing, however, not everybody is convinced at the news.


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: YahooFinance

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