Conservative Candace Owens Owns (Rep-D)Ted Lieu in Judiciary Hearing on ‘Rise of White Nationalism’

Candace Owens White Nationalism

Conservative commentator, founder of Blexit and former communications Director for Turning Point USA, Candace Owens, who some say is responsible for many black American’s exiting their support for the Democrat party, was present at a House Judiciary hearing on ‘Hate Crimes and the Rise of White Nationalism,’ and she was attempted to be chastised by the Los Angeles-District Democrat Representative, Ted Lieu, after he played a misrepresentation of Owens’ comments on socialist psychopath, Adolf Hitler. 

But, little did Ted Lieu know that he would be exposed for his cowardice, dishonesty and be seen as a man making a clear attempt to undermine and try to discredit Owens’ conservative influence by use of manipulative tactics in the committee hearing. A simple word of advice to Democrats is do not try to pin any “ridiculous bulls*t” on Candace Owens. This they have now learned.

Yes, Lieu’s attempts backfired in a major way, as Candace Owens totally wrecked Ted Lieu’s attempts at suggesting she supported Adolf Hitler, by referring to only a portion of an answer she gave, whilst omitting the question at hand after playing the hearing a video clip. Well, we got three words for Ted Lieu, “You got owned.”

In hindsight, maybe Ted Lieu and the Democrats, who have deservedly lost in all their plots and plans to try to discredit the movement against Democratic corruption and Democratic socialism, and lost out at every turn to try an impeach Donald Trump, since the US election of 2016, are now trying to conjure the next outrage and are focusing on the so-called rise of “white nationalism” by even using the predominately staged events of Charlottesville (funded by George Soros in funding both sides), as a basis for the House Judiciary hearing on ‘Hate Crimes and the Rise of White Nationalism.’

Candace Owens House judiciary committee White Nationalism

Candace Owens house judiciary committee hearing response wrecked Democrats’ plans with their plotted Adolf Hitler comparison. Credit: FOX

Let’s also note that it’s almost laughable that it would now be targeting a black conservative woman for the supposed rise in “white nationalism” in a judiciary hearing that is citing Adolf Hitler, but this is 2019, where nothing surprises us anymore, and all the LEFT have left, is “LIES.”

So, without having to go into too much detail on the subject of the failed judiciary hearing on supposed “hate crimes and rise of white nationalism,” let’s now watch it her own words, and see just how Ted Lieu’s sheepish attempts to try to entrap and misrepresent Candace Owens’ comments on Adolf Hitler, backfired in a major way. Plus, the facial expression of Ted Lieu afterwards, is worth more than it’s weight in gold.

The Daily Caller aptly titled the subtext of the video clip, ‘When Smears Fail,’ which has been synonymous with Democrats in all their smears, since the US election, with the fake news Russia probe narrative, to that of the unfounded accusations of Brett Kavanaugh’s congressional hearings before being appointed SCOTUS, and the list goes on, and on…

Yes, the Democrat party are desperate and very much are in panic mode, for some new selective outrage and are now focusing on so-called “white nationalism” by comparing “nationalism” against their repressive agenda of widespread socialism, which is completely backfiring, in order to once again justify Hillary Clinton’s 2016 election loss.

Yes, they cannot fathom that people are smart enough to reject globalist corruption, socialism and a one world agenda, that the majority of the people in the world, absolutely do not want!

People want less big government and more freedoms, which is what current day “nationalism” represents, but which Democratic socialists try to pin as “racist” by rallying for taking away people’s freedoms, with being anti-free speech, flooding countries with illegal immigration at the expense of the hardworking taxpayers in America and also across the world, and then censoring and silencing those against the corrupt agenda, whom also wants to take away your guns, as we saw in the New Zealand false flag shooting.

So, to try to publicly undermine Candace Owens for expressing her first amendment rights in the United States of America or anywhere, should tell you all you need to know about what’s really going on here. Somehow, the House Judiciary committee thought it would be a good idea to suggest that a Conservative black woman, Candace Owens, basically supports Adolf Hitler. What?!

It’s beyond deranged and it almost reminds us of the ridiculous funny rendition of Dave Chappelle’s old comedy skits of Clayton Bigsby, the monumental blind KKK member, a true comedic tour de force in white supremacy and perhaps he should be dragged into the House Judiciary committee hearings on this rampant and rising “white nationalism,” which might garner some better results for the Democrats.

Yes, the Democrats are continually trying to find a way to rally their diminishing base with more talks of “racism” and “white nationalism” to imply it, as the basis for Donald Trump’s 2016 election win, when it’s already clear that he won on the back of his policies and due to people being sick of being lied to by corrupt political Swamp monsters in Washington D.C., that continue to lie to the people, which the Democrat party have perpetuated an age old agenda that for decades has held back ethnic minorities in America.

That’s the main reason why an intelligent Conservative American like Candace Owens exists today, and which is why hundreds of thousands of people have turned their backs on the Democrat party, because their lies and dirty tactics have been exposed for all the world to see, continuously being “all talk and no action”, full of obstruction and pandering to minorities for their vote.

Hmmm, how do you say… How about Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s latest speech, where she put on a stereotypical African-American accent, right?

Let’s be clear, president Donald Trump has done more for the black community than that of any other American president since Abraham Lincoln, with record low numbers of black unemployment and also record low latino unemployment.

Plus, president Donald Trump has appointed numerous African-Americans in his administration, such as with Dr. Ben Carson, as head of the Housing and Urban Development (HUD), who also discovered that $516billion dollars was mismanaged, unaccounted for and used in error, in Barack Obama’s administrations’ control of the HUD in 2015 and 2016 alone.

Well, we wonder how the black community was willingly overlooked in previous presidential administrations, not to mention how much capital mismanagement existed in the HUD, since Barack Obama took office in the year of 2008, hmmm?

Now Democrats and the left see Candace Owens as a threat for pointing out the facts against Democrats, and isn’t it ironic that a former Democrat herself, arose to become a resounding Conservative voice, which is perhaps why people like Democrat, Ted Lieu, tried to suggest she supports Adolf Hitler, which is absolutely beyond ridiculous!

Whenever the left have nothing left (which is nowadays, all the time), they resort to lies and perpetual claims of racism, whilst simultaneously being exposed for holding back ethnic minorities at every turn, as is the case with their very own open border policies, for instance, since it would take away the funding that can be used to improve the lives of many American’s already facing poverty, which includes ethnic minorities and even white people today. Not to mention also help stop the flow of illegal drugs, which have ravaged minority communities for well over thirty years.

Candace Owens is a great sepeaker

Conservative speaker and Blexit leader, Candace Owens, is a trailblazer for freedom of speech and freedom of thought and expression, backed up by logical facts. Credit: Flipboard

Yes, Ted Lieu got wrecked (got owned!) and it’s written all over his face. Plus, just imagine if somebody like New York, Democrat actress, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, would one day be in some sort of a debate with Candace Owens, which we would definitely pay to see, because Candace would expose and destroy her for her charade in politics to no end.

Or, also just imagine the day, when and if Candace Owens runs for president, or for vice president, then she would surely garner not only the white vote, but also the black vote and also the latino vote in astounding numbers, but not because of her race, as it was with Barack Obama, but it will be on the back of her policies, as is the case with Donald Trump’s US election win of 2016.

We, the people, and even Kanye West, are not the only one’s in the whole world that “like the way that Candace Owens thinks.”


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