Sony confirms PSN ID changes for Playstation players

PSN ID Name Change Option Announced

Playstation players are finally able to change their Playstation Network IDs, a feature that has been eagerly waited for since Sony announced it in October. The feature became available to users on Wednesday.

“We’re excited to announce that the online ID change feature on PSN is officially launching to all Playstation 4 owners today”, Sid Shuman, Sony’s social media director, wrote on the Playstation blog. “You’ll also be able to change your ID via a web browser, and that feature will also be available starting today.”

However, as Sony discussed before, the option to change your PSN ID comes with a bit of caution. Since the ID change feature is only supported by games “originally published on or after April 1, 2018”, but the company says it cannot guarantee that all games “fully support the feature.”

There have been at least 10 games with known “critical issues” as a result of the ID change, even with Sony-published titles such as LittleBigPlanet 3, Everybody’s Golf and a couple of MLB The Show games. These issues include losing progress in games or Playstation Trophies and losing in-game currency, whether it’s earned or paid.

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Still PS4 is clearly the best gaming console out on the market. Credit: Pixabay

There are a number of other games that also don’t completely work with the ID change, including Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, The Last of Us, Bloodborne, Grand Theft Auto 5, NBA 2K19 and Warframe. However, these issues only include minor problems such as previous online IDs displaying and games programming to their default state.

Shuman also stated in the blog that ID changes can only be completed through a web browser or PS4, which is unfortunate for PS3 and PS Vita users. Also, as previously confirmed, the first change to your ID is free, but any other changes will cost $10 (£8) or $5 (£4) for PS Plus subscribers.

There are no limits on the amount of times you can change your PSN ID, and there’s always the option to revert back to any previous version of your ID for free if you contact Playstation support. No other players can use any of your old IDs, even after you change. Also, if you choose to, you can display your old ID next to your new one on your profile for up to 30 days, which will help friends notice the change and still recognise you. Child accounts, on the other hand, cannot change their online ID.

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Sony PS4 have kindly rolled out the  PSN ID change option, well what’s not to like? Credit: TechnoBuffalo

Sony have released a full list of games tested to support or have problems with the ID change, which is available at the Playstation website. It’ll be worth taking a look before you consider changing your PSN name, especially if you want to avoid the hassle of problems in your favourite games.

So, will you be changing your PSN ID, from some old adolescent teenage name of years gone past, or just in order to avoid some annoying gamer that you beat badly in FIFA19 or Fortnite, who later turned into an annoying troll, or will you just be keep your legendary name tag as is?

Please let us know your thoughts on this friendly new option from Sony in the comments section. Happy new gaming IDs everyone!


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